Friday, November 27, 2009

Born to live....

This was about a month back, when I was assigned a job to do ‘Content Analysis’ on any subject of my choice, be it political, cultural, social or related to business- the only clause was that it had to be current. I was given a short deadline of 15 days and consequently the project work had to be submitted and presented to an audience of about 50 odd people.

After a lot of thinking and scrutiny of different topics, I eventually decided to put some efforts into analyzing the issue which is still considered taboo by both the Indian civil society and the government….the topic was ‘Homosexuality’. Yeah, we all know that the government has taken a liberal stand by legalizing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) relationships by making sure that their rights are a part of the legislation (abolishing sec 377 of the IPC which criminalizes homosexuality). However authorities need to do more to build-up the acceptance of this minority community by society at large. Activities such as social advertisements, skits, road shows, cultural events can be employed to effectively propagate the message. We need to inform and educate society giving them the correct message and meaning of homosexuality....instilling in their minds that ‘Homosexuality is not a choice but it is a genetic orientation.’

Doctors are the worst informed
More than 50% of people in India are still orthodox and they simply don’t seem to understand and accept homosexual relationships. We need to target the section of society living in rural areas and educate them. And why only talk about the orthodox community....there are even some highly qualified doctors, who call homosexuality a disease. These so-called qualified elite doctors prescribe tonics, injections and also induce homosexuals to go up the aversion therapy. 

With the kind of treatment and the social stigma that homosexuals face today….they turn-up to doctors to know whether their feelings are normal or whether it needs to be treated. But doctors themselves are not informed today….a complete pity and a sorry state of affairs.

Live and let live
This reminds me of the famous fashion designer and a Big Boss 2009 contestant, Rohit Verma, who has come out in the open to reveal his sexual orientation. However, it is easier for Rohit to do so because he belongs to the elite section of infact it becomes even more uncomplicated for him since he is a celebrity. Has anyone thought about the rest of the LGBT communities who are facing humiliation and are afraid that their families do not disown them?

Rohit Verma scripted a wonderful poem (in Hindi), dedicating it to the homosexual community in India and in the world…..even more to the Indian society, telling them to accept homosexuals with open arms and stop acting indifferent towards their feelings.

Poem goes like this (in Hindi)…

Main ek dil hu...dil
Na main purush ek aurat hu
Main ek dil hu

Jo dhadakhta hain jo samajh mein...apni he banayi hui iss dhakhano ko mehsus karta hain
Ye woh bhagwan ki dain hain, jise duniya kabhi abhishaap keh deti hain, ya kabhi isko uthake mandir mein rakh deti hain

Jab kabhi baccha hota hain...issi dil ko bulate hain duaon ke liye
main ek dil hu

He says, he feels like an unwanted child....but he ends up saying he is born to live. So let us, live and let live!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The so-called ‘Letter of Intent’

Have you ever come across situations of sudden disbelief and hurt, when you are told about a verdict made by your loved one, through a third party? When I say loved one, I mean someone who could be your family, friend or for that matter the very company you work for. It's like this feeling that sets-in when a company suddenly makes an off-the-cuff announcement to its employees that its entire business unit is being sold off to a bigger and a better competitor. The sense of betrayal creeps in!

Organic growth Vs. Inorganic growth
Does your company show organic growth is the question the business world is asking. When they say organic growth, it means profits/ sales made by a company from its existing businesses, as opposed to growth that comes from buying other businesses. So, if your balance sheet shows a bursting organic growth, it means that you contribute to the GDP and this definitely is a bull run for you all the way.

But what if your company is not showing the expected organic growth results to survive? What does the company do then? As simple as it gets, the company then either thinks of striking a strategic partnership with another powerful entity through mergers & acquisitions or sells out all it owns to a more powerful listed competitor. The expansion made through this means, is what is called inorganic growth.

Being bought-out can be a nightmare
But has anyone really asked the employees what they really want. I know I am being socialistic here, but I believe, that there should be a balance of socialism and capitalism for a business to survive and to make its employees feel a sense of ownership.

Employees would certainly be in a state of shock, if they came to know that the company they work for and love so much does not owe them anymore and that, very soon someone else would take charge of what & how they would be doing things. Besides this, employees do not even know whether they would have a job or not in the first place. How disgruntled and betrayed can anyone feel?

What’s next?
When an announcement of this high decibel (of being bought out) is made, employees stop all their important jobs at hand to discuss their fate and organizational role. Although the company has promised that no employees would be affected, they begin to disbelieve the company they work for and start to ask each other questions (to which nobody has no answers) such as, will my job become redundant? would the company that has bought us - keep us?, do I need to start a job-hunt?, would we be working from the new office premises?, do I need to re-apply for my current position to the company that has bought us?, would there be a salary change?, to name a few.

Who’s going to answer all these questions…..which have no answers? It is blasphemous!!!!

This reminds me of that very famous quote by the veteran Mr. Narayana Murthy, when he said, "Love your job but never fall in love with your company, because you never know when it stops loving you"……simply so apt in today’s world.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hillary Clinton: Gets straight to the point

Hillary Clinton gets fiercely undiplomatic with the Pakistan administration, warning them to act now- against Al Qaeda and Taliban who have sheltered themselves in Pakistan - or simply collapse.

In fact, I must say that the kind of stern and straight message that Clinton exemplified with the Pakistan administration was long overdue…this was something that had to be done decades ago to prevent the bloody terrorists from cultivating in their land. No one, neither the President of the United States, Barack Obama, nor the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, had the nerves to get straight to the point and direct the Pakistan administration on what they are suppose to be doing.

Need of the hour is to get real
Hillary Clinton hits it right on target this time. I’m sure; she wanted to do this long time back but was always constrained from higher authorities from the White house. They say, in politics you need to be a diplomat….but what when people really don’t seem to understand!!!

The mess and disaster that happens on Pakistan soil is having a direct impact on the neighboring countries, especially India. Our young and selfless soldiers are fighting tooth-and-nail to protect Indian civilians from terrorists, who seem to be fed and funded by the Pakistan administration. We cannot afford to loose our soldiers, because a country cannot manage its system and be true to itself.

We are ready to help Pakistan civilians
Like we have always been saying that the Indian administration can go overboard to help the civilians of Pakistan and is ready to begin trade with the country, provided they act against Al Qaeda and Taliban first-hand. We have nothing against the people of Pakistan…indeed they are our friends. Pakistan for the moment needs to forget about the Kashmir story and do what they really need to be doing.

Contribute to the GDP
Billions of dollars is being funded by the United States to the Pakistan administration….so that they start contributing to the global GDP….so that they work towards developing the country in terms of infrastructure, R&D, education, IT, knowledge management, employment of civilians, etc. But nothing of this seems to be happening. India and Pakistan have got their independence in the same year and the rest is history. The universe reveres India for its achievements….I don’t say world but say universe because India also reached for the moon (quiet literally) and has made the biggest contributions to help NASA in its discovery mission.

They can be funny too
Recently, Pakistan accused India of funding terrorists living in their country. When I heard this……I was actually in splits. I mean, you guys can actually be incorrigible…I must say. I just wish and pray that the civilians of Pakistan do not have to live in the bloody bloodbath because of the wrong decisions made by their government.

Every single day media reports a bomb attack in Pakistan….civilians fleeing……deaths……destruction….loss of property…..something needs to be done to tackle this right now!!!

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