Saturday, November 12, 2016

U.S. Election 2016: It’s Yuge! It’s bigly!

A monkey called Geda, described locally as “the king of prophets,” kisses the cardboard cutout of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Nov. 3 in Changsha, China. The selection is intended to predict the result of the U.S. election. (Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)
Six hundred days back, we laughed our hearts out when Donald Trump made the announcement that he is running to become the President of the United States. The entertainment industry and the media made millions in TRPs by poking fun on The Donald. The political world, including the Republicans, went berserk over the prospect of Donald Trump running for president. But, the guy who is used to “winning so bigly that he gets bored winning,” ran the race anyway. It is remarkable and shocking how a businessman - with absolutely no experience in politics - who perpetrated so much of hate against immigrants (legal and illegal), Muslims, people of color, women, and Hispanics got the Republican party nomination. How could a person with absolutely no support from any Fortune 500 companies, or Wall Street, or any big-time celebrity, or a foreign leader (except for Russia’s Vladimir Putin), win the most powerful position in the world. 

So, how did Trump win, even after he got no support when he needed it the most? His opponent in the race, Hillary Clinton, not only got support from the Beyonces and the Jay Zs of Hollywood, but she also got support from the rich and powerful in America and outside America. How did this happen in an America, where when Beyonce says that Hillary is the one for president, it means she is the one. Jokes apart….the truth is democracy works and the common man/ woman is not a fool. But, then, if the common human is a smart being, why would a smart being vote for a bigot like The Donald. Why?! So many of these questions still remain unanswered. 

Most of the analysts gave a near 99.9% to a Hillary win because according to their polls, it was impossible that a racist-sexist Trump victory was possible. The election result emphasized how the media is so ignorant about the people of this nation. The media is so busy covering the Illuminati, that they just forgot that there is a whole big world of rural-America who never got a mouthpiece to express themselves for years. The media which is supposed to be the voice of the voiceless has turned out to be the voice of the Illuminati. Though, a Chinese monkey proved to know the people of America better than the media. In this experiment, a Chinese monkey – who made awesome soccer match predictions - was asked to use his mystical powers to predict who'll win the election. He was given a choice of bananas beside cutouts of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He not only chose Trump's bananas but also gave Trump’s cut out a sexy smooch. When that happened, I was damn sure that Trump is winning. I trust the Chinese money more than the mainstream media. 

America is beyond New York and Los Angeles. For an outsider, America is a nation of the powerful, the rich, a nation that never sleeps, a nation that is the most powerful country in the world, a nation that inhabits the famous, a nation that has the military and oil power. But the 2016 ugly election campaign runs and the triumph of Trump has opened up our eyes to an America which is deeply divided over race, religion, values, people of color, and the poor. 

Indeed, America is a land of opportunities. It is a nation which has a city like New York which never sleeps. It sure has the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the best universal music is made in America. But America is not only about celebrities, the rich, the paparazzi, music, and movies. There’s a whole part of America that lives in the rural villages, there's a whole part of this nation which is still experiencing racism & sexism, there are religious wars that not everyone is aware of.  I’m personally attracted and fascinated by the immigrants in America. I came to the United States because I wanted to experience a nation where I could meet people from all over the world in one place. Nowhere in the world will you find scores of immigrants from across the globe living in one place. It's an amazing feeling! 

Walk down the streets of Washington, DC and you'll find restaurants serving different cuisines from across the world. People speak different native languages. I mean, there's no place in the world where you can learn the values and principles of people from the rest of the world. Thanks to America, I have met a British, an Afghani, an Iranian, an Iraqi, a South African, a Kenyan, a Ghanaian, a Norwegian, a Russian, a Sri Lankan, a Chinese, a Singaporean, and that list will go on forever. I love America because it gives me this opportunity to meet different people, learn different cultures, different values. It’s beautiful!

