Monday, December 1, 2008

We have had enough…and can’t take this anymore..

We love our Mumbai…..We love the India we live in. India is the front runner in the global economy. Even with this economic downturn, India has managed to sustain its growth and from a developing country, India is not far from becoming a superpower developed country.

India is one of the largest democracies of the world and each citizen of this country has the right to talk and write about the people they put in power. Probably, I would have not had the guts to write this article in my blog, if India was a land of dictators.

Hence, here am I using my right to speak about matters that make me and the citizens of India watchful after the recent terrorists attack which took the whole of Mumbai and the whole of India under ransom.

We can’t take this lying down anymore…….we just CANNOT!!!.

Each citizen of India is just fed-up with the security of this country. Where on earth, are the citizens of India safe!!! We keep talking about “The Mumbai Spirit”, here in India. A serial bombing happens…..people seen mourning for a day and then we have bounced back the very next day to our normal day’s schedule. We do this because we want to keep this city alive. It is because of this attitude of the citizens of Mumbai, that our city Mumbai is a financial capital of India. Mumbai and the whole of India survives….because of its citizens….because of the common man.

I just need to tell you that we no longer can bounce back……..our spirits are in the state of coma and we just can’t take this anymore. We are afraid, to get out of our homes today. We are not sure, whether our family members would return home. We cannot see the innocent people of this country dying each day, loosing their property, money….that they have earned after a turmoil of their working years in this city.

We want a change in the system…..A change with aggressive and principled officers who will work towards making this land a safe place for locals and for foreigners.

Just a day after the terrorist attack, the government is getting a makeover. However, we need to tell you that this is not the right time for a makeover. We are bleeding at the moment and the government needs to wait before taking any such drastic steps.

We need to plan our strategy before making such hasty decisions, because this will paralyse our government, leading to more attacks.We need to put the people who attacked us to task. We need to work towards this FIRST HAND. WE NO LONGER CAN FORGIVE AND FORGET!!!

And yes, we can put the people and the countries who are supporting terrorists training and activities to task, by demanding that they better be vigilant and take action against these groups. We know the names and the so called underworld dons involved in these criminal activities…… why not just kill them. We can do this only in collaboration with other powerful nations.

We do not want a War……we want Peace!!!

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Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

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