Monday, December 15, 2008

Birthday celebrations are so embarrassing!!

Birthday is a day every year…. which I am sure is special to each one of us. A day on which we receive gifts and lots of hugs & kisses from our loved ones.

It is infact a special day, filled with celebrations with friends and family, but believe me, I kind of find birthday celebrations real embarrassing and accepting gifts even more uncomfortable.

On my birthdays, I like staying away from the rest of the world. No cutting the birthday cake, no gifts, no parties, for me please. I make it a point to take a casual off from office too, because it’s kind of a ritual in office to cut the birthday cake with colleagues.

People put you in the spotlight….just because it’s your birthday. No big deal…what say!!!

Life is beautiful…but I do not see birthdays as a day where you have achieved anything…….it’s just the day which comes the same day every year. Infact, it is worthier to be in the spotlight, if you have achieved your goal with your hardwork and commitment.

But yeah…..I love celebrating birthdays of my friends and family. So the reverse is applicable.

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Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

Friday, December 5, 2008

If you think you have broken our spirits……then I think you need to get a reality check.

After the terrorist attack, the best thing that has happened to us here is India, is that each citizen of this multicultural country is strongly united and we have realized the power of being united even better.

If anybody or anyone thinks that they can divide and rule in our country, then you better get a reality check done. That’s never going to happen!!

We have seen this unity exhibited at the rally in Mumbai and other metros in India, where hundreds of people, including children and senior citizens, gathered on 3rd Dec 2008, to mourn the death of victims and martyrs and to demand security for the common man.

The common man like you and me, when united can bring about a change….a reform in the government, in the administrative system and take self ownership of our own security and the security of our brothers and sisters of this country.

This unity, undeniably tells the people who want to terrorise our country or the world, that IF YOU THINK WE ARE AFRAID THAT YOU’LL DESTROY US……..I THINK, YOU NEED TO THINK AGAIN.


Terrorism is spread by terrorists, who do not follow any religion, faith or any nationality. No religion, no holy book scriptures in the name of God, tells its believers, to kill people and terrorise the world….so that they get eternal life after death in heaven.

If the terrorists caught & found, follow a particular faith and if they belong to a particular nation, then I must say that this is a mere coincidence. They belong and follow a particular faith because they are simply born into it………probably they have never understood the word of God.

These are people, who run away from their homes to join the community or a group, who follow the RELIGION OF TERRORISM. We shouldn’t blame people who follow a particular religion and who belong to a particular country. But yes, if we have investigated that the terrorists are trained in certain hide-out locations of Pakistan, then we seek the co-operation of Pakistan to help India and the rest of the world combat the terrorists.

No democratic country can ever be involved in terrorist activity, and hence we are definite that the terrorist training camps that are taking place in Pakistan (which is a democratic country) is on a hide-out, and the training camps are being conducted without the knowledge of the government.

But, with the intervention of the government of Pakistan……………….it is easier for India and the rest of the world to combat terrorism right from its roots. WE NEED TO FINISH THEM UP COMPLETELY!!!

We are a world of billions and billions of people and this community which follows the religion of terrorism are a real small group. If each country along with their forces unite in co-operation, we can simply cease them and put each one to task by law.

India needs younger and educated team of people in the government, who are aggressive and will go to any extent to secure our country, in a positive way. Each citizen of India, should also take the onus to secure themselves and their families. And yes, the change is in process and it will happen.

We do not want anyone to sympathise with us but yes we need your support to fight our war on terrorism.

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Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

Monday, December 1, 2008

We have had enough…and can’t take this anymore..

We love our Mumbai…..We love the India we live in. India is the front runner in the global economy. Even with this economic downturn, India has managed to sustain its growth and from a developing country, India is not far from becoming a superpower developed country.

India is one of the largest democracies of the world and each citizen of this country has the right to talk and write about the people they put in power. Probably, I would have not had the guts to write this article in my blog, if India was a land of dictators.

Hence, here am I using my right to speak about matters that make me and the citizens of India watchful after the recent terrorists attack which took the whole of Mumbai and the whole of India under ransom.

We can’t take this lying down anymore…….we just CANNOT!!!.

Each citizen of India is just fed-up with the security of this country. Where on earth, are the citizens of India safe!!! We keep talking about “The Mumbai Spirit”, here in India. A serial bombing happens…..people seen mourning for a day and then we have bounced back the very next day to our normal day’s schedule. We do this because we want to keep this city alive. It is because of this attitude of the citizens of Mumbai, that our city Mumbai is a financial capital of India. Mumbai and the whole of India survives….because of its citizens….because of the common man.

I just need to tell you that we no longer can bounce back……..our spirits are in the state of coma and we just can’t take this anymore. We are afraid, to get out of our homes today. We are not sure, whether our family members would return home. We cannot see the innocent people of this country dying each day, loosing their property, money….that they have earned after a turmoil of their working years in this city.

We want a change in the system…..A change with aggressive and principled officers who will work towards making this land a safe place for locals and for foreigners.

Just a day after the terrorist attack, the government is getting a makeover. However, we need to tell you that this is not the right time for a makeover. We are bleeding at the moment and the government needs to wait before taking any such drastic steps.

We need to plan our strategy before making such hasty decisions, because this will paralyse our government, leading to more attacks.We need to put the people who attacked us to task. We need to work towards this FIRST HAND. WE NO LONGER CAN FORGIVE AND FORGET!!!

