Monday, August 24, 2009

Time for those mouth H2Oring sweets

The festival season is in the offing and before this year comes to an end, it is fiesta time for Indians living in India and across the whole wide world. The celebrations commences from this month with the festival of Lord Ganesha, Ganesh Chaturthi, celebrated with great fanfare and faith, across India. This is followed by the nine day festival, the Navratri, followed by the festival of lights, Diwali, and then to finish of with Christmas.

In India, especially in Mumbai, all these festivals are celebrated with zest and with deep faith in the almighty. Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city and no matter which faith or religion the person comes from, all festivities are celebrated with the same enthusiasm and fervor. That’s what makes Mumbai different from the rest of India!!

All these festivities also bring in loads of mouth watering home-made mithai (sweets) on the food platter…so its time to also sweeten your sweet-tooth. At the same time, making sure you increase your workout schedule so that you can keep tab on weighty issues arising due to over eating ;-)

All in all, an auspicious period…..assuring you good times!!!

The non-benefactors
It’s also that time of the year when animals and birds fret for their lives. They literally go in hibernation!! Ask me, because I have a pet cat (Spotty is her name) at home and she like goes missing for long extended hours of the day. Even right now while I am writing this article, she is glued onto the ground like a leech, hoping that all this was over and she gets back to the real world. The sound of crackers and gun shots is something birds and animals can never tolerate, since the sound that they hear is 3 times louder than the human ear transmits.

So a message to the pandal administrators & organizers is to be kind to animals and birds…..which can be done by celebrating these festivals with more lights and less crackers.

Wishing each one of you Happy Fiesta for now and for all those festivals soon to come!!!

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Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

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