Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lok Sabha Elections 2009 – a showdown!

Elections 2009 is currently on-full-on in India and each party competing elections are in high spirits to win the Lok Sabha elections. Elections began in India on the 16th Apr 2009 and it will take place in Mumbai, Maharashtra on the 30th Apr 2009.

Mumbai, the city of dreams, is all geared up for Election 2009. The only thing that is constant is ‘Change’ and in order to bring about that change, in this city we breath in – in the country that we belong to, is by casting our vote and bringing the right people to power. We need leaders who will think for the people and act for them, rather than filling their own deep pockets.

Broadcast initiative
Our entire team on radio, have been promoting elections 2009 and encouraging people, especially the youth to go out and cast their vote. We are doing in dial-in shows and taking people live on air to talk to us. I cannot forget this one caller, you called to tell me that he will not vote this election.

On asking him the reason for this not-so-good decision – he said that he is visually handicap and because of this, he is unable to find a job. Adding that, every employer rejects his application on first sight. He says, that the government is doing nothing to address his sorry state of affairs.

I was dumbstruck and actually didn’t know how to convince this young man. I assured him though, that I will talk to the area Municipal Councillor and try to find a solution. We immediately involved the area Councillor in a live on-air discussion, who definitely tried to pacify him to some extent.

We have also proactively written an email to Priya Dutt, daughter of a very famous politician and leader late Mr. Sunil Dutt, who is campaigning elections in North-East constituency- which is also the constituency that the caller belongs to. I am still awaiting a response from Priya.

This is one ‘such unfortunate case’ that I have come across. There maybe so many young men and women who are unemployed in this country. And unemployed not because they do not have the skills and competence required to perform the job– but unemployed for no fault of theirs. This hurts even more!

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