Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A memorable and adventurous trip

Recently I visited Dubai to attend a company training. It was a 3-day training program, however since my relatives and friends are living in Dubai, I left 2 days in advance and stayed over at their place. I visited various places like the Emirates mall, Hyper Panda mall, The Global village, Sharjah, Burj Dubai, dined at some good restaurants in Dubai. It was real good fun and the best part of it all...it was a weekend in Dubai and the crowd was simply fantastic and to add to the fun, the weather was pleasant!!!

After all the fun and frolic with family, I had to get a little serious since I had my training scheduled for the next few days.....however must say the workshop was real good fun as well.

It was a working day and a friend in Dubai arranged a four hour Dubai bus tour for me. A big hug from me to her for this wonderful arrangement. The tour bus and the amazing tour guide (she talked about the history of Dubai and also of the many wives the King had...hehehehehhe) showed us places such as the Meena Bazar (I will tell you why this is first in my list...), Burj Al Arab, Jumeriah Mosque, Dubai Creek, Dubai Museum.

Must say that we toured quite a few places in that span of 4hrs. I bought a nice looking stuffed camel from the Dubai museum which sat and stood as required....I bought it for DHS 40. I kept this sweet looking stuffed camel who I named "Sahraa" (Urdu term which means Desert ) on the rack in the tour bus and sat comfortably in the bus until our next site seeing point "The Meena Bazar".....a place for cheap gold (here gold is sold at cost of gold minus the labour cost). We were given 30 mins at this spot.

Myself and my bus partner (a lady from Australia) went around Meena Bazar. We reached back to the meeting point (suggested by our tour guide) in 20mins. Since we had 10mins more, this lady from Australia asked me to accompany her to a restaurant since she was hungry and wanted to pick a chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich took so much time to get ready...until then we missed our bus. The worst of it all.....I lost my sweet little camel in that bus. '

Both myself and my partner were first time visitors in Dubai and we were real scared. Without giving our relatives, friends or colleagues any trouble, we got into a cab and reached back to our respective hotels. Thank god for that!!!!

As soon as I reached the hotel, the first thing I did was contacted the tour bus services and blasted at them for not waiting.....agreed it was my fault, but what a big deal......and then I patiently inquired about Sahraa (remember my camel)......only to realise that Sahraa was stolen away....

Finally my training was over and on the last day each participant and our trainer was treated at the Desert Safari which was a wonderful experience. The Dune bashing was amazing....yeah but I must mention here that I was holding a plastic bag in my hand when the dune bashing was happening.....but thank my stars I didn't throw up. At the camp in the desert, we had the belly dancer take on the stage and call people up to accompany her....I must mention my colleague who was also our Trainer was one of the best dancers at that camp.

Anyway I have another trip to Dubai scheduled mid Jun this year and I will search pillar to post to find my Sahraa, if not her then atleat someone who looks like her...

I must end by saying that these twists and turns are required in life, otherwise life gets very monotonous.....what say!!!

Thank you for reading....I hope I did not bore you with my bakhwas (Hindi term which means Stupidity)....hehehahahahha LOL. If you want to write to me, you could send me an email at
mearl_colaco@hotmail.com or simply insert your comment.

Until my next article, take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mearl, a great adventure you had, and not boring to read at all.

So, what's left to do in Dubai in June? At least, we let Atle do the belly dancing this time. ;-)

Great blog, take care. :-)