Tuesday, July 8, 2014

One hell of a guy

On Twitter, “The Daily Show” bio’s itself as Jon Stewart and The Best F#@king News Team. I can’t agree more. The Daily Show is one blockbuster 30-minute show that has everything that an average person enjoys.  Personally as a news junkie and someone who enjoys comedy and late night talk shows, The Daily Show by Jon Stewart is everything I ever asked for, all three in one. All I need to do in tune in to the show and boom I get my dose of politics, comedy and talk show under one roof.

Of course newspapers, television, radio and digital media are great sources of news. But I need those 30 minutes of Jon Stewart in my life to help me clean up the news clutter in my head. It’s only possible to analyze a story once all of it is digested. Coming at a perfect time in the day, Stewart digests all that news absorbed during the day, throws out the impurities and gets the daily news in a more filtered, cut throat, too-the-point style. He makes all politicians carry their crosses right up to Calvary with his crude satirical style. And that’s what I really like about this hard core in-your-face satirist.

Critics mock Stewart as a liberal with one-sided tilt toward the Democratic political party. But if you really follow his show every single day and listen to it carefully critics can be proved wrong. Stewart is more of a moderate on his political and social views with a big conscience. Even the democrats are not spared by him for their stupidity. And that's what is insanely good about the show. You need to have a middle path in any kinda decision making and rarely does that happen in today's world. You can either be a blue or red supporter. There just doesn’t seem to be a middle path.

Stewart's brash style of delivering the show using those mind-blowing swear words makes the show more relatable. He doesn't drop English jargons, but rather drops F-bombs to convey his message. They say a comedian should be conversational. Well to be conversational with today’s youth you need to speak like them. So hell yeah it works. Stewart’s response to the Veteran Affairs mismanagement was the best answer to the mess –o-mania in the department. They say you need to vent out anger by yelling and shouting it out. But the swear-jar that Stewart has given birth to looks like a better option to vent out all that frustration and anger. I seriously plan to have my personal swear-jar very soon.


Stewart has been a role model for many upcoming talents for years. Even John Oliver who has recently become a big name with his own show on HBO “Last Week Tonight” owes a great deal to Stewart. If it wasn't for Stewart’s mentoring, Oliver himself admits that he wouldn't be where he is today.  And then, how can we forget the popular television Middle East satirist Basseem Youssef who is also popularly called the Jon Stewart of Egypt. Stewart must have earned a few enemies and haters because of his confrontational satire, but he never really got into any trouble because he poked fun at the government. But Youssef got into too much of trouble doing the same political satire in Egypt...yeah Egypt. Although the people of Egypt enjoy Youssef, the government labeled him as a traitor and forced him to take the show off-air.

And this is what happens when the two greatest comedians from two different parts of the world meet (Video).

You cannot draw a line in comedy and Stewart shows us just how that is done. He makes fun of anyone he feels like including himself. And that's what great comedy is all about.

Post script
It’s been two years since I've been watching Jon Stewart and over the years I've become one of his biggest fans. And seriously I would love to be a part of this Best F#@king News Team.

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Keshia B said...

Jon Stewart is so awesome. He really appeals to people in a very logical and comedic way. Thanks for sharing the video clips. And i KNOW how much you love the swear jar..lol!