Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A cup of coffee brewed over my dead body

The lead title of my article is not a metaphor or a catchy one liner sentence to draw my reader’s attention. This is what actually quiet literally happens in the city of Taipei.

Let me explain this actually!! There is this funeral parlour in Taipei that has invested more than 1 crore in a plant to recycle the heat generated while cremating bodies. The heat that is generated from this funeral parlour is used to power air-conditioning of the waiting lounge and brew coffee for mourners waiting to collect the ashes of their deceased relatives. Wow!!! What a green initiative. Taipei truly is going the green way with results shown through implementation.

Imagine how a cup of expresso brewed over my dead body would taste like…hmmm…something to think about right.

An overdose of the go-green ideology
The educated…even more those working in companies which focus on bringing about the green revolution have already been overfed with the go green mantras which help the community, the city, the nation, the world, and the entire planet to grow to become a safe place to live in. However, I believe that simply feeding the literate with information and environment do’s-and-don’ts do not really solve any problem.

It simply becomes an information overload where content writers, authors and journalist make a quick buck with their report on the significantly glorified news.

Sharing an experience
Recently I attended a 1-day environment workshop which gave a low-down about the environment do’s-and-don’ts and about the immediate actions required for reduction of power consumption and proper disposal of waste which were the highlights of the workshop.

All said and done, the next immediate action taken was to separate the waste disposed off into organic, inorganic and paper waste. The action looked good, 3 huge garbage baskets were introduced and people were asked to dispose of waste depending on the type. Being a very inquisitive soul, I was hell bent to know whether the waste that is disposed-of from our premise, when collected by the community, is rightly disposed of in the same manner.

To my surprise, it was not the way I presumed or wanted it to be. The segregated waste from the premise was dumped in one common bin and then sent to the dumping ground.

This is how superficial we are. We do things simply to gain popularity or recognition. Infact I believe, we need to get down and showcase our results by looking at the entire supply chain and then make a report of our achievements based on the end result- a learning from the Taipei story is needed.

Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

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