And yes, we can put the people and the countries who are supporting terrorists training and activities to task, by demanding that they better be vigilant and take action against these groups. We know the names and the so called underworld dons involved in these criminal activities…… why not just kill them. We can do this only in collaboration with other powerful nations.

We do not want a War……we want Peace!!!

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let’s Salute and be Proud of our Security Guards…….Jai Hind!

The Wednesday, 26th Nov 2008, 9:30 p.m., was when our city Mumbai was attacked by terrorists, who had no religion, no faith and no nationality. But the terrorists who disrupted normal life in India until today, the 29th Nov 2008, 8a.m., definitely were cold-blooded and ruthless. Their only motive was to disrupt the fast paced life of our city Mumbai and terrorise the citizens of India and people all over the world.

They used Mumbai, India as a soft target to show their audacity and power to the rest of the world. We need to fight these terrorists together and in collaboration with countries all over the world. We need to bloody finish them up completely.

The National Security Guards (NSG), the Indian Army and the Police Officers have saved the lives of citizens and innocent civilians, by taking charge of the situation at the right time. We salute each one of our soldiers for their selfless work and we especially thank all those martyred soldiers for sacrificing their lives for the sake of our country.


The situation is like this- terrorist attack, the country retaliates and the chapter is closed until the next terrorist assault strikes. We need to act right now and try to understand why this is happening. And we cannot fight the terrorists alone, this should be a global collaborative effort.

We need to become sharper and outsmart the terrorist, thus finishing them from the root.

The terrorists are taking random countries at ransom……the attack at Mumbai being the deadliest and the most horrifying. The innocent civilians have been stripped of their lives because of these ghastly attacks, over and over again.

As said by Charles Darwin, "In the long history of humankind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed."

So let us fight this war on terror together and in collaboration.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

It’s tough creating a lasting first impression……you got to be real!!

I have been working for a few years now and have met and listened to a few CEO’s earlier in my career span. Each one creates their impact on you with their own style and motivational statements. Though, not forgetting to mention here that these statements lasts in your mind for a mere few minutes and that’s it………BOOM………everything heard then simply evaporates!!

In the morning of 21st Nov 2008, when I entered office, I was informed that the CEO would visit our Mumbai office and address each one of us for a brief 15 mins. This was the first time the CEO was visiting Mumbai, India and I was looking forward to his first impression.
Each employee, was told to remain seated at their own desk, since the CEO would like to say hello to each employee at his/her desk. Oh-My-Goodness me……..please spare me, with these childish instructions. We are not school children any longer…C’mon lets grow up!!
As Jack Welch says, "I think that ideally that is how a company works. It becomes a place of ideas, not a place of position."
I was just thinking to myself, that here is another OH-SO-REHEARSED speech, that I would have to put up with.
Okay, the moment came..…….the CEO walked into our office and greeted each one of us. Each employee including myself, showcased a big fat smile…….
The Turning point
The CEO’s addressal speech began and this was the turning point. The best thing about the speech was to concise the global organisation’s performance, achievements and plans for the future, in all that we do, in a mere 15 mins. This was truly commendable!!!
They say, it is easier to write and orate a lengthy speech. The art of your caliber, potential and vision is judged when you can précis write your lengthy speech……at the same time covering all aspects of the global organization.
No mention of all those motivational jargons made the speech even more extraordinary, real and effective. Infact it did not look rehearsed at all. I felt here is a man who is an intellect, down to earth, who shows his concern for planet earth and its environment and shows his concern for the people of the organization. He is no Manager, he is a Leader in true sense.
As the saying goes, "The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all direction."
Here is the three step success formula:
  1. It starts with increasing your awareness.
  2. With increased awareness comes better choices.
  3. And with better choices come better results.

Every minute and every second of our being on earth, we are consciously and unintentionally creating a first impression. We just need to be sure, that we be real and be just the way we normally are. Believe me, you will create a FANTASTIC IMPRESSION for simply being yourself.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Indian flag is flying high on the moon…Wow!!!

I am sure you are as excited as I am, about India’s first mission to the moon. I have been tracking the unmanned Chandrayaan-I spacecraft since its successful launch on 22nd Oct 2008.
Since my childhood days, I have been very passionate about the moon. If anybody ever asked me then, about what is that extra-ordinary thing you would like to do in life, my answer would instantly be “I want to go to the moon”.
Even today, my dream remains intact. But offcourse today, I understand that this extra-ordinary dream will always remain unfulfilled.
However, it makes me proud and I am in a complete state of exhilaration, that India has successfully landed on the moon and the spacecraft has hoisted the Indian flag on the moon on Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday, the 14th Nov 2008 at 8:31p.m IST, which is also celebrated as Children’s Day in India.
I happened to be doing a show on radio on 14th Nov 2008 and my entire show script only talked about India’s mission to the moon and I was the lucky one to give live updates of the Chandrayaan to my listeners on air.
India is the 4th country after US, Russia, European Space Agency to successfully launch its mission to the moon. It makes me say only one thing….WOW, we finally did it!!!
Highlights of the Chandrayaan-I spacecraft
  • Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) have designed, developed and conceptualized the Chandrayaan.
  • It is an unmanned vehicle to the moon.
  • Weighing 1,380 kg at launch and 675 kg at lunar orbit.
  • The Chandrayaan-I spacecraft cost ISRO Rs. 386 crores only, which is said to be the most reasonably priced spacecraft, as compared to the other spacecrafts launched to the moon.
  • It was launched on 22nd Oct 2008 and is India’s first mission to the moon.
  • The box-shaped 35-kg moon impact probe (MIP), with the colours of the Indian flag painted on its four sides, detached itself from the spacecraft and touched down on the lunar surface on 14th Nov 2008 at 08:31 p.m.
  • The Chandrayaan will continue to orbit the moon for the next 2 years.

