Thursday, October 16, 2008

So….What’s your Style?

People confuse Fashion with Style. They are two different things altogether. Fashion is something that you can learn, cultivate and something that you can buy. But Style is something that you are born with…something you possess in your genes.
You can buy the most fashionable accessories and clothing but if you cannot carry them…….you will feel & look out of place.
If something looks good on your colleague, a movie star, a model, a friend, or someone you envy, it’s not necessary it will look good on you as well. You need to identify your body type and then flatter it to the maximum with the right stuff.
Sometimes you need to take some risks. One should try something really different, something outside your comfort zone. Something funky and fun. By doing this, you'll find out something new an amazing about yourself, and this is what style is all about. Try it may become a trend setter for others to follow.
My Style
“Comfort & Simplicity” is what is my styling funda.
I am always up to mixing & matching my clothes, accessories, shoes/ slipper’s etc. I actually fancy skirts and jeans….they are my all time favorite. Red, pink, blue, green, black, white are my favourite colors.
Shopping…… something I just really hate doing! I wish the shops could visit me and ask me to make my selection. I know shopping is a ladies best pass time….but maybe I am the odd one out. But yeah……let me mention here that I love buying my own stuff because I know my style. Shopping - it even takes me 2-3hrs at times, maybe to simply buy one top. That’s why I love shopping alone.
Make-up is a completely No-No for me…..I look too dressed up with the foundations, lipstick, rouge, mascara etc. I only wear black kohl and lip balm. Accessories is too the minimum…yeah but I love accessorising.
And if you ask me….what I am most comfortable wearing?.... then let me tell you that I am most comfortable in my night-wear which is a set of pajamas and a loose loose T-shirt. Its gets even better, if the T-shirt has some holes and is actually discolored…;-)
Yeah, let me also mention that I do not discard my good fitting clothes so easily. Two reasons, one I am very possessive about them and second, these clothes act as my shape indicators…..if I do not fit into them -3-4yrs down the line…it surely warns me to workout even more rigorously.
“Fashions fades, but style is eternal.”
If you want to give me your styling fundas, you can write to me at or leave your inputs in the comments tab below.
Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself, God Bless and don’t forget to Always keep it stylish!

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