Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mumbai Marathon 2010 – Get yourself registered now!!!

It all happened that very busy Monday morning, when one of my friends called to tell me that registrations to the Mumbai Marathon 2010 had began. That was it!! I left everything and visited the site to do an online registration, since I didn’t want to miss the marathon, like I did in Jan 2009 – a late-latif, like always.

Group registrations
A group of maybe three of my friends had already registered and then it was my turn. Bingo!! I successfully registered to the Dream run, a 6kms sprint, and was like on top of the world at that instant. Simultaneously, I was thinking, it would indeed be a good opportunity to use the Mumbai Marathon 2010 as a corporate branding event. This was like trailing in my mind and then….it was a spin-off! I shot an email to the top management, and not surprised at all, the deal was passed by them.

Though, I was stressing upon us participating in the “Corporate Challenge” – an event where a corporate support a cause and then contribute towards the cause through pledges. I didn’t get an okay for this one, because the entry fee was about INR 2.5lakhs, and with the economic downturn playing in everybody’s mind, this was bound not to go through.

Team building
The next stride-out was to intimate all colleagues in Mumbai, by motivating them a little. But believe me, in 2 days flat, the allotment for the Dream Run was full and no-one could make it for that particular event. But no worries, ten of them successfully registered to the half marathon, a 21kms run across the city of Mumbai.

When I heard this from them, my first reaction was like - you guys ditched me big time. But then yeah…its kinda okay!! All I had to do was simply upgrade myself to the half marathon. Frankly, I couldn’t actually see myself completing that long trail of 21kms, but… as long as we are successful in carrying the corporate message - all geared up wearing the corporate gear, what more should I ask for hah!!

How do you register
Quickly, let me tell you how you go about making your registration to the Mumbai Marathon. You could do so online at Alternately, you could collect the registration form, from any Standard Chartered Bank branch, the sponsors of this event. You could also contact the helpline at +91 22 42020200 for details.

No matter how much we crib about our city Mumbai, we still miss her when we are away…..we still love her the way she is……there is some kind of addiction in this city, isn’t it?…….Infact, I have still not figured out the thing that makes us love her so much!!

Remember 17th Jan 2010 is THE DAY….so see ya there!!

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Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

Stick around, because life is beautiful!

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