Saturday, September 19, 2009

Come lets fall in love…..

I was in Italy for about a week and I must say that it is a place in Europe that if given a chance everyone should visit. It is lively, sunny, and to say it in the words of the king of rock-and-roll Elvis Presley- Italy is a country you can sway back and forth and absolutely go day-dreaming. It retains its culture, religious sentiments, and traditional personification and at the same time, it also is a fun place with wines and pastas served all the way. All-in-all a beautiful place you can shake, ride and roll….

No. 13 is now my lucky charm
Was happy that it was a shiny sunny day when I arrived in Milan because I set aside the first two days to go places. I checked-in the hotel and was handed over access to the room on the 13th floor. There was a wave of flashbacks from the movies such as Friday the 13th, Exorcist, 13B, that spinned off my crazy mind and the next request I made was like, “Can you give me a room on any other floor please?”
A devil in disguise….the whole damn hotel was full and I had no other option but to stay on the creepy 13th floor. Yeah yeah….actually I don’t really believe is all these creepy stories about the number 13 but I still made sure I slept with a holy rosary chained right round by neck to avoid any kind of mishaps or even see any caspers. Must say that this indeed is the power of cinema ;-)))))
“I like calling him Leo”
I was like almost day-dreaming when I got this awesome opportunity to see the original piece of Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of the “last supper” situated at Santa Maria Delle Grazia, Milan. Leonardo Da Vinci or as the beautiful Italian guide so closely addressed him as Leo, is someone who I only studied about in my schooling days. I had my jaw dropping, when I saw that huge original painting that Leonardo Da Vinci potrayed of the last supper which symbolizes Jesus Christ’s last supper with the 12 apostles – it was the last supper when Jesus told his disciples that one of them would betray him.
Mind-blowing is still a small expression to make you feel the way I felt at that point in time…wow!!!
Venice……can make you fall in love again and again
Venice is like ‘the heaven’ in Italy. The Piazza San Marco, also famously called the Saint Mark's Square or as the Piazetta is a huge meeting point for tourists. This encompasses the St. Marco historical church and Basilica, one can’t simply miss out on. When we went boating through the grand canal in Venice, the most amazing thing about it, is the way the historical buildings, churches and monuments are constructed and standing strong right across the canal on either sides. As the Italians say….Beau-de-full!
I attended the Sunday service at a local church. Although the whole service was preached in Italian, the format was the same like the Roman Catholic church….so it didn’t really make much of a difference.
Nothing without the foods & drinks and shopping
Being a hardcore foodie, I freaked out on the traditional and taste-bud enticing Italian food such as the pastas, spaghetti, pizza’s, cheese, olives, the brain stimulants such as the double expresso and the hot coffee and the different types of red and white wines. Diet….what diet are we talking about…..I never diet ;-)
My feminine instincts did fascinate me to shop a bit but I thing that’s okay once in a while….what say???
All in all was a fantastic trip, both work and play. Would not mind visiting Italy again, and tour Rome and Florence for sure.
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Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself and God Bless!
And as the Italians say “Chow”……….

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