Sunday, August 12, 2007

They say, all good things come in small packages ……How True!

I just listened to Kailash Kher’s 2nd album Jhoomo Re and I thought of having an article on Kailash, the maestro of sufi singing in my blog.

This guy is one person who sings from his heart, ekdum dil se. His songs actually touch your heart. Believe me, if it doesn’t touch your heart…just send me an email and I will fix an appointment for you with the heart specialist…hehheheheh

There is also so much of humbleness in his songs. You see that in the lyrics of each and every song.

His new album Jhoomo Re is a "must listen to" album with each song better than the other. This album is completely recommended and I give it a rating of ***** to infinity.

Who is Khailash Kher?
Kailash Kher is an Indian singer of popular sufi music. He has recently risen to fame with a series of hits. He has released music with his band, named Kailasa. Kailash Kher is currently a sensation in the playback world of Bollywood. He hit the limelight with the smashhit Allah Ke Bande. Kailash Kher provides a uniquely soulful, raw, high-pitched voice.
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