Sunday, July 26, 2009

It’s raining discounts and sale….

Open the newspaper these days….more than news content or must I say, content that educates the readers about the current business scenario, the political system, or about what’s happening in the entertainment industry…’ll find huge brightly colored advertisements occupying prime space in the newspapers. And these advertisements do not only talk about brands or products, but they talk about discounts and sale, to lure readers to jump off their couch and head straight towards the stores offering those whopping discounts.

These adverts do look good and truly enticing and kind of makes one go wow. I must admit… makes me go wow too!! Name the big brands and all of them are offering discounts, some spinning off a flat 50% discount and there are those smart big-wigs who say they are offering a discount of upto 50%....only to rush there and realize that the real good stuff only comes at a discount of 5-10% on an eye-popping mark-up price. Marketers’ truly think we are a whole lot of bimbos.

Do I actually need this?
This clearly illustrates how the economic downturn is playing in everybody’s mind, how people are controlled when it comes to spending on luxury products. The first question you would ask yourself is, “Do I actually need this”. The circulation of money in the market has reduced tremendously and to better the economy this trend needs to change…the purchase power of the buyer has to increase. And marketers’ are pretty optimistic that, this is possible by luring the masses through take-off prices.

If you ask me, shopping is something I never really like doing….I love having things but only wish the shop came to me or maybe I could get what I like without making that effort of standing in snake queues right before the trial room or walking down the buzzing mall. It is so damn boring or am I lazy?? ….I have no idea.

Consumer spending linked to nations GDP
Let me conclude this, corporations think that they are playing the gorilla warfare by offering discounts at already high mark-up prices,……consumers feel that they shouldn’t buy now because they don’t really think that they need the luxury stuff during the pounding economic weather. In the end, there are no gainers.

Besides, the government should work real hard to improve the consumer spending power by stamping out unemployment; by making sure that each child goes to school and completes (atleast) her/his basic education; support families who are below the poverty line to sustain by offering sponsorships; encouraging willing senior citizens to take up some kind of assignment which will keep them busy and happy and simultaneously will be contributing to the country’s GDP; Encouraging educated house-wives to come out of their homes and contribute to society and the nation’s GDP by making flexi-time compulsory everywhere; improving the infrastructure of town and villages, thus encouraging investments and penetration of industries and organizations there.

These are a few of my wishes and the wish of every citizen of this country. And we are ready to get our hands soiled to make this happen. Hope these simply don’t remain wishful-thinking!!

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