Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My second trip got even better!!

Photo: With colleagues (click on the image to see a bigger view)

I was hoping hard that the training programme which I was scheduled to attend in Jun 2008 would be conducted at a place that I haven't visited.

Photo: With family (click on the image to see a bigger view)
But to my suprise, the training was scheduled in Dubai, a place I had been to and done all the sight-seeing. A place I had explored and enjoyed to my hearts content.

There was nothing more I could or wanted to do in Dubai. However, I must mention and say it loud that this trip got even better!!!!

If you ask me why, I would not be able to answer that question but yes maybe because I got to meet up with family, friends, & colleagues AGAIN.

Then again, the training was enriching and the classroom atmosphere was lively which made the whole programme worthwhile and complete fun. Apart from the training, the project manager organised a Desert Safari and took the participants to the best food joints for our lunches. Although, I must confess here that I do not very much enjoy continental food....but hey! Food is not all that you look forward to at the lunch table na!!

Photo: That's myself and Neeta (a good friend and colleague) on the Quad bike

The Desert Safari was fun.....the Dune bashing was like a roller coaster ride for me and real scary this time around. I am still in doubt whether the car driver was in proper state of mind or not????? I think not...because we got stuck in the sands almost 4 times and everytime we asked the driver what went wrong? The standard answer was....that due to the winds the sand dunes changed positions/ locations/ size/ or whatever.

Isn't this a creapy excuse!!! Hope he is not reading my blog....otherwise that guy will kill me for sure...hehehehehehhe LOL

However to make up for the bad dune bashing experience......we had a great time at the camp. The belly dancer was simply beautiful and so very very graceful. She picked on a few of my colleagues and each one was at their best with a little bit of their movers and shakers.

I will end over here. So until my next article, as I always say...take very good care of yourself and God bless!

Jiyo (live life), Khush raho (be happy), Muskurao (smile always).....Muaaahhh...

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Atle Rønning said...

Hi there sweetheart! It was a great experience holding the workshop in Dubai - meeting you crazy Indian girls and get a taste of life in the desert. Hope you are all well back home :-)

santosh said...

...Appne mushkurana sikhaya hai ...Appne hume hasaya hai ...Bahut shukriya appka..Zindagi jine ka naaya andaz..Apne hume bataya hai .......///zindAA//........