Friday, February 5, 2010

The dimpled youth icon of India goes local

I’m just back after escorting my sister to the airport, who departed from Mumbai this evening, on a short holiday to be part of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). Wow! I just wish I could join her to ‘Do-buy’ in Dubai, but certain commitments at hand, let this linger as my wishful thinking.After my brief airport quickie, I thought I would be able to make it to my scheduled evening lecture today…but to my misfortune I got late for that as well. Ahh…well, so I thought I should use my earned time to write my views about Rahul Gandhi’s charming & exciting stopover in Mumbai today.

Doing a somersault
Rahul Gandhi is his capacity as Congress General Secretary visited Mumbai today and was scheduled to greet students in Vile Parle in North Mumbai, and then fly in a chopper to Ghatkopar to meet the residents of a Dalit slum. But Rahul baba (the future of Indian politics) flip-flopped his entire schedule by travelling in a local train to Ghatkopar impromptu, leaving his security men and convoy baffled.

Yeah, you must be thinking, what’s the big deal if Rahul travelled in a local train… NDTV’s Barkha Dutt tweets saying, “Rahul Gandhi on the local train in Mumbai….you think any tigers will be riding with him.” There may not be any tigers riding with him (thank God for that ;-))...but his impromptu visit made a big deal, because local political thugs had declared war against Rahul and even threatened him to dare enter the city. But Rahul remained undeterred and even challenged local goons, by fearlessly walking in the city without security.

When in Mumbai, do as the Mumbaikar's do...and Rahul did just that!! Way to go Rahul!!!

India needs more of such daring people to challenge and drive away goons who are out there to divide the country on the basis of caste, creed, religion, sex and the state he/ she belongs to. We cannot simply be swayed or brainwashed by mindless people.

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pratham said...

He has proved dat he is a true gandhi scion and mearl i like wht u hve written!!!

ARUN said...

India is in "Dire Straits" because of "Brothers in arms" like Rahul n Thackarey.

Anonymous said...


Uma said...

Hi, Rahul’s visit to Mumbai and subsequently his short local train travel to showcase the challenge to Sena is nothing but a Policital gimmick. Sena’s rhetoric abt
“So called Sons of the Soil” in trying to appease the "Marathi Manoos" is another ploy to divert and hijack the city which is already plugged with so many challenges.
It is high time our politicians bury their difference and work towards nation building.
We do NOT need another 26/11 or a 26/7 (deluge) to bring out the best of Mumbai

Mearl Colaco said...

Hi Pratham, Arun, Uma,
Thanks for reading. And thanks for your inputs.

Hi 唱歌 ,
I don't understand Chinese. Could you please translate this for me so that I could reply back to you :-)

Mearl Colaco said...

Hi 唱歌,

Thanks for writing in...but the sad part is that I do not read Chinese.

Could you pls. translate this for me.

Chow, Mearl C.