Friday, December 22, 2006

Ummm…….Some more Shayari's....if you don't mind....

Looking at the feedback / comments I have received from visitors of my blog and by public demand, I thought I should share with you a few more shayari’s.

Visitors of my blog have called me or wrote in to say that they loved the shayari’s on my blog, but hey…….I want to shout it out loud to all you people out there………

I have not been gifted with the talent of writing shayari’s but hey I enjoy them just as you enjoy reading them.

Below are a few more shayari’s from my collection:
Nazar mila kar hamse nazar chura na lena
Dost bana kar hamko gava na dena,
Mana ki ham door hain aapse,
Isi baat ko bahana banakar hamko bhula na dena

Khuda ne mujse kaha, bande ishq na karna,
Ishq me tu deewana ho jayega
Maine kaha, ae khuda kabhi insan banker dekh
Ishq toh khud ba khud ho jayega

Jab bhi khayal aaya toh tera aaya
Aankhe bandh ki, toh khwaab tere aaya
Socha yaad karlo khuda ko pal do pal
Honth khule toh naam tera aaya

Zindagi ki rahon mein bohot se yaar milenge
Ham kya, ham se bhi acchey hazar milenge
Inn acchon ki bhid me hamey mat bhula dena
Ham kahan tumko baar baar milenge

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Memories of my childhood days

I thought of writing about my childhood days simply because recently I met my closest childhood friend, here in Mumbai. It was such a joyful moment to see him after so many years of being out of touch. We failed to recognize each other until somebody introduced us. What a small world is this!!!!

When I look back at my childhood days, I feel I really really miss them so much. Wish they could come back to me. It’s sad that this dream of mine can never come true.

Gone Gone childhood days

Gone in so many ways
All that I have said and done
The castles we have overcome
At last you have found a friend
The sweetest voice will never end
And it echoes down the mountainside
People live and people die
Friendly face will always be
Wrapped up in my childhood days
- Bee Gees

However, I still feel like a child and I do not think I will every GROW UP!!!!

Below are a few of my pics of my childhood days. To see a larger view of the pics, click on the image.


Photo -2

Photo- 3


Photo- 5

My review on the photographs:

Photo- 1- I lost my front tooth. My hairstyle looks so pathetic!
Photo- 2 – I received my first holy communion. I pity those people who cannot tolerate one Mearl. They would now have to bear with three !!!
Photo- 3- A photo of myself dancing at a birthday party
Photo- 4 – This is dancing at a wedding. The small FATSO is Me.
Photo– 5- This is a concert in which I participated. Now you got to find me in this photograph. The person who locates me, takes away a gift hamper.