I moved to the United States during President Obama’s second term. I love the guy and respect him a ton. America sure is going to miss him. From the little bit that I learned about this country while I'm living here, if I could vote, I would not vote for a person who talked sh*t about the people who look like me. I’d never vote for a person who wants to play protectionist trying to keep off immigrants from entering the country which is built with those very values. I’d never vote for a person who has no respect for people of color. But, I’d also not vote for Hillary Clinton, because she promised a status-quo, she didn’t promise any change, she wanted to fill President Obama’s shoes. And for real, no one wants a continuation of legacy from the previous president. Legacy continuation happens only in a place where the kings and queens rule over the people. A democratic nation needs to change because people change and with people, the nation changes. Donald Trump talked about big change and maybe that is what elected him to be the president of the United States.

Besides, the United States of America is not wholly-and-solely run by one-human being sitting in the White House. Pardoning a turkey on Thanksgiving and inviting the rich and the powerful to the White House for State Dinners, is something which even The Donald can do. Most of the decisions in America are made at the state level, and hence people should not really go bonkers and must respect the decision made by Donald Trump's supporters who felt cheated and ignored for the past several years. The only way ahead is to accept Donald Trump as their president and give him a chance to perform. 

The problem is the foreign policy. The foreign policy of the world sucks today. We are just not getting it right. We continue to bomb and drone the Middle East and we continue to mistakenly kill the innocent people in the bargain. Not that we are doing anything correct right now, the only fear is leaving the foreign policy decision-making in the hands of Donald Trump. We don’t want any more wars. Live and let’s f****g live in peace. 

Canada’s immigration website crashed after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. So, for real, who all are moving to Canada? If you're moving, please tell the sexiest man alive, Justin Trudeau, that I said hi :-)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What’s in a Burkini; No, Shakespeare didn’t say that!

Made of 100% polyester, which is the recommended swimwear fabric, burkinis shouldn't have stirred a controversy it did, because it perfectly fits the global recommended swimwear fabric specifications. I agree that every place has its own dress code, and there's also a dress code for swimmers...but a dress code which bans modest dressing is absolute b***s**t. Two pieces, one piece, or no piece bikinis look pretty cool and are comfortable too, but that doesn't give anyone or any government official the right to impose a blanket ban on modest full-piece swimwear. Sorry France, you may be the world’s most fashionable country, but that doesn’t mean you go around minding other people’s clothing line because that’s none of your business. And even more, it doesn’t suit a democratic country that boasts about its freedom and equal rights to be going around telling people how much of skin-show is required to go to the beach…because that makes you no different from the nation that does not allow its women to drive.

Mayors in France, not surprisingly all male, banned burkinis reasoning that women who wore burkinis were forced to wear it out of compulsion and saw them as victims. Even French Presidential candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, called for a nationwide ban on burkinis saying he is a defender of French values. So first, you have some male mayors who read minds of women, especially minority Muslim women, and think they exactly know what women want; and then you have a presidential candidate who makes swimwear the most pressing issue of running for office. And yeah, France, Bonjour and all that, but when did skin-show and swimwear become a marker of French values? Shouldn’t it be freedom of speech, equality, fraternity, liberty, and solidarity?

Photos of a burkini wearing woman surrounded by armed policemen on the beach telling her to remove her outer garment are what drew the world's attention to France's shameful and politically motivated burkini ban. Why is a woman in a burqa or hijab seen as a threat? As if she has some guns and ammunition hidden under her outer garments that are waiting to explode. So far, women wearing a burqa or hijab have never exploded anything. In fact, folks wearing three-piece suits, airstrike and carpet bomb nations killing thousands of civilians, children, humanitarian workers; exploding hospitals and we see it happening in Syria as I write. 

Even France's Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, resurrected France's national symbol - the figure of Marianne - to support a claim that women who bare their breasts are the ones who are representative of the French ethos than those who wear a veil. But mind you, Marianne also wore modest clothing in her days, if mentioning that is going to change ignorant minds. I respect Marianne for her style, but every woman is not Marianne. We live in a global village...we live in a digital world, in which it is impossible to live in your own nation’s cocoon ignorant of the cultures and ethos in the rest of the world. Which world do you live in, Mr. Valls?

