Sunday, December 27, 2009

Don’t put her in a spotlight because she’s a woman…

I am writing this article in view of the recent announcement or kind of preference that Hon. President of India Pratibha Patil expressed about having a woman judge to the Supreme Court. It’s good that the President thinks for the women folks...this clearly demonstrates that Mrs. President goes with the ideology of empowering women. However, making a public statement like this at the position she holds is completely not done. It could be her personal views to have a woman-on-top, but that should be kept personal. You can’t and one shouldn’t put a woman in spotlight because she is a woman.

Even I personally would like to see women executing some good work from the top of the corporate hierarchy, but I want her to be at those top and powerful positions only after undergoing stiff competition and a fair and balanced trail. Today there are so many women achievers who have done it…..and the whole world is proud to see their triumphs. The success stories written and showcased by these women achievers is not because of their sex or their genetic make-up…but it is indeed because of the competence, positive attitude, ability to multi-task, balance, objectivity and fairness quotient that they showcase – both professionally and personally.

Women like Indra Nooyi, Mother Teresa, Sonia Gandhi, Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla, Hillary Clinton, to name a few, are big time achievers, and in fact there are many more women who do good work for the upliftment and betterment of society at large. These are women who ought to have the spotlight showered upon them but they neither claim it nor blow their trumpet boasting about the marvels they do.

Cannot multiply wealth by dividing it
Mrs. President has expressed a very na├»ve socialistic ideology by making a statement like this. Women don’t need any reservations to conquer powerful positions….she can prove her mettle by stiff and fair competition. As very well said by the famous economist Adrian Rogers that…. "You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it,” therefore I believe that India should have a mix of a socialistic and capitalist ideology.

Socialist because there are people in society – both man and women – who are underprivileged, malnourished, who do not even have the basic medical necessities of life. The government needs to take care and make provisions for this class of deprived people. While capitalist because if there is no competition and we simply divide the wealth among citizens, then there would be no progress and growth. A complete socialistic ideology gives birth to bureaucrats, leading to corruption…while a complete capitalist society leads to a ruthless and a hungry-for-power world. So we need to balance the two.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Born to live....

This was about a month back, when I was assigned a job to do ‘Content Analysis’ on any subject of my choice, be it political, cultural, social or related to business- the only clause was that it had to be current. I was given a short deadline of 15 days and consequently the project work had to be submitted and presented to an audience of about 50 odd people.

After a lot of thinking and scrutiny of different topics, I eventually decided to put some efforts into analyzing the issue which is still considered taboo by both the Indian civil society and the government….the topic was ‘Homosexuality’. Yeah, we all know that the government has taken a liberal stand by legalizing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) relationships by making sure that their rights are a part of the legislation (abolishing sec 377 of the IPC which criminalizes homosexuality). However authorities need to do more to build-up the acceptance of this minority community by society at large. Activities such as social advertisements, skits, road shows, cultural events can be employed to effectively propagate the message. We need to inform and educate society giving them the correct message and meaning of homosexuality....instilling in their minds that ‘Homosexuality is not a choice but it is a genetic orientation.’

Doctors are the worst informed
More than 50% of people in India are still orthodox and they simply don’t seem to understand and accept homosexual relationships. We need to target the section of society living in rural areas and educate them. And why only talk about the orthodox community....there are even some highly qualified doctors, who call homosexuality a disease. These so-called qualified elite doctors prescribe tonics, injections and also induce homosexuals to go up the aversion therapy. 

With the kind of treatment and the social stigma that homosexuals face today….they turn-up to doctors to know whether their feelings are normal or whether it needs to be treated. But doctors themselves are not informed today….a complete pity and a sorry state of affairs.

Live and let live
This reminds me of the famous fashion designer and a Big Boss 2009 contestant, Rohit Verma, who has come out in the open to reveal his sexual orientation. However, it is easier for Rohit to do so because he belongs to the elite section of infact it becomes even more uncomplicated for him since he is a celebrity. Has anyone thought about the rest of the LGBT communities who are facing humiliation and are afraid that their families do not disown them?

Rohit Verma scripted a wonderful poem (in Hindi), dedicating it to the homosexual community in India and in the world…..even more to the Indian society, telling them to accept homosexuals with open arms and stop acting indifferent towards their feelings.

Poem goes like this (in Hindi)…

Main ek dil hu...dil
Na main purush ek aurat hu
Main ek dil hu

Jo dhadakhta hain jo samajh mein...apni he banayi hui iss dhakhano ko mehsus karta hain
Ye woh bhagwan ki dain hain, jise duniya kabhi abhishaap keh deti hain, ya kabhi isko uthake mandir mein rakh deti hain

Jab kabhi baccha hota hain...issi dil ko bulate hain duaon ke liye
main ek dil hu

He says, he feels like an unwanted child....but he ends up saying he is born to live. So let us, live and let live!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The so-called ‘Letter of Intent’

Have you ever come across situations of sudden disbelief and hurt, when you are told about a verdict made by your loved one, through a third party? When I say loved one, I mean someone who could be your family, friend or for that matter the very company you work for. It's like this feeling that sets-in when a company suddenly makes an off-the-cuff announcement to its employees that its entire business unit is being sold off to a bigger and a better competitor. The sense of betrayal creeps in!

Organic growth Vs. Inorganic growth
Does your company show organic growth is the question the business world is asking. When they say organic growth, it means profits/ sales made by a company from its existing businesses, as opposed to growth that comes from buying other businesses. So, if your balance sheet shows a bursting organic growth, it means that you contribute to the GDP and this definitely is a bull run for you all the way.

But what if your company is not showing the expected organic growth results to survive? What does the company do then? As simple as it gets, the company then either thinks of striking a strategic partnership with another powerful entity through mergers & acquisitions or sells out all it owns to a more powerful listed competitor. The expansion made through this means, is what is called inorganic growth.

