Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fourth of July came a few days early

This week was one awesome week for you America with two back-to-back decisions made by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). In one ruling, SCOTUS saved the ever controversial Affordable Care Act, making subsidized insurance accessible to every American, irrespective of gender, race, color, and status in society. And then, in the second ruling, SCOTUS went all out to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. Both these decisions were passed in a week, but the years and years of protests, marches, activism, and advocacy that have gone to make this happen is what needs to be appreciated. Nothing happens overnight. Both these decisions scream victory for the people. And America, you should be celebrating. If I were you, I would pour some wine in my glass and sip it eating some chicken kababs for sure.

Also, you know what America, looking at the power that you as citizens have showcased to change old- outdated-traditional laws and demand equality for all…this should be enough motivation for you to vote in the 2016 presidential elections.  You just have no excuse this time.  

Besides the 2016 presidential campaign also has the laugh factor in it. It already looks like half of America is running to become president. So many candidates already and still many more are expected to make that big presidential announcement in the days to come. We’ve all heard those speeches that promise change and all that hype and rhyme in them. That’s all cliché no? The only thing, not cliché is Donald Trump's entry into the race. He's the spice in this race. He enters the race by literally coming down an escalator to the sound of Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World" anthem. Hope he sticks around till the end...because he is sheer entertainment.

It sure was a good week after the tragic mass shooting at Charleston which took lives of nine innocent men and women. Besides, the worst and the cruelest thing was the place at which the shootings happened. A church is a place where people drop their guard and surrender themselves to God and his teachings. Also, what was unbelievable is the heart of the people of Charleston who forgave the shooter for what he did. I'm still angry with what happened to those innocent people. Sure, it takes a big heart to forgive, but how long will America forgive? This is not one rare random incident that has happened. We have witnessed so many other incidents with the same motive of hatred toward a particular race. History seems to keep repeating itself and this needs to stop because it’s outrageous to have folks treated differently, made to feel different, and now even being killed for who they are. And then we say, enough of this talk on racism and that we are tired and just heard too much of it already. But no, it's not enough. We don’t only need to talk more, but also do more to bring an end to something that just makes no sense.

After nine innocent people were killed, so much of time was spent speculating whether this was a “hate crime” or whether it was “terrorism.” When in reality any kind of hate that is violently expressed is terrorism. Hate and terrorism are just words in the English dictionary. They don’t change reality. We don’t need experts sitting on news desks, analyzing whether this was a “hate” or a “terrorist” crime. We don’t call it “hate” because the shooter’s name was Dylan. What if his name was Khan? Would we still call it hate?

Also, I still fail to understand how anyone can buy guns without any background checks in America. How can a store that sells fruits and vegetables also sell guns? So buyers not only visit their grocery stores to buy guns but also have the luxury to sit in the comfort of their homes and buy it online. And then, even after so many mass shootings and one incident even involving the death of innocent children, how does anyone do nothing about it. Why is it so difficult for the most advanced country in the world to do anything to stop guns from reaching the hands of evildoers? 

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