Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Paul Almighty

Think FIFA 2010 and it becomes quiet impossible to do a rundown of the 2010 Football World cup tournament without discussing or describing the bang-on predictions made by the slimy fortune teller— Paul the Octopus. Octa-Paul surely won a million hearts while the FIFA matches were spinning out, but even today Paul is competitive enough to give all human fortune tellers a run for their money.

The talk of the town
Who does not like to be famous? It is human nature after all to love and to be loved. If you ask me, I wouldn’t mind getting featured in an online encyclopedia and would love to have the whole world to recognize me for my craft. But not everyone who is good at her craft gets to that pedestal of acknowledgement just like that. It involves a lot of hard work, meeting the right people at the right time, a leader with leadership qualities to look up to and to follow, and a little bit of luck can get you there.

Look at Paul today, with his 100% perfecto prophesies, he has become the FIFA world cup sensation in no time....surely making the whole world look up to him. But not a human soul can tell how a squid can make correct predictions without even knowing what a FIFA ball looks like. Amazing…isn’t it! Well indeed, it is the precise predictions made by this sea animal (called Paul) that bewilders the world.

Paul got many scientists at work, which did a lot of research to understand why Paul was right with his predictions all the time. Only to rationalize saying that octopus are generally drawn to horizontal lines and shapes, and that explains why Germany is favored over England and Argentina. But if we have to agree with this wisdom drawn out by the scientists, then we also need them to explain why Paul picked Serbia over Germany, nor Spain over Holland. Well Well Well, Paul seems to have even baffled the scientists with this phenomenal phenomenon.

Drooling over Paul
Quiet literally, FIFA ousted teams including Germany, England, Argentina whose disastrous fate Paul prophesied before their respective matches are drooling over Paul’s boneless squid-fish protein. Cooking Paul in ginger sauce would not only satiate their appetite for spineless fish but more importantly will take out their vengeance on a mere sea animal who foretold their distasteful fate.

Immediate action needs to be taken in order to settle scores of danger that this endangered species with an inborn aptitude to forecast the future confronts today. The United Kingdom, where Paul is currently an inhabitant of, needs to transport Paul to a vegetarian land ASAP. Coming to think of it, India seems like an appropriate destination where most of the population is vegetarian. Nevertheless, Indians have fallen in love with Paul and want him to prophesize India’s maiden FIFA World cup entry. I’m optimistic that if UK indeed decides to safeguard Paul by sending him to a secured location like India, India will gear up to welcome Paul…assuring him a dual citizenship option and also promising to provide him all the benefits and provisions that an octopus would really need and want to boast.

Spain versus Paul
I started writing this article with a clear intention of pegging my opinion on the flamboyant and extraordinary FIFA 2010 World cup and more significantly to talk about the milestone victory by the first-time-winners, Spain. But I have just realised that my article has drifted towards showcasing the accurate predictions and popularity of the cursed (by a few) Nazi of FIFA 2010, Octopus Paul…Phew! Sorry for drifting away…I got carried over Paul’s tenta-cular prophesies! Spain indeed is the real winner of the FIFA world cup and Paul alone is not the reason for their win, agrees Spanish midfielder, Andreas Iniesta, who tweeted saying, "The octopus indeed is very popular in Spain."

So looks like that Spain is happy to share the limelight with Paul and Paul is happier to be featured by print & electronic media worldwide.

Well, all’s well that ends well. In that note, I conclude my column here. Viva Espanio…Viva Paul!

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Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself and God Bless!


Anonymous said...

hey i support ur idea of bringing MR.PAUL here we wld take good care of him nd ya i dnt need 2 tel u dis bt still u r wiz when it comes 2 writing...keep writing nd we ll keep reading....CIAO

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully penned down or must i say typed down blog Mearl....keep it up

Well in that i case i think PAUL - The Octopus would be very safe in SPAIN atleast till the next FIFA world Cup......
And to speak about people wanting to make mince meat of poor octopussy Paul.....then let me ask all of them what about those people who do prophecies ..why do they dont react on them....Thank God Nostradamus is dead already or he would have been tortured to death....

Mearl Colaco said...

Hey Pratham, thanks for your comments.

And Mr./ Ms. Anonymous (sorry no better way to address you),

Thanks to you too. Spain indeed would be the safest place for Paul but it is short lived (max a year). India anyway does not compete in the FIFA until we start kicking Paul is safe for a long spell.

U see we need to think long term ;-)


Mearl Colaco

Joy D'Souza said...

Poor Paul...he will never reach India...By the time our Politicians and Bureaucrats decide with all the red tapism who should welcome him..Paul will have outlived his life..unless Paul uses his psychic powers on these bloody people...

Mearl Colaco said...

Hi Joy,

hee hee hee hee....that surely looks like a hitch. But I've got a solution to this. How about Bhaichung Bhutia adopting Paul legally and then we have no politicians or bureaucrats to tackle.

With this action....the process of transport becomes smoother and simpler and even Mr. Bhutia will get his fate and India's fate in football prophesised.

;-) Regards, Mearl Colaco

Uma said...

Hi Mearl,

Paul the GR8, is indeed the talk of the town, well written.
Paul’s Nine brains has done wonders, not sure if it was sheer coincidence. I think we will now see a familiar sight of Octopus at every public place/mall to attract/predict future. R we dumping the Parrot & the Bull (Nandi Bile)? Good ……at least let them be freed fm captivity.

Mearl Colaco said...

Hey Uma, hee hee...ek teer se do nishan. Okay, now that’s news to me that octopus hve nine brains. Is it like ne brain for each tentacle + one complimentary brain...hee hee ;-)