Being bought-out can be a nightmare
But has anyone really asked the employees what they really want. I know I am being socialistic here, but I believe, that there should be a balance of socialism and capitalism for a business to survive and to make its employees feel a sense of ownership.

Employees would certainly be in a state of shock, if they came to know that the company they work for and love so much does not owe them anymore and that, very soon someone else would take charge of what & how they would be doing things. Besides this, employees do not even know whether they would have a job or not in the first place. How disgruntled and betrayed can anyone feel?

What’s next?
When an announcement of this high decibel (of being bought out) is made, employees stop all their important jobs at hand to discuss their fate and organizational role. Although the company has promised that no employees would be affected, they begin to disbelieve the company they work for and start to ask each other questions (to which nobody has no answers) such as, will my job become redundant? would the company that has bought us - keep us?, do I need to start a job-hunt?, would we be working from the new office premises?, do I need to re-apply for my current position to the company that has bought us?, would there be a salary change?, to name a few.

Who’s going to answer all these questions…..which have no answers? It is blasphemous!!!!

This reminds me of that very famous quote by the veteran Mr. Narayana Murthy, when he said, "Love your job but never fall in love with your company, because you never know when it stops loving you"……simply so apt in today’s world.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hillary Clinton: Gets straight to the point

Hillary Clinton gets fiercely undiplomatic with the Pakistan administration, warning them to act now- against Al Qaeda and Taliban who have sheltered themselves in Pakistan - or simply collapse.

In fact, I must say that the kind of stern and straight message that Clinton exemplified with the Pakistan administration was long overdue…this was something that had to be done decades ago to prevent the bloody terrorists from cultivating in their land. No one, neither the President of the United States, Barack Obama, nor the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, had the nerves to get straight to the point and direct the Pakistan administration on what they are suppose to be doing.

Need of the hour is to get real
Hillary Clinton hits it right on target this time. I’m sure; she wanted to do this long time back but was always constrained from higher authorities from the White house. They say, in politics you need to be a diplomat….but what when people really don’t seem to understand!!!

The mess and disaster that happens on Pakistan soil is having a direct impact on the neighboring countries, especially India. Our young and selfless soldiers are fighting tooth-and-nail to protect Indian civilians from terrorists, who seem to be fed and funded by the Pakistan administration. We cannot afford to loose our soldiers, because a country cannot manage its system and be true to itself.

We are ready to help Pakistan civilians
Like we have always been saying that the Indian administration can go overboard to help the civilians of Pakistan and is ready to begin trade with the country, provided they act against Al Qaeda and Taliban first-hand. We have nothing against the people of Pakistan…indeed they are our friends. Pakistan for the moment needs to forget about the Kashmir story and do what they really need to be doing.

Contribute to the GDP
Billions of dollars is being funded by the United States to the Pakistan administration….so that they start contributing to the global GDP….so that they work towards developing the country in terms of infrastructure, R&D, education, IT, knowledge management, employment of civilians, etc. But nothing of this seems to be happening. India and Pakistan have got their independence in the same year and the rest is history. The universe reveres India for its achievements….I don’t say world but say universe because India also reached for the moon (quiet literally) and has made the biggest contributions to help NASA in its discovery mission.

They can be funny too
Recently, Pakistan accused India of funding terrorists living in their country. When I heard this……I was actually in splits. I mean, you guys can actually be incorrigible…I must say. I just wish and pray that the civilians of Pakistan do not have to live in the bloody bloodbath because of the wrong decisions made by their government.

Every single day media reports a bomb attack in Pakistan….civilians fleeing……deaths……destruction….loss of property…..something needs to be done to tackle this right now!!!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Citizens of this country still remain baffled

Recently, the Maharashtra State elections results were declared and yet again the country’s ruling party- Congress- pulled off with the maximum number of votes. Ashok Chawan stays-on as Chief Minister (CM) of the State, asking Vilasrao Deshmukh and Rane, who had their eye firmly set on the chief ministerial position, to simply shut up.

A need for a CEO
The State of Maharashtra which occupies over 3,07,713 sq. km of land consists of 35 districts. Mumbai competently is the capital of the State, which maybe the smallest in terms of area occupancy, but it is the city with the highest earnings both in terms of knowledge & skills and production (not only within the state but within the country). More than 40% of tax generated in India is from its financial capital- Mumbai- and hence this city according to me needs that special administrative attention.

In addition to the Chief Minister, who is so busy serving other territories in the state, we also need a highly qualified and skilled chief executive officer, whose job is only to administer and manage the city of Mumbai, giving it that special attention it deserves. And we need to set this up fast to achieve our vision of becoming a Shanghai very soon in terms of infrastructure. However, talking about knowledge, competence and working style, India is the best and we don’t really need to be like anyone or compete with anyone …that’s for sure.

Our administration never learns from its past mistakes
Soon after the election result was revealed, there was a major accident that occurred at the Central train line and the whole city came to a standstill. The city’s rail network became paralysed and the over 6 million population of Mumbai who commutes by train daily, were seen on roads looking for other modes of transport to reach home. The huge masses that flocked on the streets actually got me nervous. The city looked like it was going to explode.

I believe the political system in India needs to seriously think of developing other states in the country to avoid concentration of people in one city or one state. Drawing an instance from Chennai which was called Madras at that time…..the infiltration of Chennai-iates inside Mumbai has drastically reduced after the massive development of Southern states such as Hyderabad and Bangalore today….we need to learn from this.

All in all, infrastructural development should be on top of the itinerary and in order to achieve this objective, we need responsible and accountable people…..we need people who crave for the welfare of the people and not hooligans you simply crave for power and more power.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A cup of coffee brewed over my dead body

The lead title of my article is not a metaphor or a catchy one liner sentence to draw my reader’s attention. This is what actually quiet literally happens in the city of Taipei.

