Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Salutations to Whistleblowers in today's vicious world

Expose the oppressor, give voice to the voiceless
Wouldn’t you want to speak & listen to the truth and deal with honest people 24x7/365 days a year; wouldn’t you want to expose intelligence and unlawful information, for public scrutiny so that the guilty are punished; wouldn’t you want to see the world as a peaceful place where every human being enjoys their constitutional rights of freedom, equality, and justice. Just wished a big-hearted genie would be generous enough to grant me my three wishes…I would have surely asked for these three wishes, provided people in the whole wide world mirror the same principles.

Can I keep the commandments in the real world?
I don’t think so! A lone individual cannot obey the commandants of ethical behaviour all by herself while the rest of the world does what pleases them. And even if he decides to be undeceiving, he probably would be tricked and duped and be taken to his grave even before his time comes. They say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” so probably the whole world is waiting for someone to make the first real-istic move and then the rest will follow.

Exemplifying from experience, many a times we dash across people who backstab their own colleagues to win a position to the top. And to make things crueler, the very next minute, you would see your colleague become your boss, not because he has the attitude and a mind for the job but because he has successfully pleased the top management by his sweet and pleasing talks and actions.

Similarly, individual nations are waiting for the other nation to make the first unadulterated move which is not tainted with corruption, hypocrisy, scams, nuclear proliferation, terrorists and, bureaucrats with a political agenda. Recently the United States of America with support from the UN Security Council took the initiative towards Non-nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT) calling nations of the world to sign the NPT in order to make the world "un-armed” and “nuclear deterrent”. A few democratic and peaceful nations signed the NPT while some of them resisted, even abusing decision makers for their sagging mindsets and wisdom.

Pragmatically, it’s a tough decision to make, when you know that on one side if you sign the treaty, you could be bombed by a nation that has not signed it…and on the other side if you don’t sign it, you would be oust from global meetings and punishments in the form of “sanctions” would be entrusted upon you. Today, powerful nations are boasting about deploying new class of weapons capable of reaching any corner of the earth under an hour…so how can anyone make a 100% commitment!

“Courage is contagious”
They say courage is contagious…must say it really is! An open government group, also known as the anti corruption and transparency group—WikiLeaks—has recently made news all over the world exposing 91,000 sensitive reports mainly comprising of ground realities about how US is blindly and unknowingly fuelling terrorism in Afghan by blindly paying Pakistan for access to Afghan. Although the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, an Australian national with a PHD in Physics, claims that the information exposed on his website are bare facts...the truth about its authenticity is yet to be investigated.

Nevertheless, the point I'm trying to make here is about the courage and audacity that this man called Julian has, to be able to reveal and speak about what he believes is the truth without a shadow of fear for his life. It reminds me of the Monk called Julian from Robin Sharma’s bestseller, “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”…he pretty much had the same approach towards life.

So if courage is really contagious, I think each one of us needs to pick up ourselves from the dregs, dust off ourselves, and fearlessly speak out. It's a tough thing to do, but if we don't do it, the world will take us for granted and use us as puppets to fulfill their individual or group ambitions.

Making a confession, I admit that I don’t have the nerves and audacity to be upfront and outspoken 24x7/365 days a year...but am asking myself badly whether it is really all that difficult? Authoritarian governments, oppressive institutions and corrupt corporations should be subject to the pressure, so that every human being on this beautiful planet enjoys his rights by right and not by fear. 

I will try to walk the talk… about you?

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Paul Almighty

Think FIFA 2010 and it becomes quiet impossible to do a rundown of the 2010 Football World cup tournament without discussing or describing the bang-on predictions made by the slimy fortune teller— Paul the Octopus. Octa-Paul surely won a million hearts while the FIFA matches were spinning out, but even today Paul is competitive enough to give all human fortune tellers a run for their money.

The talk of the town
Who does not like to be famous? It is human nature after all to love and to be loved. If you ask me, I wouldn’t mind getting featured in an online encyclopedia and would love to have the whole world to recognize me for my craft. But not everyone who is good at her craft gets to that pedestal of acknowledgement just like that. It involves a lot of hard work, meeting the right people at the right time, a leader with leadership qualities to look up to and to follow, and a little bit of luck can get you there.

Look at Paul today, with his 100% perfecto prophesies, he has become the FIFA world cup sensation in no time....surely making the whole world look up to him. But not a human soul can tell how a squid can make correct predictions without even knowing what a FIFA ball looks like. Amazing…isn’t it! Well indeed, it is the precise predictions made by this sea animal (called Paul) that bewilders the world.

Paul got many scientists at work, which did a lot of research to understand why Paul was right with his predictions all the time. Only to rationalize saying that octopus are generally drawn to horizontal lines and shapes, and that explains why Germany is favored over England and Argentina. But if we have to agree with this wisdom drawn out by the scientists, then we also need them to explain why Paul picked Serbia over Germany, nor Spain over Holland. Well Well Well, Paul seems to have even baffled the scientists with this phenomenal phenomenon.

Drooling over Paul
Quiet literally, FIFA ousted teams including Germany, England, Argentina whose disastrous fate Paul prophesied before their respective matches are drooling over Paul’s boneless squid-fish protein. Cooking Paul in ginger sauce would not only satiate their appetite for spineless fish but more importantly will take out their vengeance on a mere sea animal who foretold their distasteful fate.

Immediate action needs to be taken in order to settle scores of danger that this endangered species with an inborn aptitude to forecast the future confronts today. The United Kingdom, where Paul is currently an inhabitant of, needs to transport Paul to a vegetarian land ASAP. Coming to think of it, India seems like an appropriate destination where most of the population is vegetarian. Nevertheless, Indians have fallen in love with Paul and want him to prophesize India’s maiden FIFA World cup entry. I’m optimistic that if UK indeed decides to safeguard Paul by sending him to a secured location like India, India will gear up to welcome Paul…assuring him a dual citizenship option and also promising to provide him all the benefits and provisions that an octopus would really need and want to boast.

Spain versus Paul
I started writing this article with a clear intention of pegging my opinion on the flamboyant and extraordinary FIFA 2010 World cup and more significantly to talk about the milestone victory by the first-time-winners, Spain. But I have just realised that my article has drifted towards showcasing the accurate predictions and popularity of the cursed (by a few) Nazi of FIFA 2010, Octopus Paul…Phew! Sorry for drifting away…I got carried over Paul’s tenta-cular prophesies! Spain indeed is the real winner of the FIFA world cup and Paul alone is not the reason for their win, agrees Spanish midfielder, Andreas Iniesta, who tweeted saying, "The octopus indeed is very popular in Spain."

So looks like that Spain is happy to share the limelight with Paul and Paul is happier to be featured by print & electronic media worldwide.

Well, all’s well that ends well. In that note, I conclude my column here. Viva Espanio…Viva Paul!

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