Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is it racism or is it jealously?

Whatever it is…the recent incidents in Australia against educated and intelligent Indians studying there, has left each Indian back home in a state of vengeance, hatred and helplessness.
We feel helpless because we just cannot do anything to change the thinking of the people who think so brash and have a negative attitude against the Indian community. We therefore insist that the government of India swiftly takes charge of this situation and demands an explanation from the Australian government. We need to know what is the Australian government doing to prevent ethnic-bashing imposed upon Indians living and studying in Australia.
We have had enough
We have an Indian brother battling for life, whose parents are destroyed and do not know how to handle the situation. The boy’s parents sent him to Australia for further studies – after investing their life long savings on their son’s education. The result, the son is hospitalized in Australia and literally battling for life. Even if this young guy recovers, he will be bedridden or dependent all his living years.
What a tragedy of life!!!
This is not the first incident that has occurred in Australia. There are many more un-reported cases which have occurred in the past. So much so that after this present incident, most Indian boys and girls who have been victims of “Ethnic-bashing” (also called “Curry-bashing by the locals there), are now speaking out and talking about the torture they have gone through in that country.
The reverse happens in India
It is a culture in India to treat “Guests as God”- quite literally. There are so many foreigners who live and work in India, who cannot stop preaching about the hospitality showered upon them in this country.
This kind of ethnic cruelty imposed upon Indians living in Australia is intolerable and needs immediate attention. The Australian government though has said that nothing like this would happen in future; this should be made legitimate. Indians do not go to Australia or for that matter to any other country to get free education. They pay all their term fees and hence they deserve to feel like home in the foreign land.
Beating-up people and verbally demoralizing them, is so inhumane and something that just cannot be. I don’t think Australia would want India to boycott trade, business, and Indo-Australian partnership deals. It is simple- it is like a relationship between two people – if there is no respect and trust, the relationship was not meant to be, while if respect and trust exists between the two, the relationship lasts forever.
I personally have nothing against any community but am against people who commit these kind of criminal, immoral and inhuman acts, out of frustration, ego, and jealously. Lets stop all this now and come together in support of people who have become victims!!
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A few years back, when I auditioned to become a ‘Cricket Commentator’

I know it is a little hard to believe that I did it, but yes it is a truth and nothing but the truth that I auditioned to become a ‘Cricket Commentator’ for ESPN Sports.

I will not bore you to death to know the climax of this story and so I have decided to tell you whether I made in the finals or not. I made it to the first two rounds of the audition which was judged by 3 panelists. Two of the panelists were very-well-known cricketers Mr. Wasim Akhram from Pakistan and Mr. Ravi Shastri from India and the third judge was the Page 3 and Bollywood personality Ms. Perizaad Zorabian.

At the second and final round, I faltered and hence couldn’t make it to the finale, in which short-listed participants from each city would compete. But believe me, it was an experience of a life-time.

A nail-biting selection process
The first round was simple where the judges were basically looking for that perfect diction, the right attitude and upbeat behavior of the participants. During this round, a full screen slim monitor with a cricket match projection was presented to us. Each participant was then made to give a running commentary for a mere 2mins. I simply cannot give you a self-evaluation here but the panelists were pretty impressed and they called me for the second round scheduled the very next day.

Everything going-bravo until here, I moved to the second round – all unprepared. The main aim of this round was to judge the screen presence of the participant and also to judge the technical cricket knowledge he/she had about the game. Without saying - to be a good Commentator, it is very important to be technically sound with a game. Although I got a thumbs-up for my screen presence, the technicality of the game is where I ******* up ;-).

The entire audition process was recorded by ESPN Sports and then telecasted on-air- 2 weeks later.

My experience
It was an enriching experience – something that I will never forget. The panelist offcourse told me that I would be a very good anchor/ presenter, if I speak in a subject of my relevance like current issues, offbeat topics, music, movies, et al.

