Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fear-“Bola”, Fear-“State” grips the world

Runnnnnnn…its Ebola and runnnnnnn further ahead…it’s the Islamic State that is going to kill all of us. God what are you doing to us? Is the world coming to an end? Are we all going to die? Where do I go to save myself? Is there any place on earth that is safe? These are a few questions that people are still asking themselves. And to make it all worst, the institution that was established to give voice to the voiceless and keep people informed, went all out scaring people and already sending them to their death beds. Sections of the media went crazy over the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. They went crazy over the Islamic State threat in Iraq and Syria.  Calm down media fellows, breath-in and breath-out slowly, calm down! 

No doubt that the Ebola outbreak has wrecked havoc in West Africa taking the lives of more than 4000 people and infecting nearly 9000 people, but the breather to all of this is the virus is not air-borne and can only be transmitted through bodily fluids. Right now there is an urgency to contain the situation in Africa and help the people out there who already find it so difficult to live even under normal non-epidemic kinda conditions. More than the Ebola virus, poverty and hunger have wrecked havoc in Africa for decades. It’s time for countries all over the world to come together to lift Africans out of poverty and strengthen Africa's healthcare sector through affordable private investments, so that health scares like these are treated locally. West Africa’s weak healthcare infrastructure is the primary reason for treatment delay and confusion.

The Ebola fear has gotten so deep rooted that we can see the repercussions on our streets and subways. A foreigner who appears and speaks like an African is looked upon like a potential carrier of the Ebola virus. When people see an individual as a potential carrier, they cover their nose and walk miles away from him. Contrarily our media brethren surround him to churn out sensational stories for prime time news. It’s disgusting! It’s sickening! 

And then there’s that extreme-extremist group with three god-forbidden names – ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State –  that the world has gone hullabaloo about. More than ordinary people like you and me, sections of the media seem to have gotten obsessed with this group. Yeah, this satanic group has brutally killed so many civilians in Iraq and Syria and they need to be burning in hell. But the question to ask is who is funding this group? Who is supplying arms, ammunition and machinery to this group to fight this evil kinda war? Oh yeah, reportedly they seem to be using arms and ammunition that were left behind by nations who ended the many wars after invasions. May be next time when we end invasive wars, we should even bring back all our military equipment because they obviously will fall into wrong hands and obviously be misused. How strange it is that those so called ISIS-ISIL-Islamic State morons are fighting their kinda satanic war with our machinery. We certainly live in a crazy world, I tell you. 

Besides there are so many other ways ordinary people die every single day. Guns, drones, tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, discrimination, inequality, mistreatment of the LGBT community, racism, and mental illness are some of those many ways people are dying today. But despite that, they still exist in our communities. No one seems to want to take a stern stand to eradicate them. They certainly don’t cause the bang-bang-bang quick death like ISIS and Ebola, but they surely kill slow-and-steady. And some of those vices have also become a part of our lifestyle. God save us. God save the world from this so-called fear-mania. Amen!

Post script
The United States of America recently named an "Ebola czar" to handle and contain the Ebola crisis. Like really wondering how would that so-called "czar" introduce himself to the world. Rather we need a virus immunization specialist, not a czar. And who or what is a czar? The word czar is so British naah :-)

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Joel V said...

Great post on addressing the fear of a nation and the world. It seems that this fear has really seeped onto The People.

The human spirit is capable of so many solutions, that with all the noise created by the media, it is hard to realize our potential. Individual learning is necessary to really understand the implications of this health situation. Thank you for the insight!