Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cycle your way to a fitter you and a healthier planet. . .

We all love cycling. . . don’t we? - Whether it is cycling just for leisure, participating in a cycle race or cycling to work. This non-motor, inexpensive, pollution free, fitness vehicle is your way to a fitter you and a fitter and healthier planet.

Earth Hour 2009 just happened yesterday, the 28th Mar, when the whole world participated in the campaign towards saving our planet from the effects of global warming and climate change. All we did was switched-off our lights for one entire hour to tell our global leaders that the citizens of the world care about the planet. Hence stressing upon the fact that – ‘Boy! you need to take immediate steps to curb this disaster from destroying our planet’.

Benefits of cycling
There are so many advantages and benefits of cycling. This green vehicle, the so called ‘bi-cycle’, is the most environment friendly vehicle that the world has ever created. It needs no gas to pedal, hence it does not leave any carbon footprints.

Riding this bike can also help you look fitter and healthier. Rather than hitting the gym, cycling everyday is a fantastic stress buster and will help you look and feel good. Off course gyms do give you an option of a static bike to exercise on but a bi-cycle will help you reach your destination too– a two in one solution ;-)

Infrastructure and laws
Yes, we cannot cycle on the roads where four wheeler vehicles and heavy duty vehicles ply on. There is a need of a separate path for cyclists in the city of Mumbai and other cities who do not offer this safe and healthy option. Cycling on the frenzied overcrowded streets of Mumbai is not only difficult, but also not a safe option. This is not recommended!

As a driver of a four wheeler vehicle and a cyclist too, I can understand how irritating it can be, both to the cyclist and the driver to be plying on the same road. I can assure the authorities that if a provision is made for a separate path and a separate parking slot for cyclist in the city, you would see the change for sure. Change in the environment and change in the health of the citizens of this world is definite.

We need to draw inspiration from some countries, especially the ones in Europe, who have the infrastructure for cyclists well in place. These green-peace-lover nations not only provide but also support and persuade people to use the bi-cycle as a safe and green mode of transport.

So C’mon people, let’s tell her (Mother Earth), how much we actually love her – Go out for a spin on your bicycle!

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Stick around...because life is beautiful.

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E_M_Y said...

I love cycling. i took part in the london bikeathon last year and will again this year.
I'm also riding about 400 miles in the first or second week of my summer holidays