Did you know

The moon is approximately 400,000kms away from the earth. Using the earth’s rotational energy, the moon propels itself higher in the orbit each year, hence moving farther away.

It is said that, when the moon was formed, it was only 22,530kms away from the earth. Today it is 400,000kms away from the earth. It is believed that the moon used to be a part of the earth, however gradually due to certain reaction it got separated from earth.

There is an existence of gravitational force between earth and moon due to which moon revolves around the earth. The moon does not have the light of its own, however it gets its light from the sun. It is because of the sunlight, that we see light emerging out of the moon.

14th Nov 2008 is a day written in history, a day when India left its footprints on the moon. It is really wonderful to see India catching up with the rest of the world.

We salute you India…..Sare Jahaan Se Accha, Hindustan Hamara.

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Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

Friday, November 7, 2008

A perfect solution to illiteracy in India – “You”

YOU…….I mean you my friends, can now help India eradicate illiteracy by dedicating only 2 hours of your time per week to teach the less fortunate children of India.

In India, the adult literacy rate is 61.3% and the youth literacy rate is 73.3%. We need to work towards making this 100%. The children are the future of the world and our future lies in their hands.

They need to have the basic education to move ahead in life. As the great Albert Einstein said, "Bear in mind that the wonderful things you learn in your schools are the work of many generations. All this is put in your hands as your inheritance in order that you may receive it, honor it, add to it, and one day faithfully hand it on to your children.

So lets come together and share the knowledge that we have inherited from our teachers and professors and pass it down to the underprivileged children of the world.

Teach India is a social initiative from the Times of India that brings together children in need of education and people who can contribute a little time towards teaching them. The cause of Teach India is plain and simple...they believe that the power of one person working for educational reform is significant, but the power of many is infinite. How true!!!

My student Gautami, who is now a genious

I was introduced to the Teach India initiative by one of my colleague. He sent me an email about this initiative which actually touched my heart. Honestly, I was waiting for an opportunity like this which will give me a chance to contribute to society, but I did not know whom to approach.

Finally, Teach India an initiative launched by a renowned organization the Times of India, is something which I can trust and through whom I can do something for the betterment of society and our country as a whole.

Each one of us is running in a rat race of building our own careers. Yes, it is important, infact it is very important……………..but I believe contributing to a social cause will help us remain grounded and will make us more aware of our surroundings.

And what better way that this one…….what say?

How to apply
The selection procedures for part time teachers is very stringent & rigorous. If you are interested, you can fill up the application form which is available on the Teach for India website and submit the form along with your CV and application letter to with the subject title: TFI APPLICATION_[YOUR LAST NAME_YOUR FIRST NAME].

For application details, click
To download application form, click

And if you meet the selection criteria of Teach India, you will be honored with the opportunity to do a little bit for the welfare of our society.

I have submitted my application already and I am keeping my fingers crossed….I just hope I am selected.

So let’s join the movement and end educational inequality in India.

If you have your views/ comments/ queries, you can write to me at or leave your inputs in the comments tab below.

Remember, “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”

Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So….What’s your Style?

People confuse Fashion with Style. They are two different things altogether. Fashion is something that you can learn, cultivate and something that you can buy. But Style is something that you are born with…something you possess in your genes.
You can buy the most fashionable accessories and clothing but if you cannot carry them…….you will feel & look out of place.
If something looks good on your colleague, a movie star, a model, a friend, or someone you envy, it’s not necessary it will look good on you as well. You need to identify your body type and then flatter it to the maximum with the right stuff.
Sometimes you need to take some risks. One should try something really different, something outside your comfort zone. Something funky and fun. By doing this, you'll find out something new an amazing about yourself, and this is what style is all about. Try it may become a trend setter for others to follow.
My Style
“Comfort & Simplicity” is what is my styling funda.
I am always up to mixing & matching my clothes, accessories, shoes/ slipper’s etc. I actually fancy skirts and jeans….they are my all time favorite. Red, pink, blue, green, black, white are my favourite colors.
Shopping…… something I just really hate doing! I wish the shops could visit me and ask me to make my selection. I know shopping is a ladies best pass time….but maybe I am the odd one out. But yeah……let me mention here that I love buying my own stuff because I know my style. Shopping - it even takes me 2-3hrs at times, maybe to simply buy one top. That’s why I love shopping alone.
Make-up is a completely No-No for me…..I look too dressed up with the foundations, lipstick, rouge, mascara etc. I only wear black kohl and lip balm. Accessories is too the minimum…yeah but I love accessorising.
And if you ask me….what I am most comfortable wearing?.... then let me tell you that I am most comfortable in my night-wear which is a set of pajamas and a loose loose T-shirt. Its gets even better, if the T-shirt has some holes and is actually discolored…;-)
Yeah, let me also mention that I do not discard my good fitting clothes so easily. Two reasons, one I am very possessive about them and second, these clothes act as my shape indicators…..if I do not fit into them -3-4yrs down the line…it surely warns me to workout even more rigorously.
“Fashions fades, but style is eternal.”
If you want to give me your styling fundas, you can write to me at or leave your inputs in the comments tab below.
Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself, God Bless and don’t forget to Always keep it stylish!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Stupid Common Man…….the so called Aam Aadmi*