Let me explain this actually!! There is this funeral parlour in Taipei that has invested more than 1 crore in a plant to recycle the heat generated while cremating bodies. The heat that is generated from this funeral parlour is used to power air-conditioning of the waiting lounge and brew coffee for mourners waiting to collect the ashes of their deceased relatives. Wow!!! What a green initiative. Taipei truly is going the green way with results shown through implementation.

Imagine how a cup of expresso brewed over my dead body would taste like…hmmm…something to think about right.

An overdose of the go-green ideology
The educated…even more those working in companies which focus on bringing about the green revolution have already been overfed with the go green mantras which help the community, the city, the nation, the world, and the entire planet to grow to become a safe place to live in. However, I believe that simply feeding the literate with information and environment do’s-and-don’ts do not really solve any problem.

It simply becomes an information overload where content writers, authors and journalist make a quick buck with their report on the significantly glorified news.

Sharing an experience
Recently I attended a 1-day environment workshop which gave a low-down about the environment do’s-and-don’ts and about the immediate actions required for reduction of power consumption and proper disposal of waste which were the highlights of the workshop.

All said and done, the next immediate action taken was to separate the waste disposed off into organic, inorganic and paper waste. The action looked good, 3 huge garbage baskets were introduced and people were asked to dispose of waste depending on the type. Being a very inquisitive soul, I was hell bent to know whether the waste that is disposed-of from our premise, when collected by the community, is rightly disposed of in the same manner.

To my surprise, it was not the way I presumed or wanted it to be. The segregated waste from the premise was dumped in one common bin and then sent to the dumping ground.

This is how superficial we are. We do things simply to gain popularity or recognition. Infact I believe, we need to get down and showcase our results by looking at the entire supply chain and then make a report of our achievements based on the end result- a learning from the Taipei story is needed.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Accentuating those assets….

I came across this sensational article which talks about Bollywood’s top gear actor using bum bags to accentuate his butt, basically to make those assets look all rounded and attractive. It made me go Wow!!! Do you guys really need to get all padded-up to look good huh!! And listen, it’s not my fault that this news piece caught my attention. Perhaps, I must admit that this read was truly educating ;-). You see, I had never really heard of butt pads earlier and NOW I know.

Women always do it….infact she has to pamper herself to look and feel good. If she doesn’t, she is no woman. Likewise, when a man is overly concerned about his looks and appearance, we label him as a metro sexual or a heterosexual. How rude, isn’t it? Why do we differentiate huh!

Insure your booty
The ultimate rear side is given so much of thought and attention today. Look at actor and pop singer Jennifer Lopez who is so well known for her toned booty.

Recently, I also managed to get my hands on the ultimate butt programme which consists of some simple-to-do exercises prescribed by JLo herself. This prescription helps to get that ultimate hour-glass figure. Looking at the trend today, I think I need to now seriously follow it. Like I always say, I will start exercising on the 1st of next month and this time it will happen 100%;-)

But anyway, it’s better to get a naturally toned body than to use artificial padding’s, especially when temperatures are soaring in Mumbai….ahaan!!

Lastly remember, “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication”…so it is indeed better to accentuate your style rather than follow a trend set forth by others.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Come lets fall in love…..

I was in Italy for about a week and I must say that it is a place in Europe that if given a chance everyone should visit. It is lively, sunny, and to say it in the words of the king of rock-and-roll Elvis Presley- Italy is a country you can sway back and forth and absolutely go day-dreaming. It retains its culture, religious sentiments, and traditional personification and at the same time, it also is a fun place with wines and pastas served all the way. All-in-all a beautiful place you can shake, ride and roll….

No. 13 is now my lucky charm
Was happy that it was a shiny sunny day when I arrived in Milan because I set aside the first two days to go places. I checked-in the hotel and was handed over access to the room on the 13th floor. There was a wave of flashbacks from the movies such as Friday the 13th, Exorcist, 13B, that spinned off my crazy mind and the next request I made was like, “Can you give me a room on any other floor please?”
A devil in disguise….the whole damn hotel was full and I had no other option but to stay on the creepy 13th floor. Yeah yeah….actually I don’t really believe is all these creepy stories about the number 13 but I still made sure I slept with a holy rosary chained right round by neck to avoid any kind of mishaps or even see any caspers. Must say that this indeed is the power of cinema ;-)))))
“I like calling him Leo”
I was like almost day-dreaming when I got this awesome opportunity to see the original piece of Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of the “last supper” situated at Santa Maria Delle Grazia, Milan. Leonardo Da Vinci or as the beautiful Italian guide so closely addressed him as Leo, is someone who I only studied about in my schooling days. I had my jaw dropping, when I saw that huge original painting that Leonardo Da Vinci potrayed of the last supper which symbolizes Jesus Christ’s last supper with the 12 apostles – it was the last supper when Jesus told his disciples that one of them would betray him.
Mind-blowing is still a small expression to make you feel the way I felt at that point in time…wow!!!
Venice……can make you fall in love again and again
Venice is like ‘the heaven’ in Italy. The Piazza San Marco, also famously called the Saint Mark's Square or as the Piazetta is a huge meeting point for tourists. This encompasses the St. Marco historical church and Basilica, one can’t simply miss out on. When we went boating through the grand canal in Venice, the most amazing thing about it, is the way the historical buildings, churches and monuments are constructed and standing strong right across the canal on either sides. As the Italians say….Beau-de-full!
I attended the Sunday service at a local church. Although the whole service was preached in Italian, the format was the same like the Roman Catholic church….so it didn’t really make much of a difference.
Nothing without the foods & drinks and shopping
Being a hardcore foodie, I freaked out on the traditional and taste-bud enticing Italian food such as the pastas, spaghetti, pizza’s, cheese, olives, the brain stimulants such as the double expresso and the hot coffee and the different types of red and white wines. Diet….what diet are we talking about…..I never diet ;-)
My feminine instincts did fascinate me to shop a bit but I thing that’s okay once in a while….what say???
All in all was a fantastic trip, both work and play. Would not mind visiting Italy again, and tour Rome and Florence for sure.
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And as the Italians say “Chow”……….

