Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cycle your way to a fitter you and a healthier planet. . .

We all love cycling. . . don’t we? - Whether it is cycling just for leisure, participating in a cycle race or cycling to work. This non-motor, inexpensive, pollution free, fitness vehicle is your way to a fitter you and a fitter and healthier planet.

Earth Hour 2009 just happened yesterday, the 28th Mar, when the whole world participated in the campaign towards saving our planet from the effects of global warming and climate change. All we did was switched-off our lights for one entire hour to tell our global leaders that the citizens of the world care about the planet. Hence stressing upon the fact that – ‘Boy! you need to take immediate steps to curb this disaster from destroying our planet’.

Benefits of cycling
There are so many advantages and benefits of cycling. This green vehicle, the so called ‘bi-cycle’, is the most environment friendly vehicle that the world has ever created. It needs no gas to pedal, hence it does not leave any carbon footprints.

Riding this bike can also help you look fitter and healthier. Rather than hitting the gym, cycling everyday is a fantastic stress buster and will help you look and feel good. Off course gyms do give you an option of a static bike to exercise on but a bi-cycle will help you reach your destination too– a two in one solution ;-)

Infrastructure and laws
Yes, we cannot cycle on the roads where four wheeler vehicles and heavy duty vehicles ply on. There is a need of a separate path for cyclists in the city of Mumbai and other cities who do not offer this safe and healthy option. Cycling on the frenzied overcrowded streets of Mumbai is not only difficult, but also not a safe option. This is not recommended!

As a driver of a four wheeler vehicle and a cyclist too, I can understand how irritating it can be, both to the cyclist and the driver to be plying on the same road. I can assure the authorities that if a provision is made for a separate path and a separate parking slot for cyclist in the city, you would see the change for sure. Change in the environment and change in the health of the citizens of this world is definite.

We need to draw inspiration from some countries, especially the ones in Europe, who have the infrastructure for cyclists well in place. These green-peace-lover nations not only provide but also support and persuade people to use the bi-cycle as a safe and green mode of transport.

So C’mon people, let’s tell her (Mother Earth), how much we actually love her – Go out for a spin on your bicycle!

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Stick around...because life is beautiful.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The ‘King of Pop’ is back . . .

Now, you know who I am talking about right! I need not give any introduction to whacko jacko, the ultimate music and dancing superstar who gave those fantastic hits like Bad, Billie Jean, Beat it, Man in the Mirror, Dirty Diana, Black or White, and I can go on-and-on listing those hits. Not missing out to make a mention of his super-duper hit ‘Thriller’ video-song album, where MJ scares his audience with his full moon ghostly act. My music library showcases a huge collection of MJ’s music of the 80’s, 90’s and his 2001 album called ‘Invincible’- sadly was Michael’s last album, before he went into hibernation.
Comeback Tour
And after that, MJ is back with his comeback tour ‘This is it’ in London. And as the news goes that the tickets for this tour which begins July 2009 with scheduled 50 concerts is all sold out, hence sending out a message to the music industry, organizers, music lovers and to MJ himself, that Michael, we want more of you!
Michael started his music career as a young lad at the age of seven years and from there, there was no turning back. Only wished Michael didn’t go under the knife for the plastic surgery jobs- he would have been healthier and mightier today.
Before I sign out let me leave you with the inspirational lyrics of the charity song “We are the World’ sung by Michael Jackson (MJ) and written by MJ himself and Lionel Ritchie.
We are the world,
We are the children,
We are the one to make a brighter day,
So let`s start givin`,
There`s a chance we`re takin`,
We`re takin all our lives,
It`s true we`re make it a brighter day just you and me.
So let’s think about the less fortunate people and especially children around us and do the little we can to help them. . . so please lend that hand :-)
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ragging on the pretext of “just having some fun”

Some years back during my graduation years in one of the biggest high profiled college in Mumbai, a young girl named Indu, a hostelite, made headlines in mostly all national newspapers. The newspapers drew the attention of readers towards Indu’s depressed state of mind which lead her to jump from the 3rd floor terrace of the college building.
While to simply put it, the actual reason for Indu giving up her life, was intensive ragging by her senior classmates in the hostel premises. Just to clarify the air, I am not here to defame any college or any person, but I want to make a point and stress upon the ill sides of ragging. Ragging whether done, just for fun or even if done within limits should be banned.
A young mind cannot take the torture of being defamed, spat upon, made to participate in nude shows, loosing her self respect et al. A young mind needs nourishment, should be motivated, should be empowered to make decisions and made to feel important, because she/ he is the future of this world.
Recent incident
I would like to draw your attention to this recent incident, just 2 days back, where a young, intelligent, good looking medical student, just 1 year in medical college, was ragged to death. He was tortured, made to feel like shit, slapped several times, his head was slammed on the wall, and this kind of a torture was inflicted upon him for the past 6 months. The torture was imposed by his senior classmates and it became so intensive the last 2 days that the boy died.
The boy did complain to the principal of the medical college but there was no action taken by the college to stop ragging. I can understand what the boy’s parent maybe going through at this point in time. But I would also like to tell all parents out there that if your child has made a mention about the pain he is going through, then please be proactive in trying to probe into the situation. It is very difficult to live in an atmosphere where people are out to make you feel inferior, even more for a youngster.
Imposing legal action
Ragging should be banned and this should be done by treating this act as a criminal offence and be included in the legislature. The government should take legal action against those who commit this act of ragging, even if done in the name of just having some fun. We cannot wait to discuss and action upon this until another young boy or girl is murdered in the name of “Ragging.”
So let’s come together and speak about this, so that the government takes action and imposes a ban on ragging in educational institutes and in the corporate world. The action should be taken now!!
Join the “No Ragging Foundation” on Facebook , which is a voluntary, non profit, organization working against abuse of human rights in the name of "Ragging" (known as "Hazing" in the West).
Express your support against ragging, join the group at
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Hot Topic – Vote Earth!

