Friday, December 5, 2008

If you think you have broken our spirits……then I think you need to get a reality check.

After the terrorist attack, the best thing that has happened to us here is India, is that each citizen of this multicultural country is strongly united and we have realized the power of being united even better.

If anybody or anyone thinks that they can divide and rule in our country, then you better get a reality check done. That’s never going to happen!!

We have seen this unity exhibited at the rally in Mumbai and other metros in India, where hundreds of people, including children and senior citizens, gathered on 3rd Dec 2008, to mourn the death of victims and martyrs and to demand security for the common man.

The common man like you and me, when united can bring about a change….a reform in the government, in the administrative system and take self ownership of our own security and the security of our brothers and sisters of this country.

This unity, undeniably tells the people who want to terrorise our country or the world, that IF YOU THINK WE ARE AFRAID THAT YOU’LL DESTROY US……..I THINK, YOU NEED TO THINK AGAIN.


Terrorism is spread by terrorists, who do not follow any religion, faith or any nationality. No religion, no holy book scriptures in the name of God, tells its believers, to kill people and terrorise the world….so that they get eternal life after death in heaven.

If the terrorists caught & found, follow a particular faith and if they belong to a particular nation, then I must say that this is a mere coincidence. They belong and follow a particular faith because they are simply born into it………probably they have never understood the word of God.

These are people, who run away from their homes to join the community or a group, who follow the RELIGION OF TERRORISM. We shouldn’t blame people who follow a particular religion and who belong to a particular country. But yes, if we have investigated that the terrorists are trained in certain hide-out locations of Pakistan, then we seek the co-operation of Pakistan to help India and the rest of the world combat the terrorists.

No democratic country can ever be involved in terrorist activity, and hence we are definite that the terrorist training camps that are taking place in Pakistan (which is a democratic country) is on a hide-out, and the training camps are being conducted without the knowledge of the government.

But, with the intervention of the government of Pakistan……………….it is easier for India and the rest of the world to combat terrorism right from its roots. WE NEED TO FINISH THEM UP COMPLETELY!!!

We are a world of billions and billions of people and this community which follows the religion of terrorism are a real small group. If each country along with their forces unite in co-operation, we can simply cease them and put each one to task by law.

India needs younger and educated team of people in the government, who are aggressive and will go to any extent to secure our country, in a positive way. Each citizen of India, should also take the onus to secure themselves and their families. And yes, the change is in process and it will happen.

We do not want anyone to sympathise with us but yes we need your support to fight our war on terrorism.

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Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

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