Monday, August 24, 2009

Time for those mouth H2Oring sweets

The festival season is in the offing and before this year comes to an end, it is fiesta time for Indians living in India and across the whole wide world. The celebrations commences from this month with the festival of Lord Ganesha, Ganesh Chaturthi, celebrated with great fanfare and faith, across India. This is followed by the nine day festival, the Navratri, followed by the festival of lights, Diwali, and then to finish of with Christmas.

In India, especially in Mumbai, all these festivals are celebrated with zest and with deep faith in the almighty. Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city and no matter which faith or religion the person comes from, all festivities are celebrated with the same enthusiasm and fervor. That’s what makes Mumbai different from the rest of India!!

All these festivities also bring in loads of mouth watering home-made mithai (sweets) on the food platter…so its time to also sweeten your sweet-tooth. At the same time, making sure you increase your workout schedule so that you can keep tab on weighty issues arising due to over eating ;-)

All in all, an auspicious period…..assuring you good times!!!

The non-benefactors
It’s also that time of the year when animals and birds fret for their lives. They literally go in hibernation!! Ask me, because I have a pet cat (Spotty is her name) at home and she like goes missing for long extended hours of the day. Even right now while I am writing this article, she is glued onto the ground like a leech, hoping that all this was over and she gets back to the real world. The sound of crackers and gun shots is something birds and animals can never tolerate, since the sound that they hear is 3 times louder than the human ear transmits.

So a message to the pandal administrators & organizers is to be kind to animals and birds…..which can be done by celebrating these festivals with more lights and less crackers.

Wishing each one of you Happy Fiesta for now and for all those festivals soon to come!!!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Swine’s now acquitted from charges of swine flu (H1N1)

Today’s Times brings out an interesting experiment carried out by the Health Ministry in India to check whether swine’s (pigs) in India are H1N1 virus infected…..and surprisingly all those 230 pigs sampled across India were tested negative. Look at the irony!

Yeah, I know that the disease originated from swine’s but why defame these sweet little pig heads in the first place. The poor things have always been outcasts!!

The blame game
The media has propagated the Swine flu like fire. Name it…and all newspapers, television channels, websites, magazines, etc. are spinning out information newsletters along with do’s and don’t on Swine flu. In addition, media does a fantastic job government-bashing, showcasing the government’s unpreparedness to tackle swine flu. The media is out there to make some quick bucks by criticising the government and the government keeps making promises they can never really fulfill. Eventually, nobody benefits….and the common man is left to die at the face of it.

Keeping the disease under control… is still a dogfight
Like I had mentioned it earlier….900 people in India have already been affected by swine flu until today and the number is increasing. The whole nation is going berserk with this news, leading to partial shut-down of schools, colleges, multiplexes, and other public places across India. Corporate India has not shut-down as yet but yeah…they show their so-called solidarity by distributing face masks to their employees or maybe cut down on travel to affected areas.

No-one has no idea about the legal distribution of the vaccine which is still in the testing phase. The whole world is waiting for this miracle vaccine to fight the harmful effects of H1N1 virus. I simply wish that very soon, medical experts who work so hard also find a remedy to life threatening killer diseases like AIDS and Cancer.

In India, over 20 million people are HIV positive…..but people refrain or are careless towards taking precautionary measures to prevent from contracting the virus….while simply ask them to wear a mask as a precaution to flu…..and the whole world is running helter-skelter to get one for themselves. An irony again!!!

Right, so remember to take first-hand precautions always….because "Prevention is better than cure.”

It’s been a while since I have written in my blog. Infact, this article is posted after a long gap of about 10 days and I’m not really very happy with this kind of delay. But yeah…I’ll try to keep up with this…without giving any more reasons of being busy.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Come let’s dance…..

I have always been awed by people who can shake a leg with that level of ease and comfort…. and all that done so damn gracefully. Even more by those who can move their body like as if it is some sort of a spring-board or like it is made of some kind of elastic composition. Looking at them dance, I begin to ask myself a question of whether…these dancers have a different spine and bone framework unlike ours. They simply do it so simply!

Who can forget a Michael Jakcson, who introduced his signature dance move- the moon walk. MJ was so passionate about dancing that he wanted to be the first one to actually do the moon walking on the moon. But I believe, his health conditions did not permit him to fulfill his dream. It’s all about being passionate and loving what you do, that makes you successful.

Gracing up
Coming to think of dance styles that brings with it grace, poise, sensuality, and rhythm, it has to be the Latino dance style formats such as, merengue, salsa, hip-hop, jazz, cha-cha, rumba, tango, samba, paso doble…to name a few.

I happened to be a part of this annual dance Latino festival this year and got to see the different dance styles actually being spun-off live on stage. It was amazing to watch 13 different Latino dance technique presented one after the other. For me it was a bigger task, since it was not only the dance name that I had to memorise but I had to kind of understand and actually mug-up a piece of history and evolution of each dance method, to be able to compere the event (for a friend) with the same ease and comfort that the dance artists performed with.

All-in-all it was an amazing and an educating event set of with panache. Learning the rumba and the tango are on my agenda and I will make time very soon to boogie on these dance techniques.

Frankly, I can’t shake a leg to save my life….even if I was instigated by Gabbar cracking those oh-so-famous dialogues, “bohot yarana lagta hain,” “Jab tak tere pair chalenge iski saans chalegi,” (pun intended)…I just can’t dance!!

A sort of self expression and recreation
Dance is all about recreation and self-expression. Besides fun and entertainment, dancing has some real useful health benefits to go with it. It is indeed a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Moreover, it can improve your muscle tone, strength, endurance, and fitness all the way.

