Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is it racism or is it jealously?

Whatever it is…the recent incidents in Australia against educated and intelligent Indians studying there, has left each Indian back home in a state of vengeance, hatred and helplessness.
We feel helpless because we just cannot do anything to change the thinking of the people who think so brash and have a negative attitude against the Indian community. We therefore insist that the government of India swiftly takes charge of this situation and demands an explanation from the Australian government. We need to know what is the Australian government doing to prevent ethnic-bashing imposed upon Indians living and studying in Australia.
We have had enough
We have an Indian brother battling for life, whose parents are destroyed and do not know how to handle the situation. The boy’s parents sent him to Australia for further studies – after investing their life long savings on their son’s education. The result, the son is hospitalized in Australia and literally battling for life. Even if this young guy recovers, he will be bedridden or dependent all his living years.
What a tragedy of life!!!
This is not the first incident that has occurred in Australia. There are many more un-reported cases which have occurred in the past. So much so that after this present incident, most Indian boys and girls who have been victims of “Ethnic-bashing” (also called “Curry-bashing by the locals there), are now speaking out and talking about the torture they have gone through in that country.
The reverse happens in India
It is a culture in India to treat “Guests as God”- quite literally. There are so many foreigners who live and work in India, who cannot stop preaching about the hospitality showered upon them in this country.
This kind of ethnic cruelty imposed upon Indians living in Australia is intolerable and needs immediate attention. The Australian government though has said that nothing like this would happen in future; this should be made legitimate. Indians do not go to Australia or for that matter to any other country to get free education. They pay all their term fees and hence they deserve to feel like home in the foreign land.
Beating-up people and verbally demoralizing them, is so inhumane and something that just cannot be. I don’t think Australia would want India to boycott trade, business, and Indo-Australian partnership deals. It is simple- it is like a relationship between two people – if there is no respect and trust, the relationship was not meant to be, while if respect and trust exists between the two, the relationship lasts forever.
I personally have nothing against any community but am against people who commit these kind of criminal, immoral and inhuman acts, out of frustration, ego, and jealously. Lets stop all this now and come together in support of people who have become victims!!
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Anonymous said...

I think there is a lot to talk about and get corrected. But the way Indian media has taken high moral ground I am disgusted. Its just a matter of expectations. Australia is more developed so we are challenging their claim. India is full of brutal killings, racism, exploitation but well... we do not expect anything so there is nothing to talk about? The media has just destroyed an important issue and its possible solutions. Sure Australia will act now, we have the leverage now. But will people start liking India/Indians... I am not so sure.