Monday, October 26, 2009

Citizens of this country still remain baffled

Recently, the Maharashtra State elections results were declared and yet again the country’s ruling party- Congress- pulled off with the maximum number of votes. Ashok Chawan stays-on as Chief Minister (CM) of the State, asking Vilasrao Deshmukh and Rane, who had their eye firmly set on the chief ministerial position, to simply shut up.

A need for a CEO
The State of Maharashtra which occupies over 3,07,713 sq. km of land consists of 35 districts. Mumbai competently is the capital of the State, which maybe the smallest in terms of area occupancy, but it is the city with the highest earnings both in terms of knowledge & skills and production (not only within the state but within the country). More than 40% of tax generated in India is from its financial capital- Mumbai- and hence this city according to me needs that special administrative attention.

In addition to the Chief Minister, who is so busy serving other territories in the state, we also need a highly qualified and skilled chief executive officer, whose job is only to administer and manage the city of Mumbai, giving it that special attention it deserves. And we need to set this up fast to achieve our vision of becoming a Shanghai very soon in terms of infrastructure. However, talking about knowledge, competence and working style, India is the best and we don’t really need to be like anyone or compete with anyone …that’s for sure.

Our administration never learns from its past mistakes
Soon after the election result was revealed, there was a major accident that occurred at the Central train line and the whole city came to a standstill. The city’s rail network became paralysed and the over 6 million population of Mumbai who commutes by train daily, were seen on roads looking for other modes of transport to reach home. The huge masses that flocked on the streets actually got me nervous. The city looked like it was going to explode.

I believe the political system in India needs to seriously think of developing other states in the country to avoid concentration of people in one city or one state. Drawing an instance from Chennai which was called Madras at that time…..the infiltration of Chennai-iates inside Mumbai has drastically reduced after the massive development of Southern states such as Hyderabad and Bangalore today….we need to learn from this.

All in all, infrastructural development should be on top of the itinerary and in order to achieve this objective, we need responsible and accountable people…..we need people who crave for the welfare of the people and not hooligans you simply crave for power and more power.

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