Friday, May 1, 2009

Why only perfumes, books and newspapers……give him a TV set, an ipod and a laptop!!!

26/11 was the most dreadful day in a Mumbaikars life, even-more for people who were trapped in that deadly and brutal attack by terrorists. This incident had shaken the entire nation and the whole world….and we are still fighting this impurity in the system, because of which the world is bleeding.

The good thing is that, the world knows the who’s, where’s and how’s of these so-called terrorists. What I mean is that we all know who they are, where they come from and how they become terrorists. But the sad thing is that the Indian government still believes in giving a fair trail to Ajmal Kasab, the lone terrorists caught during 26/11.

Giving whom a fair trail?? Somebody, who held that AK 47 rifle and sprayed bullets on innocent lives. I mean, what are we trying to show to the world hah!

It all began with giving the terrorist (Ajmal) a lawyer, then declaring that he should be tested in juvenile court- because he is under 18yrs old, Ajmal then demanding newspapers, perfumes and asking for permission to walk in the corridors, et all. The terrorist is not at all apologetic for his doing and is mostly caught smiling and giggling. We shouldn’t sympathize with him.

Looking at all this, it seems that we treat terrorists better than the common man in this country. The taxpayers hard-earned money is used to give the lone terrorist high-end protection in jail and during his trail period. Why is the government misusing the monies of the citizens during this time of economic downturn?

And what are the European countries, Americas and the Obama’s doing about this. The whole world needs to probe into Ajmal’s trail here in India and make sure he is slaughtered on live television. The whole world needs to see how we treat terrorists and that such extremist groups will not be spared by anyone in the world.

‘Terrorism’ is a global problem and we need to tackle this together. There should be one common global legislation followed throughout the world to deal-with terrorism and reprimand terrorists and people who are out to destroy and bring about disharmony in the world.

It’s only when we do this in harmony, is when we will be able to wipe out this danger of terrorism imposed upon us.

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