So remember to always keep it shaken and stirred!!!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

It’s raining discounts and sale….

Open the newspaper these days….more than news content or must I say, content that educates the readers about the current business scenario, the political system, or about what’s happening in the entertainment industry…’ll find huge brightly colored advertisements occupying prime space in the newspapers. And these advertisements do not only talk about brands or products, but they talk about discounts and sale, to lure readers to jump off their couch and head straight towards the stores offering those whopping discounts.

These adverts do look good and truly enticing and kind of makes one go wow. I must admit… makes me go wow too!! Name the big brands and all of them are offering discounts, some spinning off a flat 50% discount and there are those smart big-wigs who say they are offering a discount of upto 50%....only to rush there and realize that the real good stuff only comes at a discount of 5-10% on an eye-popping mark-up price. Marketers’ truly think we are a whole lot of bimbos.

Do I actually need this?
This clearly illustrates how the economic downturn is playing in everybody’s mind, how people are controlled when it comes to spending on luxury products. The first question you would ask yourself is, “Do I actually need this”. The circulation of money in the market has reduced tremendously and to better the economy this trend needs to change…the purchase power of the buyer has to increase. And marketers’ are pretty optimistic that, this is possible by luring the masses through take-off prices.

If you ask me, shopping is something I never really like doing….I love having things but only wish the shop came to me or maybe I could get what I like without making that effort of standing in snake queues right before the trial room or walking down the buzzing mall. It is so damn boring or am I lazy?? ….I have no idea.

Consumer spending linked to nations GDP
Let me conclude this, corporations think that they are playing the gorilla warfare by offering discounts at already high mark-up prices,……consumers feel that they shouldn’t buy now because they don’t really think that they need the luxury stuff during the pounding economic weather. In the end, there are no gainers.

Besides, the government should work real hard to improve the consumer spending power by stamping out unemployment; by making sure that each child goes to school and completes (atleast) her/his basic education; support families who are below the poverty line to sustain by offering sponsorships; encouraging willing senior citizens to take up some kind of assignment which will keep them busy and happy and simultaneously will be contributing to the country’s GDP; Encouraging educated house-wives to come out of their homes and contribute to society and the nation’s GDP by making flexi-time compulsory everywhere; improving the infrastructure of town and villages, thus encouraging investments and penetration of industries and organizations there.

These are a few of my wishes and the wish of every citizen of this country. And we are ready to get our hands soiled to make this happen. Hope these simply don’t remain wishful-thinking!!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoying every bit of it.

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Stick around, because life is beautiful!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The picture speaks louder than words!

Look at this picture right here….doesn’t it say it all? Yes indeed!! My caption to this picture would be: “A woman taking centre stage, while corporate honchos keenly and attentively listen to her.” Perhaps, my caption would look different, if this was something that occurred like almost everyday in the business world….Sad but true, it isn’t this way always.
I picked-up the newspaper this Sunday morning, to hit upon an article on the front page, carrying details of US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s visit to Mumbai. Before actually getting into reading those details, the picture which supported the article was quite impressive and was the first thing that caught my attention.
Woman on Top
Let me clear the air first, I am no Feminist and not a member of any Mahila Sangh (a group which fights for the right of women), but yes I believe, that women can reach for the stars, if the corporate world gives the talented “her” to lead from the front.
Its not that there are no women in India or in the world, who have proved their metal. Yes, we see that in practice too. But the sad thing is only a small percentage of women are actually holding those top and aspiring positions in the corporate world today. What is the reason for this tiny estimate… the big question mark? I don’t want to get into my judgment on this or what I thing about it…’s really not important!!
I simply believe in equality of all humankind. Man or Woman, you need to have a set of common rules and regulations for both the sexes…and this is not something I say because I am a woman. It is because we are human first.
An ambitious her
Ask a young girl in school, what she wants to do when she grows-up and you’ll get an instinctive reply, saying I want to fly aircrafts, I want to become an Astronaut, I want to become an Architect, I want to become a Journalist, I want to become the no. 1 tennis player in the world, I want to become the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, I want to become a civil servant, and there are some who are even passionate about doing social service. She is very very ambitious!
What happens next is not destiny, but it is the opportunities that she grabs and the support that she gets during her journey in life. It is good to see, how organisations are encouraging women to take-up top positions and supporting them all through their journey. It is a positive sign for sure.
Social Responsibility
It is also our social responsibility to build on awareness, of the need of education for children, both the boy and the girl. In the rural areas of India, there is a lot of differentiation between the sexes, even today. The notion is still primitive. Besides, it is still believed that the girl child doesn’t need to be educated, because ultimately, she is not going to earn bread for the family. We need to change this mindset completely. Education is not about preparing oneself to make money; it is about developing the right attitude, personality, perspective towards life, approach, and being- aware of your surroundings, that education carries with it.
So, Do what you want to do, Be what you want to be. And remember, if need arise, bend the rules…but don’t break it;-)
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mumbai Marathon 2010 – Get yourself registered now!!!

It all happened that very busy Monday morning, when one of my friends called to tell me that registrations to the Mumbai Marathon 2010 had began. That was it!! I left everything and visited the site to do an online registration, since I didn’t want to miss the marathon, like I did in Jan 2009 – a late-latif, like always.

Group registrations
A group of maybe three of my friends had already registered and then it was my turn. Bingo!! I successfully registered to the Dream run, a 6kms sprint, and was like on top of the world at that instant. Simultaneously, I was thinking, it would indeed be a good opportunity to use the Mumbai Marathon 2010 as a corporate branding event. This was like trailing in my mind and then….it was a spin-off! I shot an email to the top management, and not surprised at all, the deal was passed by them.

Though, I was stressing upon us participating in the “Corporate Challenge” – an event where a corporate support a cause and then contribute towards the cause through pledges. I didn’t get an okay for this one, because the entry fee was about INR 2.5lakhs, and with the economic downturn playing in everybody’s mind, this was bound not to go through.