The image depicts the Common Man - drawn by Laxman
The common man of India is not over-reacting to the current circumstances in India. Each one of us infact is terrified with the several blasts that have shattered busy metros/ cities in India. We are afraid and helpless and we the so called “common man” cannot do anything to prevent this from happening.

We feel powerless!!!

The recent bomb blasts in Ahmedabad, Jaipur, New Delhi, Mumbai, Malegoan have traumatized each citizen of this country - each common man of this country. When we go out of our home on our daily voyage, we are not sure, whether we will return home at all……..or even if we return home, would we be back in one piece.

Is it that the group of people causing this destruction in India is smarter and intelligent than the Indian police and the so called state authorities?

This is an earnest call to the state authorities, the various democratic parties in India, to come together and fight this war against terror.

We cannot afford to play politics on this subject of terror. We need to place our grudges, personal wars aside and collectively and mutually destroy the terrorists group. These terrorists communities are fundamentally trying to disintegrate our unity to destroy India. They are essentially banking on our politically rivalry amongst each other – our hatred towards each other, to play their terror games.

As said by Mahatma Gandhi, "Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking."

This article of mine is inspired from the movie “A Wednesday” which is a remarkable film with theatre at its best. It talks about how we have been allowing these attacks to happen in our country without rectifying the problem till today.

In nervousness and extreme anxiety, the common man someday will be forced to take law in his hand. And this would lead to chaos in the country!

If you are an Indian and you haven’t seen the movie yet……I persuade you to go and watch it….its a fantastic film. And even if you cannot comprehend Hindi, I still persuade you to grab a DVD of this film with an English subtitle.

If you have your views on this situation in India, you can write to me at or leave your inputs in the comments tab below.

Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself, God Bless and

Remember, “By union the smallest states thrive. By discord the greatest are destroyed.”

*Aam Aadmi (Hindi)– Its means the “Common Man”

Monday, October 6, 2008

Why are Christians in India being victimised?

Peace loving Christian population in India, which constitute a mere 2.3% of the Indian population are being persecuted and victimized since Dec 2007 and the situation is not getting any better even today.

Each day there is news flashing on all newspapers and displayed on prime time television that Christian churches are wrecked, holy statues are broken down, Christians are beaten and burnt alive……my question is, Why are Christians harassed for being Christians????
Faith under attack
Faith is under attack here in India. We should be ashamed of the way we treat our Catholic brothers and sisters in India……but the feeling of guilt and shame will only be felt if you have a conscious. It is obvious that the people who are causing this kind of disharmony amongst the citizens of India are without a conscious or should I say they are deceiving their soul.

An individual can decide which faith he wants to follow. Whether he follows Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity or Buddhism, it is the faith that an individual wants to believe in. No-one and No-body can stop him/ her from following his/ her faith.

Yes, even I believe that forceful conversion is against the law and should be punished. However, if an individual wants to convert willingly - of his own conscious, of his own mind… one can stop this from happening…..neither you, nor me, nor anybody from the centre and the state authorities.
The Centre is humiliated
The centre is ashamed of the situation more because they are terrified of what people in the international arena’s will think about India which today is a liberalized country…..a country which thinks global…..a country which is in the pipeline of signing the nuclear deal……The centre is asking themselves questions like, “Would we loose our face internationally”, “Would we loose trade/ commerce with other countries?”
Has anybody asked the citizens of the country, the victims of this bloody attack on Christians, how do they feel? Do they feel secure living in the country which penalizes people for following their faith?

My views in a layman’s perspective
As mentioned earlier, faith is something that a person is grown up with. In some cases, an individual is born in one faith and then moves on to believe in another because he/she believes that a particular faith gives her the peace of mind and happiness.

Infact, we should be happy that a particular faith makes people happy and content….whether an individual follows Faith A or follows Faith B is not something that anybody has the right to question. India and WE Indians should be proud that we have so many cultures, faiths, traditions, ethnicities, because of all this variety…India is diverse and this is what makes us different for the rest of the world.

The girl who does the household chores at my residence is born in a Hindu family. At the age of 18, she ALSO started believing in the Christian faith? She just has one thing to say that she sees no difference in the two faiths that she follows. Both the faiths teach the same thing….to love your brothers and sisters and live and let live in harmony.

I envy this girl…..I feel she is really lucky to be able to follow two faiths in her one being.

The centre needs to take an immediate action now before the situation goes completely out of control. It needs to call a meeting with the persecutors and ask them what is their motive behind their horrific act and punish the defaulters for their cruelty.

"Religions die when they are proved to be true."

If you have your views on this situation in India, you can write to me at or leave your inputs in the comments tab below.

Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself, God Bless and Remember, “You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.”, so Keep The Faith Always!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

“EXERCISE” – Your Investment to Good Health

Open the newspapers today and you will find a supplement to “fitness mantras”….Switch on the TV and you will find an exclusive “good health” show telecast….Tune in to radio and you are forced to listen to the R.J. giving you fitness tips or probably an on-air broadcast show on exercise and its benefits….

Let me first clear the air….……I do not intend to blog about how to stay fit!! I am sure the radio stations, telecasters, and print media have contributed enough and you and me by now know the tricks of the trait.

My experiences
I only wish to share with you my personal experiences….I was one of those kinds who never really moved my butt to go that extra mile (just to specify here….where working out is concerned)…..I always wished “Fitness came in a bottle.”

But then one day the fitness bug bit me too and I am glad it did. It has been 3-4yrs since I have been working out and believe me it’s a DRUG. Although I am not a hard core gym freak or someone who works out to build those muscles and curves, I do that little bit…

My idea to fitness is simple…..sweat it out with 45mins jogging ritual (5 times a week), eat very well stressing on home food (no compromises), at times feast on fast food but within a limit, sleep well (they say, 8hours of sleep is a must….make sure you wake up before sunshine…but this is a kind of difficult, a day has only 24 hrs).

Forms of Exercises,

  • Hitting it in the gym with muscle building workouts, running on the treadmill.
  • Sports such as squash, badminton, lawn tennis are another form of exercises.
  • Cycling is simply fantastic for the abdomen muscles, thighs and legs.
  • Hitting it on the roads- jogging, walking and running.
  • The so called “Aerobics”, which I believe is nothing but simply jumping up and down……I remember a saying by Rita Rudner here, The word aerobics came about when the gym instructors got together and said, "If we're going to charge $10 an hour, we can't call it jumping up and down."
  • Yoga is good too.


Exercise needs a lot of commitment…… is a continous process. You cannot go on one day and then take a break of 10 days until you set out for your next session. The only difficult time for me when I think of exercise is the time that I wake up and I wish I could squeeze in another 30 mins of sleep until the time I get out of my home.

But, the fresh morning air, the open sky and empty roads (which is rare to see in Mumbai) sets my pulse racing. Since, I do not like the claustrophobic and static gym environment, I like hitting it on the roads…jogging and brisk walking…

Hope I managed to get your pulse racing!!! If you haven’t started exercising yet…please do so NOW… not wait until the 1st day of the next month to begin your workout regimen…believe me it never really works that way.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Until my next article, as I always say…..take very good care of yourself, God bless and make a healthy investment!!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

People driving around in Mumbai should be awarded an Oscar’s…..

Mumbai…Mumbai…..Mumbai, a city that never sleeps, a city whose roads are always buzzing with traffic honks (at times, you cannot even hear yourself), a city suffering from chaotic traffic…….but even with all this, Mumbai is a city that rocks….there is no other place in India like Mumbai!!!!

Ask any Mumbaite (the guys/ gals born and brought up here) to live in any other city/ metro/ town in India, the answer would be NA NA. If you ask me, I will definitely give you the same answer.

Well I can survive in a place outside Mumbai for maybe 5-6 days or maybe 15 days maximum but beyond that, I tend to get nostalgic. I tried to figure out what is it that makes me like this city so much……but I never really found a concrete answer.

Okay now, before I get carried over further, talking passionately about Mumbai, let me get to the point on why my blog article carries the title “People driving around in Mumbai should be awarded an Oscar’s”.

It’s been 9 months since I have been driving around on Mumbai roads and I want to say that one needs to drive in Mumbai, like people out there are trying to kill you.…..let me explain that!

Driving around on Mumbai roads during peak hours i.e. the mornings after 8 a.m and evenings after 5p.m, you will exactly understand what I am trying to say. At this prime time, you will see roads cluttered with cars, buses, tractors, dumpers, 2 wheeler bikes, cycles, auto rickshaws, vans, and yeah, how can I forget mentioning the million people walking on same roads.

The bus drivers feel that they own the roads…you dare try to take over or don’t move aside to allow them pass by, you had it badly…….leading you to frustration, anger and embarrassment. I have taken a pledge, that if I see a bus in close vicinity, I will make way for it to go by...…….and maybe in the bargain, even salute the bus driver for his rash driving skills….

The other set of irritant drivers are the two wheeler motorbikers. God!!!, these guys pop up from the right and left sides and simply zoom brushing against your vehicle……Rather than fuming at these bikers, I pity them for putting their lives at such big risks just to enjoy a little bit of pleasure of racing and enjoy some fresh air..…just need to tell all you bikers out there, Don't put your life on the line. Think safety first!

I remember the guy who thought me to drive…..always told me that if you can drive in Mumbai, you will be able to drive anywhere in the world. Yeah, it is a kind of a great experience driving in and around Mumbai but that’s only if you are an occasional driver and have to drive a short distance.

My heart goes out to those thousands of people who have to drive across the same roads everyday and who drive long distance. It can actually be frustrating at times, especially when you don’t have good company…it gets even more boring!! While for those of you who do not drive, you too are missing out on this come join the gang, this is an invitation!

Would have to wind up here…but before doing that let me leave you with these sayings, “Safety can distinguish you. Lack of safety can extinguish you”, “Safety gear -- 2 minutes ... Risk assessment -- 5 minutes ... A mishap that takes a life -- forever.”