Looks like the only logical lawmaker in France is France's president Hollande who fought against the sexist and Islamophobic burkini ban. And also the highest courts in France which suspended the totalitarian ban on burkinis, thus doing a sensible thing. Saint Ambrose's 387 A.D. famous saying, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” doesn't have any meaning in our tightly integrated global world today; we are no longer separated by borders. The main cause of terrorism and disintegration of society is because we mind other people's business more than our own. We don't let people do what they want to do and be who they want to be. Greed, politics, money, power is creating a rift among people. The powerful impose restrictions on the meek and less powerful because they just think they can.

Women are crucified for everything they do. They are taunted if they wear short revealing clothes, they are taunted for breastfeeding in public, they are taunted for wearing nothing, and now, for God sake, they are taunted for wearing full-body clothing. WTF!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Just Let Me Pee and Poop!

The world is getting chaotic day after day. ISIL openly beheads people and bombs civilian locations. Thirteen years after the invasion, Iraq is still unstable. The 'Bring Back Our Girls' campaign is just not working. Kim Jong Un has stopped grooming his hair, rather begun testing hydrogen bombs. Syrian children are dying of malnourishment. Yemen is burning in silence. Despite all that chaos, the presidential campaigns in the United States emphasizes on penis and hand sizes, discusses building a great-great wall along the U.S.- Mexican border, talks about the need to carpet bomb nations to get hold of ISIS, calls each other names like, Lyin' Ted Cruz; Crooked Hillary Clinton; Lucifer in the flesh; Dangerous Trump; Goofy Elizabeth, and what not. And then comes the ‘Bathroom Bill’ which has already been enacted in North Carolina, a law that forces individuals to use public bathrooms based on the sex identified on their birth certificate. 

I still can't digest the fact that the world's freest country has something as dumb and undemocratic as the “Bathroom Bill” that polices a place visited to empty bowels and bladders. Who would think that a country which legalizes same-sex marriage – a law that screams equality – can also pass an utterly tasteless pee and poop bill. So, now, you don’t only carry photo identification with you wherever you go, but also a birth certificate. So personally, that bans me from visiting North Carolina and Mississippi, because I don’t have my birth certificate on me. Wow!

What's wrong with the system? Do they just wake up one fine morning and decide, like, let us pass a bill that screws up the dignity and privacy of the LGBT community. Let’s pass a law that forces people to excrete at a place that we decide. And if they don't obey the law, let’s imprison them for selecting the wrong bathroom. Harassing, bullying, discrimination against the LGBTs, even in 2016, is a shame. Worse is when these laws are passed by an authority that is supposed to protect the rights, dignity, and privacy of the people. 

Authorities need to stop interfering in the lives of the people. Stop telling the people what to do, how to do it, and where to do it. The bathroom law may be discriminating against the LGBT community, but to a large extent, it affects each one of us, even if we are not members of the LGBT community. Imagine being forced to prove your gender before using a bathroom. Coming to think of it, would a robot be stationed outside every loo to check our birth certificate before we are allowed in? Or, would a lie-detector be installed, that would ask every person visiting the bathroom to disclose the sex mentioned on their birth certificate. So, if a person is identified male on their birth certificate, but they identify themselves as female, the lie-detector will frantically beep screaming, “He’s a liar,” and automatically drop a prison-like encasement around the bathroom, with pointed spikes from the top, thus disabling toilet-use. Absolutely hi-tech! We live in such a technology-enabled world, no! 

This is legalized discrimination and humiliation. This got to stop, especially in America, because the world is watching each and every move of the U.S., and a law like this one is just so shameful. Other nations are bound to emulate similar brash laws against minorities, and the world will eventually get even more chaotic. How long are we going to discriminate against minorities? It's the LGBTs today, tomorrow it will be against another minority community, and then another. 

In the meantime, I have already asked my homies in Bombay to ship my birth certificate to me. That’s just a backup plan, in case, the “Bathroom Bill” comes into effect nationwide. 

Personally, I don't care who uses the bathroom, as long as everyone who uses it knows that the toilet seat is pretty has the ability to go up and then go down.