Team building
The next stride-out was to intimate all colleagues in Mumbai, by motivating them a little. But believe me, in 2 days flat, the allotment for the Dream Run was full and no-one could make it for that particular event. But no worries, ten of them successfully registered to the half marathon, a 21kms run across the city of Mumbai.

When I heard this from them, my first reaction was like - you guys ditched me big time. But then yeah…its kinda okay!! All I had to do was simply upgrade myself to the half marathon. Frankly, I couldn’t actually see myself completing that long trail of 21kms, but… as long as we are successful in carrying the corporate message - all geared up wearing the corporate gear, what more should I ask for hah!!

How do you register
Quickly, let me tell you how you go about making your registration to the Mumbai Marathon. You could do so online at Alternately, you could collect the registration form, from any Standard Chartered Bank branch, the sponsors of this event. You could also contact the helpline at +91 22 42020200 for details.

No matter how much we crib about our city Mumbai, we still miss her when we are away…..we still love her the way she is……there is some kind of addiction in this city, isn’t it?…….Infact, I have still not figured out the thing that makes us love her so much!!

Remember 17th Jan 2010 is THE DAY….so see ya there!!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Achieving milestones through sheer determination

I know you must be thinking that here is another business guru, come to give us her gyan fundas. Let me clear the air first, I am a real idiot when it comes to business communication…infact communication of any form is not my cup of tea. Wow…It actually feels nice to let out this truth through this blog….you see I cannot admit this when I appear for an interview ;-)
Through this article of mine, I am basically trying to impress upon the fact of some people who go down to any extent to achieve their goal- may it be giving up a bad habit of smoking or to attaining a size zero figure or maybe to simply become the richest person on this planet and own all the luxuries that life can offer.
It is good indeed to be ambitious in life and go that extra mile to achieve what you have set for yourself and make it a winnable one. But its worthy if the ambition is positive…..a dream which is good for you and the society that surrounds you. Running behind your objective through bootlicking, corruption, conspiracy, giving people wrong promises, et al, is no way of attaining success. Off course this is my perspective and I don’t think any sane person would think differently….until otherwise.
The Metamorphosis……
Through this article of mine, I want to share with you real life instances of people who have achieved their ambition through sheer determination and will power to fight. Memories galore!!!
There is this person who I have known for years together and he is still my very close buddy. Yeah, he had this bad smoking habit…a kind of a chain smoker. He tried everything under the sun to quit smoking completely. It’s like you do something, not once but many times throughout the day, 365 days a year, and you also know that all that you are puffing, is real bad for you. But you still continue to do it because you simply cannot resist the temptation. Can’t blame anyone though with this kind of a habit, a bad one!
Then came a day, when he tried to quit smoking and was determined to do so for his parents and then the second time for his girlfriend. Tried hard..maybe successful for 1 month or so and then got addicted to it again. Now here is the catch! If you actually plan to achieve something, you need to first DO IT FOR YOURSELF. You simply love yourself so much, that you become worried if something goes wrong..then what? This is when he made this dream to quit smoking a reality. Yeah and now, Cigarettes….what are those? is the answer you’ll get from the man.
Recently, I have got to know from a colleague on how he went from fat to fab! Initially, I didn’t actually believe it, until I saw some real transformational pics. I was actually dumbstruck and kind of lost of words, because that looked like a true metamorphosis…quite literally! Off course, I have now assured myself some free off-the- shelf exercise routine and diet maintaining tips, by making a mention of this in this article for sure. I know, I know….I must be selfish na!!
So surely, there is a way out from a bad habit/ fad. And to achieve your moto in life, you need sheer determination and sustainability. I think I need to learn from it!!
I too have a so called ambition to achieve, and I am working hard on it to make it achievable. But yeah, it’s a secret right now and I’ll share it with you as soon as I make it happen;-)
While I still say that I will wakeup at 5 a.m everyday and start my morning workout, sad but true, this hasn’t happened till date.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Everybody is talking about green shoots of recovery….

Beginning Q4 2008 the global economy went into a recession and certain markets awfully collapsed with no signs of warning. Fortune 500 companies closed down in a blink and the whole world got sucked in the infectious global meltdown phenomenon.
The question is how do we tackle this downturn and move ahead in the way business and markets use to operate prior to the slump. If only we could do business with another planet, things would have been better. Sad but true….we do not have that option open to us yet.
Identified ways for tackling recession
If you have a marquee product to sell, the prospective customers do not have the money to buy your product. Unemployment is increasing globally. Demand is shrinking. Consumers are postponing purchase of luxury goods until market recovery. Violence, hatred, inter-continental grudge is mounting. People waiting for a career-boost in terms of position and salary are left lurching in the dark. Cost cutting is given the top most priority in the corporate strategy. Disinvestment of public sector companies is the immediate action to be taken. Off shoring jobs to low cost nations is the punch line to success – indeed at the cost of people loosing jobs in their home country.
These are a few tactics identified by organizations and consumers to beat the downturn and be able to sail through it without being hurt.
Is the approach right…….or do we have to rethink our strategy?
The Finance Minister of India announced the Budget today and all through his speech, he has been positive about India showing green shoots of recovery. He stresses saying that India will show a turnaround in a few months from now and that India is an emerging country and is currently walking on greener pastures.
It is indeed good news for India. We are sailing on safe waters and can expect a good life ahead. But we need to be clear whether this good life predicted for the future is not where the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. It is nice to be living in a country that is booming and showing positive signs but what about that part of the population in India who are below the poverty line.
Are we doing anything to support them and convert their standard of living by providing them the basic necessities of life? They are not really asking for more!!
Each one of us has an opinion and here are a few immediate actions that I recommend:
  • Free education to children below the poverty line – education up to graduation is must.
  • Employment to the million people still jobless in India.
  • Increasing benefits to Entrepreneurs, thus encouraging them to take on new assignments.
  • Providing low cost homes to people who do not have a home.
  • Farmers who provide the whole nation with our staple food are committing suicides today. The reason – the production is less and the money that they get after selling their produce to the middle-man is a quarter of what is sold in the market. Let the farmers get the full price for their produce.
  • Offshoring is an area where India is benefiting today, but we should simultaneously put a contingency plan in place. There is a possibility when some years down the line India would be offshoring local jobs to other low cost countries such as Vietnam, China, Philippines. What do we do then?
Live and let live!
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson, the Peter Pan of pop music….we’re going to miss you MJ!