So Don't put your life on the line. Think safety!!!

Until my next article, take very good care of yourself, God bless and Drive safe!!!

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

No influence is so powerful as that of the MOTHER….

It is difficult for me and I believe for many of you reading this article, to express our love for our Mother.
We almost everytime take her selfless and unconditional love for granted. We just seem to think that the love that our mother shows for us in her words and actions are just suppose to be that way.
Mom’s do not express their love for us because they are compelled to take care of us or be that way…..but their love for us is simply so natural and so pure.
Sometimes, it makes me think, how can Mom’s be the way they are…..what makes them so selfless towards their children. No matter how old her son/ daughter may be, he will always remain a child for her and a Mother will dedicate her whole self for her child.
The whole world celebrates Mother’s day once every year. We express our love for our Mother on that one day….if you ask me, everyday should be celebrated as Mother’s day.
In India, Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year.
Here is a excerpt of a poetry, not only for Mom’s on Mother’s Day but for Mom’s who are there for us each day of our life.
If I have never said thank you for bringing me into the world I'd like to do that now. Thanks for always helping me to remember what is important in life... and today it is you! Mom..................You're the best! Thanks for all you do. Thank you for always being there, Mom. There's never been a minute I wasn't glad you were my Mom. If there was a day for everything you have given to me as a mother, it would be Mother's Day every day.

Some real inspiring quotes from famous people about A Mother,
“My mother's love for me was so great I have worked hard to justify it.” - Marc Chagall
“All I am I owe to my mother.” - George Washington, first U.S. president
"I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life". - Abraham Lincoln
"She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn't take them along."- Margaret Culkin Banning
"God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers." - Jewish Proverb

That's my Mom.....can't say anything more..
When your mom tells you something……..deep down there in her heart, she believes that it is right for you…….so an advice, if you go by your mom’s instincts, you will never go wrong in life. Remember, Nobody can take a Mother’s place in your life!
That’s a little I have written about Mother’s love keeping my mom in perspective…..if you have any feedback or comments, do write to me at or you can post your comments below.
Until my next article, take very good care of yourself and God Bless.
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Batman - The Dark Knight (2008) can't miss watching this movie

A picture of Heath Ledger as the Joker in "The Dark Knight." Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Last 2 weeks were real busy and hence I did not find the time to blog. For those of you who visited my blog and did not find anything new.....I apologise and at the same time thank you for visiting my blog.

I had my cousins home last weekend and although initially I made many plans to take them out, all didn't work out well, because it was raining real hard in Mumbai.

I actualy didn't know what to do, so we ended up in a multiplex (Movie Theatre) and for the first time, I watched two movies on one single day back to back.

The movie which I watched and thouroughly enjoyed is Batman- The Dark Knight. A Super-Duper film and I recommend you go and watch this will enjoy it for sure.

This is one of the best Batman movies I have ever seen. The Joker who is the bad boy (the so called Villian) in the film has done a good job...Kudos to late Heath Ledger's who inacted the role of the Joker. It is sad that this was Heath Ledger's last performance.
That's Batwoman for you.....The woman power!!!

This movie actually blew me away. There are some fantastic dialogues in the film, here are a few I can recollect,

  1. The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming!
  2. If you're good at something, never do it for free.
  3. The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules. And tonight you're gonna break your one rule.
  4. I use a knife because guns are too quick. Otherwise, you can't savor all the emotions. You know who people are in their last moments.
  5. You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
  6. You see, nobody panics when things go according to plan. Even if the plan is horrifying. If I told people that a gangbanger was going to get shot, or a busload of soldiers was going to get blown up, nobody would panic. It's all part of the plan. But tell people that one tiny little mayor is going to die and everyone loses their minds! Sometimes, truth isn't good enough, sometimes people deserve more.
  7. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded.
So if you haven't watched this film are missing on something...A fanstastic story telling by Nolan....and a complete thriller...

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Until my next article, take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

Hakuna Matata!!!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Being an R.J. doesn't get better than this!!

“Hello people……Good morning, Namaste, Salaam Mumbai…….you are tuned in to MUST RADIO on the Evening drive with your host and dost for this evening Simply Mearl.”

This is how I start all my shows on radio…..The best part about radio is that it allows me to be myself. You can be fun, speak to different enthusiastic people/ callers from different walks of life.

In a corporate lifestyle, its good enough but you just do not get an opportunity to be fun all the while. You are forced to maintain decorum in office and get used to people with different attitudes vis-à-vis Radio.

Not all days are exciting and bright and there is nothing big always happening in the city to talk about on Radio. But you need to CREATE excitement for your listeners.

As an R.J., you need to make believe, you need to create exciting and interesting stuff to talk about each and every day. There is no DULL day!!!!

You need to know who your target audience is, are they people who are driving to work, are they students, are they people driving back from work, etc., and then set your script accordingly.

And I must admit, I am still learning.....but as they say practice makes a person I will get there someday for sure.

Before I end this article, I would like to ask you a question “Are there any limits? Absolutely not! We are unlimited beings. We have no ceiling. The capabilities and the talents and the gifts and the power that is within every single individual that is on the planet, is UNLIMITED - as said by Michael Bernard Beckwith

So believe in yourself, be strong, never give up no matter what the circumstances are. You are the champion and will overcome the dreaded obstacles. Champions take failure as a learning opportunity, so take in all you can, and run with it. Be your best and don't EVER EVER give up.
Until my next article, as I always say, take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My second trip got even better!!