I remember of taking 2 casual day off from office, to be a part of this big event called “Harsha Ki Khoj” initiated by ESPN Sports. In another 2 weeks time when the show was telecasted on ESPN sports, I received an unexpected email from my colleague from our Bangalore office, actually telling me that he was happy to see me on television but hard-luck. My initial reaction was like what the hell was that! Did he actually see me???

Then came a few of my friends and people in the neighborhood, who happened to see me on television and actually asked me the same damn thing. This was a whole big secret- I actually didn’t tell anyone that I was going to do something so strange, but in-the-end got caught.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gay/ Lesbian relationships: what’s wrong in it?

‘Homosexuality’ is a bad word not only in the Indian context but also considered taboo all over the world. I had a lot of thinking to do, before even writing this blog title. I mean why label homosexuals as gays or lesbians? They are human beings after all. And the way they live their life is something, nobody should meddle with – neither the government, society nor religious outfits in the world.

This community always existed right from stone-age, but they were never open about their relationships. However, today equations have changed and rightfully the community has come out in the open to discuss and talk about it.

The first gay marriage took place in India a few days back. This was not a marriage that transpired on a hide-out, but this happened in the typical Indian wedding style with approval from parents and the nearby like-minded community. And we too need to open up and liberate ourselves from this narrow-mindedness. Remember they are simply one of us.

There are many Hollywood and especially Bollywood films which are based on homosexual relationships. But the sad part about such films is that, they make a joke of this community to entertain the masses. Indeed, we need to make more serious films to educate the society at large. It is high time we accept them and let them live life king size.

All you lovely people out there who are reading my thoughts through this article, and who disagree with my belief - I have nothing against you. Infact, I respect your opinion, but at the same time, I respect my opinion too.

And for all you people who simply agree with me, and want to convey your agreement to me, you can do so by demonstrating your solidarity by supporting the ‘fight for equality’, by simply joining a group on Facebook which fights for the right of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual community. The link on Facebook.

It is high-time, we treat this community with equality and respect, and let them live their lives with their own terms. We need to respect their sentiments and emotions!

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Why only perfumes, books and newspapers……give him a TV set, an ipod and a laptop!!!

26/11 was the most dreadful day in a Mumbaikars life, even-more for people who were trapped in that deadly and brutal attack by terrorists. This incident had shaken the entire nation and the whole world….and we are still fighting this impurity in the system, because of which the world is bleeding.

The good thing is that, the world knows the who’s, where’s and how’s of these so-called terrorists. What I mean is that we all know who they are, where they come from and how they become terrorists. But the sad thing is that the Indian government still believes in giving a fair trail to Ajmal Kasab, the lone terrorists caught during 26/11.

Giving whom a fair trail?? Somebody, who held that AK 47 rifle and sprayed bullets on innocent lives. I mean, what are we trying to show to the world hah!

It all began with giving the terrorist (Ajmal) a lawyer, then declaring that he should be tested in juvenile court- because he is under 18yrs old, Ajmal then demanding newspapers, perfumes and asking for permission to walk in the corridors, et all. The terrorist is not at all apologetic for his doing and is mostly caught smiling and giggling. We shouldn’t sympathize with him.

Looking at all this, it seems that we treat terrorists better than the common man in this country. The taxpayers hard-earned money is used to give the lone terrorist high-end protection in jail and during his trail period. Why is the government misusing the monies of the citizens during this time of economic downturn?

And what are the European countries, Americas and the Obama’s doing about this. The whole world needs to probe into Ajmal’s trail here in India and make sure he is slaughtered on live television. The whole world needs to see how we treat terrorists and that such extremist groups will not be spared by anyone in the world.

‘Terrorism’ is a global problem and we need to tackle this together. There should be one common global legislation followed throughout the world to deal-with terrorism and reprimand terrorists and people who are out to destroy and bring about disharmony in the world.

It’s only when we do this in harmony, is when we will be able to wipe out this danger of terrorism imposed upon us.

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