The most shattering and the most shocking news that came to us early Friday morning was indeed about the passing away of the musical God Michael Jackson. It took me some time to even write this article to express my anguish, since I wanted to verify, whether what I heard was a dream or was it actually reality.
Grown-up listening to his music
Michael indeed is a Dean of pop music. I have grown up listening to his music, gazing his dance moves and was crazy about his self-written song lyrics. As a child, I remember singing MJ’s songs and imitating him at fancy dress competitions….I mean Michael you are so amazing…..
I remember writing an article in my blog, all excited about Michael’s come-back tour, “This is it”, which was to begin Jul 13 2009, but that never really was destined to happen. Sad but true!!
Like my dad simply told me to relax and said that he and the whole world went through the same anguish when the greatest of his time Elvis Presley passed away.
The Invincible Michael
Nobody on this planet can replace Michael Jackson. I mean this man had the talent, kindness, and was grounded in true sense. A clutch of his hit numbers, You are not alone; Black or White; Heal the World; We are the world; All of us say that they don’t really care about us; Beat it, Bad; Remember the time- are a few songs which talked about Michael and who he really was.
It’s been as long as 10 years since we have seen Michael performing live on stage or for that matter, there even were no music albums that he released. While we did hear that Michael would team up with hip-hop singer Neo to release their brand new combined album…..sad but true, this too was not meant to be.
“If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with”, as said by Michael Jackson.
While I was jogging this morning, I inadvertently happened to ape Michael’s signature tune…”Aaoohhw” aloud. While I did get stares from people but that’s the global impact Michael Jackson, the King of Pop has left on all music lovers.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

“Retirement”….feels like you have been hit by recession

It’s difficult to put myself in the place of a person who is approaching retirement from his corporate lifestyle, but coming to think of it… must be feeling like a no-where-to-go cerebral attack. Imagine that daily routine that a working executive follows of waking up in the morning, getting ready for work, working hard those 8-9hrs, and then pack-up from office to go straight home or maybe pursue an evening hobby……and then suddenly you wake up on the 1st day after your 60th birthday and you realize that you have nowhere to go. Uff……must be real hard to digest!
60th birthday can be agonizing
One of my colleagues celebrated his 60th birthday yesterday and he also retires this month from the company. When I asked him how it feels to celebrate his 60th birthday- a day when people not only wish you a Happy Birthday but also wish you a Happy Retirement. He said, that it feels like the whole world has come-down-upon-him…..seems gloomy, especially because he has served the same company for a long spell of over 34yrs and that leaving the company after such a long spell would be real difficult.
Now let me exaggerate……, how do people work so long in one company??? I can’t even imagine!!
It’s even worse when you are a leader material in your organization. And being a Leader, people emulate you, listen to your views and take your instructions too seriously, work for you, and even more when your signature works like you can buy a fortune 500 company….then it surely must be feeling gloomy, until you actually start getting use to the sedentary lifestyle you are forced to make peace with.
Planning for retirement
I believe that in order to face retirement and cruise through it smoothly, you need to prepare for it well in advance – both mentally and physically. There are many companies following this practice, which put employees in a “Retirement Simulation” environment and let them have a feel about life after retirement, while they are working. Isn’t this a fantastic way of getting ready for withdrawal…..Indeed it is!
So, “Don't simply retire from something; have something to retire to.”
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is it racism or is it jealously?

Whatever it is…the recent incidents in Australia against educated and intelligent Indians studying there, has left each Indian back home in a state of vengeance, hatred and helplessness.
We feel helpless because we just cannot do anything to change the thinking of the people who think so brash and have a negative attitude against the Indian community. We therefore insist that the government of India swiftly takes charge of this situation and demands an explanation from the Australian government. We need to know what is the Australian government doing to prevent ethnic-bashing imposed upon Indians living and studying in Australia.
We have had enough
We have an Indian brother battling for life, whose parents are destroyed and do not know how to handle the situation. The boy’s parents sent him to Australia for further studies – after investing their life long savings on their son’s education. The result, the son is hospitalized in Australia and literally battling for life. Even if this young guy recovers, he will be bedridden or dependent all his living years.
What a tragedy of life!!!
This is not the first incident that has occurred in Australia. There are many more un-reported cases which have occurred in the past. So much so that after this present incident, most Indian boys and girls who have been victims of “Ethnic-bashing” (also called “Curry-bashing by the locals there), are now speaking out and talking about the torture they have gone through in that country.
The reverse happens in India
It is a culture in India to treat “Guests as God”- quite literally. There are so many foreigners who live and work in India, who cannot stop preaching about the hospitality showered upon them in this country.
This kind of ethnic cruelty imposed upon Indians living in Australia is intolerable and needs immediate attention. The Australian government though has said that nothing like this would happen in future; this should be made legitimate. Indians do not go to Australia or for that matter to any other country to get free education. They pay all their term fees and hence they deserve to feel like home in the foreign land.
Beating-up people and verbally demoralizing them, is so inhumane and something that just cannot be. I don’t think Australia would want India to boycott trade, business, and Indo-Australian partnership deals. It is simple- it is like a relationship between two people – if there is no respect and trust, the relationship was not meant to be, while if respect and trust exists between the two, the relationship lasts forever.
I personally have nothing against any community but am against people who commit these kind of criminal, immoral and inhuman acts, out of frustration, ego, and jealously. Lets stop all this now and come together in support of people who have become victims!!
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A few years back, when I auditioned to become a ‘Cricket Commentator’

I know it is a little hard to believe that I did it, but yes it is a truth and nothing but the truth that I auditioned to become a ‘Cricket Commentator’ for ESPN Sports.