Photo: With colleagues (click on the image to see a bigger view)

I was hoping hard that the training programme which I was scheduled to attend in Jun 2008 would be conducted at a place that I haven't visited.

Photo: With family (click on the image to see a bigger view)
But to my suprise, the training was scheduled in Dubai, a place I had been to and done all the sight-seeing. A place I had explored and enjoyed to my hearts content.

There was nothing more I could or wanted to do in Dubai. However, I must mention and say it loud that this trip got even better!!!!

If you ask me why, I would not be able to answer that question but yes maybe because I got to meet up with family, friends, & colleagues AGAIN.

Then again, the training was enriching and the classroom atmosphere was lively which made the whole programme worthwhile and complete fun. Apart from the training, the project manager organised a Desert Safari and took the participants to the best food joints for our lunches. Although, I must confess here that I do not very much enjoy continental food....but hey! Food is not all that you look forward to at the lunch table na!!

Photo: That's myself and Neeta (a good friend and colleague) on the Quad bike

The Desert Safari was fun.....the Dune bashing was like a roller coaster ride for me and real scary this time around. I am still in doubt whether the car driver was in proper state of mind or not????? I think not...because we got stuck in the sands almost 4 times and everytime we asked the driver what went wrong? The standard answer was....that due to the winds the sand dunes changed positions/ locations/ size/ or whatever.

Isn't this a creapy excuse!!! Hope he is not reading my blog....otherwise that guy will kill me for sure...hehehehehehhe LOL

However to make up for the bad dune bashing experience......we had a great time at the camp. The belly dancer was simply beautiful and so very very graceful. She picked on a few of my colleagues and each one was at their best with a little bit of their movers and shakers.

I will end over here. So until my next article, as I always say...take very good care of yourself and God bless!

Jiyo (live life), Khush raho (be happy), Muskurao (smile always).....Muaaahhh...

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mogambo khush hua!!!......Here are a few of my all time favourite Hindi film dialogues

Vijay Dinanath Chauhan ishstyle ;-) - Total filmi!!!

Having been born and brought up in Mumbai, a place which is home to the world's largest film industry namely Bollywood, I must say each Mumbaite unknowingly cracks filmi dialogues in his/her dialy conversations. We speak Hinglish in Mumbai, which is the city's self created language which has flavours of both Hindi and English dialects.
Bollywood churns up more films annually as compared to Hollywood and other film industries in the world. No wonder, the popularity of this film industry is on a rise, not just in India but also abroad.
Here are a few film dialogues - some of them inspirational, some funny......Enjoy!!!
  1. Hamari zindagi bhi hamare hindi filmon ke jaisa hi hai.. jaha pe end mein sab kuch theek ho jaata hai.. "Happies Endings".. Lekin agar End mein sab kuch theek na ho to woh the end nahi hain.... Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!!! - Film: Om Shanti Om
  2. Kitni shiddat se tumhe paane ki koshish ki hain.. Ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai..Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko agar dil se chaho to saari kainath tumhe usse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai..- Film: Om Shanti Om
  3. Kabhie Kabhie kuch jitne ke liye kuch haarna padta hain aur haar kar jitne wale ko baazigar kehte hai! - Film: Bazigar
  4. Mohabbat bhi zindagi ki tarah hota hai, jiska har mod aasan nahi hota. Har mod per khushi nahi milti. Per jab ham zindagi ka saat nahi chorte. To ham mohhabat ka saat kyon chorein. - Film: Mohabatein
  5. Zindagi mein kuch banna ho, kuch hasil karna ho, kuch jeetna ho, toh hamesha apne dil ki suno. Aur agar dil se bhi koi jawaab na aaye, toh apni aankhein band karke apni maa aur baba ka naam lo, phir dekhna tum har manzil paa sakoge. har mushkil aasan ho jayegi. Jeet tumhari hogi....sirf tumhari!!
  6. Tumhe aisa kyun lagatha hai ki duniya ki sari museebatein tumhari kamzor kandhon par hain...bhagwan ki pooja karne ka kya fayeda jab uski di hui zindagi ki kadar na ki jaye. Jiyo, khush raho, muskarao..kya pata kal ho na ho!! - Film: Kal ho na ho
  7. Bade bade desho mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain..- Film: Bazigar
  8. dunai bohot chhoti hain re! - Film: Anand
  9. Mooche ho to Nathulal jaise ho….warna na ho! - Film: Sharabi
  10. Jiyo, Khush raho, muskurao....kya pata kal ho na ho [I would like to translate this quote in English: Live life, be happy, smile always....what if tomorrow never comes]

If you want to share with me some interesting film dialogues, maybe from Hollywood, Bollywood or may it be from films in your country, do share them with me by writing to or you can add your comments below.

Until my next article, as I always say, take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A memorable and adventurous trip

Recently I visited Dubai to attend a company training. It was a 3-day training program, however since my relatives and friends are living in Dubai, I left 2 days in advance and stayed over at their place. I visited various places like the Emirates mall, Hyper Panda mall, The Global village, Sharjah, Burj Dubai, dined at some good restaurants in Dubai. It was real good fun and the best part of it was a weekend in Dubai and the crowd was simply fantastic and to add to the fun, the weather was pleasant!!!

