Friday, January 30, 2015

Modama Bromance

Yeah, President Obama was a chief guest at India’s 66th Republic Day, the day when India’s Constitution came into force.  That was a busy power-packed three days date with President Obama being the first U.S. president in office to attend India’s grand Republic Day celebration. Many things happened during these three days. Even before the president visited India, U.S. media went lady gaga over the whole visit. While Indian media did a balle-balle about the whole president’s visit, so much so that it felt as if Jesus Christ was coming. C’mon you media fellas, like hashtag #hesonlyhuman , you didn’t have to do all that. 

Before the parades, the two bros sat down for a cup of tea. And c’mon…Mr. Modi prepared that cup of tea with his own hands for the president. The Republic Day parades were so good. Loved all that the participants did at the parades. The motorcycle and military parades were my favorite. Like, it was so acrobatic, so colorful, so talented. Many power packed speeches were delivered and grand dinners were hosted for the president. Many expansions of trade and investments between two countries were agreed upon. New defense and civil nuclear cooperation were some of the greatest highlights. 

Well, I believe the most striking highlight of the visit was the president’s farewell speech at Siri Fort in New Delhi and the hilarious pinstriped suit that Mr. Modi wore on one of the days.  

At his farewell speech, President Obama opened up about what he thinks about India and her people. He spoke about India’s diversity, rich cultures and the different languages that she speaks, but in the same breathe he also talked about the religious intolerance in the nation, which indeed is a reality. I wouldn’t care if it was someone else saying this. But we need to remember that the speech on inequality was coming from a man who himself has been discriminated and treated differently because of the color of his skin. Even after 50-years of the civil rights act, the United States of America is still fighting racism. Similarly, India cannot deny the very fact that it is still fighting religious intolerance. Additionally, the speech was an eye-opener of what the world really thinks and knows about India. India is no longer an emerging economy, it has emerged and that’s what keeps it in the spotlight. Besides, very soon India is going to surpass China as the most populated country in the world, keeping it even more in the spotlight…although nothing to be proud about.

Why should a man have lesser opportunities from others because of the faith he follows. The beauty in India is still a strong democracy despite the different backgrounds, color, languages, and religion of its people. And the nation can get bigger and be a greater force if everyone irrespective of where they come from, the religion they follow, gender, has an equal opportunity to prove themselves. Religion or no religion, female, male, lesbian, gay, transgender, everyone should be treated equally and be given an equal opportunity. What’s the use of GDP, profits, firsts, if we don’t know how to treat our own people? 

Yeah, and who can forget Modi ji’s suit, hashtag #ModiSuit. Like really Mr. Modi, did you spend millions of dollars to stitch that suit with your name written on it a zillion times. Like really-really-really Mr. PM, did you really have your name on that suit? And even if you like your name so much, you can have it printed once, why do it over and over and over again? Didn’t expect this from you Modi saab. So listen, world, if you ever forget the name of India’s Prime Minister, all you got to do is check out his pin-striped suit on which his name is written in bold.  

Having said all that, I know that I won’t be administered 1000 lashes and 10-years imprisonment for throwing in a little satire about the most powerful person in India, Mr. Modi. That’s the beauty of a democracy. And that’s the beauty of India. Happy Republic Day folks!

Namaste! Bohot bohot dhanyawaad! Senorita, bade, bade desho mein! Now you know what I’m talking about. 

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