Friday, May 6, 2016

Just Let Me Pee and Poop!

The world is getting chaotic day after day. ISIL openly beheads people and bombs civilian locations. Thirteen years after the invasion, Iraq is still unstable. The 'Bring Back Our Girls' campaign is just not working. Kim Jong Un has stopped grooming his hair, rather begun testing hydrogen bombs. Syrian children are dying of malnourishment. Yemen is burning in silence. Despite all that chaos, the presidential campaigns in the United States emphasizes on penis and hand sizes, discusses building a great-great wall along the U.S.- Mexican border, talks about the need to carpet bomb nations to get hold of ISIS, calls each other names like, Lyin' Ted Cruz; Crooked Hillary Clinton; Lucifer in the flesh; Dangerous Trump; Goofy Elizabeth, and what not. And then comes the ‘Bathroom Bill’ which has already been enacted in North Carolina, a law that forces individuals to use public bathrooms based on the sex identified on their birth certificate. 

I still can't digest the fact that the world's freest country has something as dumb and undemocratic as the “Bathroom Bill” that polices a place visited to empty bowels and bladders. Who would think that a country which legalizes same-sex marriage – a law that screams equality – can also pass an utterly tasteless pee and poop bill. So, now, you don’t only carry photo identification with you wherever you go, but also a birth certificate. So personally, that bans me from visiting North Carolina and Mississippi, because I don’t have my birth certificate on me. Wow!

What's wrong with the system? Do they just wake up one fine morning and decide, like, let us pass a bill that screws up the dignity and privacy of the LGBT community. Let’s pass a law that forces people to excrete at a place that we decide. And if they don't obey the law, let’s imprison them for selecting the wrong bathroom. Harassing, bullying, discrimination against the LGBTs, even in 2016, is a shame. Worse is when these laws are passed by an authority that is supposed to protect the rights, dignity, and privacy of the people. 

Authorities need to stop interfering in the lives of the people. Stop telling the people what to do, how to do it, and where to do it. The bathroom law may be discriminating against the LGBT community, but to a large extent, it affects each one of us, even if we are not members of the LGBT community. Imagine being forced to prove your gender before using a bathroom. Coming to think of it, would a robot be stationed outside every loo to check our birth certificate before we are allowed in? Or, would a lie-detector be installed, that would ask every person visiting the bathroom to disclose the sex mentioned on their birth certificate. So, if a person is identified male on their birth certificate, but they identify themselves as female, the lie-detector will frantically beep screaming, “He’s a liar,” and automatically drop a prison-like encasement around the bathroom, with pointed spikes from the top, thus disabling toilet-use. Absolutely hi-tech! We live in such a technology-enabled world, no! 

This is legalized discrimination and humiliation. This got to stop, especially in America, because the world is watching each and every move of the U.S., and a law like this one is just so shameful. Other nations are bound to emulate similar brash laws against minorities, and the world will eventually get even more chaotic. How long are we going to discriminate against minorities? It's the LGBTs today, tomorrow it will be against another minority community, and then another. 

In the meantime, I have already asked my homies in Bombay to ship my birth certificate to me. That’s just a backup plan, in case, the “Bathroom Bill” comes into effect nationwide. 

Personally, I don't care who uses the bathroom, as long as everyone who uses it knows that the toilet seat is pretty has the ability to go up and then go down. 


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