I picked up the subject of this blog article from a book titled “The Hot topic” by Gabrielle Walker and Sir David King. The theme of this book is “How to tackle global warming and still keep the lights on”. The content of this book is rather good, but definitely not the best book on climate change, up on the shelves.
The Inconvenient truth
Climate Change is indeed the most pressing issue we face today. The Earth is heating up and the warming effects on Earth, affects crops and climate conditions. The question is - Will we be able to make the changes needed to save our future generations from the chaos of a shifting climate?
I never really reflected on this question very seriously earlier. Like if you ask me what are my bad habits, then allow me admit a few sins - Yes, I drive it down to the vegetable market which is at a 10 min walking distance from my home. When I leave a room, I do not check to see whether the fans and lights of the room are switched off. I prefer taking a private rickshaw or a taxi rather than using the public transport. Carelessly leave the geyser switched- on. Carelessly left the refrigerator door open an entire night……et al.
But today, the concern is building up. We know exactly why, we need to be taking this matter on climate change a little too seriously. We need to grow up now!
Yes, we can!
This is a global problem and this can only be solved with global solutions. Each city, village, town in a country should take the “Save the earth” initiative very seriously. Not 100% of a country’s population is literate, hence spreading awareness through books, digitial media like the website, blogs, advertising (especially in English) on television, radio is simply not sufficient.
Think Global, Act Local
There are a huge number of people out there, who do not understand the spoken language, who do not enjoy the benefits of a good infrastructure, they do not understand what is global warming and climate change all about. We need to demonstrate to this under-privileged part of the population, through road shows, plays, theatre and to do all this, by adapting the regional language spoken there.
And this initiative can be taken forward both monetarily and intellectually by our global leaders. Our leaders need to include the “Save the Earth” initiative as a vision towards saving planet Earth from the effects of Global warming.
Earth Hour - Your light switch is your vote!
We as people can take this initiative forward by doing our little bit with some good habits, which will definitely make a difference. And yes to show that you care, you can “Vote Earth”, which is the world’s first global election between two competing parties, the Earth and Global Warming.
On March 28th, you can VOTE EARTH by switching off your lights for one hour (8:30p.m to 9:30 p.m.). Or you can vote global warming by leaving your lights on.
The results of the election are being presented at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. We want one billion votes for Earth, to tell world leaders that we have to take action against global warming.
So login to and vote for Earth, to express your solidarity and love for her.
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Walkathon . . .Come One, Come All

I am kind of going out of breath now! OK just a second, let me engulf a mouthful of air - yeah now it feels much better!
Alright, I am just back from a walkathon conducted by the nearby community in the midst of 200 participants and we all united, completed a distance of 5kms. It was a fantastic event and indeed got our adrenaline rushing.
The main purpose of the walkathon was to increase an awareness of how exercise is the key to staying fit and also stressing upon the fact that alcohol, drugs and smoking are indeed hazardous to an individuals well being.
I am sure, our message was successfully conveyed to people, because our group size of 200 participants at the beginning of the walkathon, expanded to a bigger size until we reached the finishing point. It was truly encouraging!
The walkathon was then followed by a sports event especially for kids, but since each participant was all pumped up in high spirits, everybody participated in the games.
Then, we sweated it out while playing badminton (doubles match) and yes, I will admit here that I lost all 4 matches, but believe me, I am not such a bad player. Lets engage in a badminton match some day. . . what say?
Okay, I believe, its now time to do some relaxing and lazing around a bit, because tomorrow is a Monday again . . . and you know how much I hate Monday’s because Monday’s make me think of my ever brimming and over expanding mailbox size. God save this obedient child of yours!!!
Before I sign out, I will leave you with some real motivating thoughts,
"Few people know how to take a walk. The qualifications are endurance, plain clothes, old shoes, an eye for nature, good humor, vast curiosity, good speech, good silence and nothing too much.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) U.S. poet, essayist and lecturer.
“Fitness - If it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body and mind.”
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