Saturday, April 11, 2009

“Shoe is mightier than the sword”. . .

Now you know, what I am trying to impress upon right? Yes, you are absolutely right, if you are angry, irritated or frustrated with somebody, simply pull out your shoe and bowl it on that ‘somebody’, making sure that you do not miss on your target.

Hey, now listen, this is not some solution that I prescribe. Don’t get me wrong ;-) But we see the trend these days, that people who are furious and angry and feel like they are pushed to the corner, find simple solutions to vent out that anger- offcourse making sure that if they are convicted for this act, the case looks funny and absolutely weak. Doesn’t it?

Journalist once said, “Pen is mightier than the sword”. But this only remains a rhetoric, because looking at their actions these days, looks like they have reframed this expression a little bit, saying, “Shoe is mightier than the sword”.

Some occurrences
There was this frightful incident that occurred in the life of Ex-President of the US, George Bush, actually which happened during his handing-over process. Just imagine, a shoe being thrown at the most powerful person in the world, the President of the United States – now you need guts & fortitude to be doing something like this….oops it hurts!!

And Oops, it happened again! Yeah not in the US, but here at home in India. Now Election 2009 is round the corner and we see all the parties who are competing at the elections, rigorously campaigning to show their mettle. Basically all that branding and showcasing done, as if the people of this nation are dumb bimbos and cannot see through them, hah!

Right, so two big-time respected campaigners (from India) have already been shown the shoe and probably have been voted out from the minds of the people. Again, the shoe part of the story happened at a press meeting when the journalist loosened his shoe strings to throw it on the contender. This happened less than a week back and today the journalist (who committed this act) is became the talk of the town and indeed become a star. He has even gone further by writing to the event managers of the press meeting, to return his shoe back to him. A guy with nerves, must say ;-)

Following the legacy
Imagine, if this kind of an exhibit is displayed at a corporate board meeting or business meetings. I have heard of people, pinning up their bosses photograph as a dart board to vent out their anger. But we need to think long term right ;-)
To avoid this kind of a humiliating situation, probably, it should be made mandatory that all people attending meetings should remove their shoes before they walk inside the meeting room. Howzatt!!

So, are you in a fit of rage? A solution recently discovered: Throw your shoe! Though not recommended!

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