Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ragging on the pretext of “just having some fun”

Some years back during my graduation years in one of the biggest high profiled college in Mumbai, a young girl named Indu, a hostelite, made headlines in mostly all national newspapers. The newspapers drew the attention of readers towards Indu’s depressed state of mind which lead her to jump from the 3rd floor terrace of the college building.
While to simply put it, the actual reason for Indu giving up her life, was intensive ragging by her senior classmates in the hostel premises. Just to clarify the air, I am not here to defame any college or any person, but I want to make a point and stress upon the ill sides of ragging. Ragging whether done, just for fun or even if done within limits should be banned.
A young mind cannot take the torture of being defamed, spat upon, made to participate in nude shows, loosing her self respect et al. A young mind needs nourishment, should be motivated, should be empowered to make decisions and made to feel important, because she/ he is the future of this world.
Recent incident
I would like to draw your attention to this recent incident, just 2 days back, where a young, intelligent, good looking medical student, just 1 year in medical college, was ragged to death. He was tortured, made to feel like shit, slapped several times, his head was slammed on the wall, and this kind of a torture was inflicted upon him for the past 6 months. The torture was imposed by his senior classmates and it became so intensive the last 2 days that the boy died.
The boy did complain to the principal of the medical college but there was no action taken by the college to stop ragging. I can understand what the boy’s parent maybe going through at this point in time. But I would also like to tell all parents out there that if your child has made a mention about the pain he is going through, then please be proactive in trying to probe into the situation. It is very difficult to live in an atmosphere where people are out to make you feel inferior, even more for a youngster.
Imposing legal action
Ragging should be banned and this should be done by treating this act as a criminal offence and be included in the legislature. The government should take legal action against those who commit this act of ragging, even if done in the name of just having some fun. We cannot wait to discuss and action upon this until another young boy or girl is murdered in the name of “Ragging.”
So let’s come together and speak about this, so that the government takes action and imposes a ban on ragging in educational institutes and in the corporate world. The action should be taken now!!
Join the “No Ragging Foundation” on Facebook , which is a voluntary, non profit, organization working against abuse of human rights in the name of "Ragging" (known as "Hazing" in the West).
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Saket said...

Why are u against ragging even if done in limits??

educational ,engg said...

Hello friend...

I think you are totally against ragging...ragging with in limits is ok...when ever a fresher enters a new institution,he generally feels uncomfortable,develops fear complex etc...hence seniors rag them to relieve their tension(make them comfortable),fear etc.Ragging actually meant senior-junior share a good and healthy relationship between senior and junior...etc which will be helpful for seniors as well as juniors...To quote an example...When I joined engg,I was ragged by my seniors,they made me sing,dance etc,further we became great friends,they helped me a lot,guided me as how to prepare for competitive exams,jobs etc.Right now I am in my final year,I still call them,email them and still our friendship exists...I am fortunate to have friends,seniors like them..

Ragging with in certain limits like senior junior interaction should not be banned...senior junior interaction should be monitored well by the college authorities.....Extreme ragging should be banned....

This is my personal view...

Siddharth said...

People say that ragging is done in limits which is all bullsh** because where fun lies there are no limits so I don't agree that ragging is done in limits. the more fun you have the far the limit just keeps on increasing.

Those are the reason we are putting just to hide what actually lies behind ragging. Not every1 are like u.....u jelled wit ur seniors very easily but wat about others who didn't jell & took ragging as an insult. Dats motivates dem to take drastic steps. Wat u r saying because u weren't ragged like others are so think before u guys speak on it.
There are others ways of interacting with ur juniors or freshers don't give ragging that name. making comfortable or relieve the tension is all bullsh** so don't hide ur devil side. :D

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