After all the fun and frolic with family, I had to get a little serious since I had my training scheduled for the next few days.....however must say the workshop was real good fun as well.

It was a working day and a friend in Dubai arranged a four hour Dubai bus tour for me. A big hug from me to her for this wonderful arrangement. The tour bus and the amazing tour guide (she talked about the history of Dubai and also of the many wives the King had...hehehehehhe) showed us places such as the Meena Bazar (I will tell you why this is first in my list...), Burj Al Arab, Jumeriah Mosque, Dubai Creek, Dubai Museum.

Must say that we toured quite a few places in that span of 4hrs. I bought a nice looking stuffed camel from the Dubai museum which sat and stood as required....I bought it for DHS 40. I kept this sweet looking stuffed camel who I named "Sahraa" (Urdu term which means Desert ) on the rack in the tour bus and sat comfortably in the bus until our next site seeing point "The Meena Bazar".....a place for cheap gold (here gold is sold at cost of gold minus the labour cost). We were given 30 mins at this spot.

Myself and my bus partner (a lady from Australia) went around Meena Bazar. We reached back to the meeting point (suggested by our tour guide) in 20mins. Since we had 10mins more, this lady from Australia asked me to accompany her to a restaurant since she was hungry and wanted to pick a chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich took so much time to get ready...until then we missed our bus. The worst of it all.....I lost my sweet little camel in that bus. '

Both myself and my partner were first time visitors in Dubai and we were real scared. Without giving our relatives, friends or colleagues any trouble, we got into a cab and reached back to our respective hotels. Thank god for that!!!!

As soon as I reached the hotel, the first thing I did was contacted the tour bus services and blasted at them for not waiting.....agreed it was my fault, but what a big deal......and then I patiently inquired about Sahraa (remember my camel)......only to realise that Sahraa was stolen away....

Finally my training was over and on the last day each participant and our trainer was treated at the Desert Safari which was a wonderful experience. The Dune bashing was amazing....yeah but I must mention here that I was holding a plastic bag in my hand when the dune bashing was happening.....but thank my stars I didn't throw up. At the camp in the desert, we had the belly dancer take on the stage and call people up to accompany her....I must mention my colleague who was also our Trainer was one of the best dancers at that camp.

Anyway I have another trip to Dubai scheduled mid Jun this year and I will search pillar to post to find my Sahraa, if not her then atleat someone who looks like her...

I must end by saying that these twists and turns are required in life, otherwise life gets very monotonous.....what say!!!

Thank you for reading....I hope I did not bore you with my bakhwas (Hindi term which means Stupidity)....hehehahahahha LOL. If you want to write to me, you could send me an email at or simply insert your comment.

Until my next article, take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Reading a book has changed my life... I don't think so!!!!

It was just recently, when I met a friend of mine after a long span of 3 yrs. During an interesting conversation between the two of us, she mentioned about the difficulties that she faced in her life and how her personal problem was resolved after reading an inspirational/ motivational book.

Although I was happy that her problem got resolved in whichever way, my question to her was "Can a book actually change one's life?.

My personal belief on this....I don't think so!!! If you think about it practically, there is no way an author can actually solve your problems.

Yeah agreed...reading an inspirational/ motivational book may change the perspective of how you look at things, reading may change your attitude towards life, reading may change your approach of handling things differently, but READING having the ability to transform your very existence is a big question mark?????

Some of great reading books that I recommend are The Secret - Rhonda Byrne; The Monk who sold his Ferrari - Robin Sharma; The Leadership Mantra - Robin Sharma; Marketing Warfare - Trout & Ries; The Alchemist -- Paulo Coelho

Lastly, I would like to end this article with the wonderful and inspirational HINDI dialogue that Shahrukh Khan articulates in his movie Om Shanti Om, he says, “Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko agar dil se chaho to saari kainath tumhe usse milane ki koshish me lag jaati hai..”
[English Translation; "It is said that if you want something from the bottom of your heart, then the whole universe will try to get you closer to that something that you desire.]

Truly inspirational!!!

Until my next article, as I always say, take very good care of yourself and God Bless! Would appreciate your comments and feedback and please don’t forget to leave your email address.

Friday, April 4, 2008


It was a great feeling to go live on air as a Radio Jockey for Community Radio, Radio MUST on 107.8 FM. I had butterflies in my stomach at the beginning because believe me being an RJ is not as easy as it appears to be.

I have anchored events in the past, but even after being exposed to this kind of anchoring, I feel that RJing was real tough and certainly this is not a cakewalk.

You need to be impromptu, You need to have a strong content, You need to speak within a time limit alloted, You need to be a good presenter. These are a few qualities that one needs to own/ possess to be a successful RJ. But believe me....I have none of these qualities but certainly trying to attain all of these traits some day. I am certain that Rjing a show on Commercial Radio is more challenging as compared to Community Radio.

There are loads of people who take up anchoring/ hosting as a profession BUT for me it is simply giving a chance to my hobby and I certainly do not intend to make this a career. Its only a leisure pursuit!

So all you Mumbaikars, if you want to listen to me, you would have to tune in to MUST Radio only on 107.8FM. So lets meet up there....

Until my next article, take good care of yourself and God Bless!