I will not bore you to death to know the climax of this story and so I have decided to tell you whether I made in the finals or not. I made it to the first two rounds of the audition which was judged by 3 panelists. Two of the panelists were very-well-known cricketers Mr. Wasim Akhram from Pakistan and Mr. Ravi Shastri from India and the third judge was the Page 3 and Bollywood personality Ms. Perizaad Zorabian.

At the second and final round, I faltered and hence couldn’t make it to the finale, in which short-listed participants from each city would compete. But believe me, it was an experience of a life-time.

A nail-biting selection process
The first round was simple where the judges were basically looking for that perfect diction, the right attitude and upbeat behavior of the participants. During this round, a full screen slim monitor with a cricket match projection was presented to us. Each participant was then made to give a running commentary for a mere 2mins. I simply cannot give you a self-evaluation here but the panelists were pretty impressed and they called me for the second round scheduled the very next day.

Everything going-bravo until here, I moved to the second round – all unprepared. The main aim of this round was to judge the screen presence of the participant and also to judge the technical cricket knowledge he/she had about the game. Without saying - to be a good Commentator, it is very important to be technically sound with a game. Although I got a thumbs-up for my screen presence, the technicality of the game is where I ******* up ;-).

The entire audition process was recorded by ESPN Sports and then telecasted on-air- 2 weeks later.

My experience
It was an enriching experience – something that I will never forget. The panelist offcourse told me that I would be a very good anchor/ presenter, if I speak in a subject of my relevance like current issues, offbeat topics, music, movies, et al.

I remember of taking 2 casual day off from office, to be a part of this big event called “Harsha Ki Khoj” initiated by ESPN Sports. In another 2 weeks time when the show was telecasted on ESPN sports, I received an unexpected email from my colleague from our Bangalore office, actually telling me that he was happy to see me on television but hard-luck. My initial reaction was like what the hell was that! Did he actually see me???

Then came a few of my friends and people in the neighborhood, who happened to see me on television and actually asked me the same damn thing. This was a whole big secret- I actually didn’t tell anyone that I was going to do something so strange, but in-the-end got caught.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gay/ Lesbian relationships: what’s wrong in it?

‘Homosexuality’ is a bad word not only in the Indian context but also considered taboo all over the world. I had a lot of thinking to do, before even writing this blog title. I mean why label homosexuals as gays or lesbians? They are human beings after all. And the way they live their life is something, nobody should meddle with – neither the government, society nor religious outfits in the world.

This community always existed right from stone-age, but they were never open about their relationships. However, today equations have changed and rightfully the community has come out in the open to discuss and talk about it.

The first gay marriage took place in India a few days back. This was not a marriage that transpired on a hide-out, but this happened in the typical Indian wedding style with approval from parents and the nearby like-minded community. And we too need to open up and liberate ourselves from this narrow-mindedness. Remember they are simply one of us.

There are many Hollywood and especially Bollywood films which are based on homosexual relationships. But the sad part about such films is that, they make a joke of this community to entertain the masses. Indeed, we need to make more serious films to educate the society at large. It is high time we accept them and let them live life king size.

All you lovely people out there who are reading my thoughts through this article, and who disagree with my belief - I have nothing against you. Infact, I respect your opinion, but at the same time, I respect my opinion too.

And for all you people who simply agree with me, and want to convey your agreement to me, you can do so by demonstrating your solidarity by supporting the ‘fight for equality’, by simply joining a group on Facebook which fights for the right of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual community. The link on Facebook.

It is high-time, we treat this community with equality and respect, and let them live their lives with their own terms. We need to respect their sentiments and emotions!

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Why only perfumes, books and newspapers……give him a TV set, an ipod and a laptop!!!

26/11 was the most dreadful day in a Mumbaikars life, even-more for people who were trapped in that deadly and brutal attack by terrorists. This incident had shaken the entire nation and the whole world….and we are still fighting this impurity in the system, because of which the world is bleeding.

The good thing is that, the world knows the who’s, where’s and how’s of these so-called terrorists. What I mean is that we all know who they are, where they come from and how they become terrorists. But the sad thing is that the Indian government still believes in giving a fair trail to Ajmal Kasab, the lone terrorists caught during 26/11.

Giving whom a fair trail?? Somebody, who held that AK 47 rifle and sprayed bullets on innocent lives. I mean, what are we trying to show to the world hah!

It all began with giving the terrorist (Ajmal) a lawyer, then declaring that he should be tested in juvenile court- because he is under 18yrs old, Ajmal then demanding newspapers, perfumes and asking for permission to walk in the corridors, et all. The terrorist is not at all apologetic for his doing and is mostly caught smiling and giggling. We shouldn’t sympathize with him.

Looking at all this, it seems that we treat terrorists better than the common man in this country. The taxpayers hard-earned money is used to give the lone terrorist high-end protection in jail and during his trail period. Why is the government misusing the monies of the citizens during this time of economic downturn?

And what are the European countries, Americas and the Obama’s doing about this. The whole world needs to probe into Ajmal’s trail here in India and make sure he is slaughtered on live television. The whole world needs to see how we treat terrorists and that such extremist groups will not be spared by anyone in the world.

‘Terrorism’ is a global problem and we need to tackle this together. There should be one common global legislation followed throughout the world to deal-with terrorism and reprimand terrorists and people who are out to destroy and bring about disharmony in the world.

It’s only when we do this in harmony, is when we will be able to wipe out this danger of terrorism imposed upon us.

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