Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Romney versus Obama plot thickens

Gravity lift

Serving up pancakes

It’s great to be in the United States of America at that time of the year when the Presidential race is heating up and presidential candidates - Mr. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama - are going all out to impress about the people of the country with their theatrics.  6th November is the auspicious day in the 2012 calendar when the people of the U.S. go on a date to vote their President. So who's it going to be? Stakes are high on both sides, thus making it really difficult to even speculate the results.
Pick up a newspaper or turn on your television or radio set these days, you’ll find that the Presidential elections are the highlight all day long. Wonder whether Mr. Mitt Romney will surprise us by showing a thumbs-down to Obama, or would Obama get a second term? 
The campaigns are getting really interesting with hot freshly baked scripts and rhetoric churned out almost every single day. Few great one-liners that seem to be stuck in my head, and which also made national headlines in mainstream media, like Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s GOP convention speech, when he said, “Our rights come from nature and God and not from the Government.” Another interesting remark made by Bill Clinton in support for Obama, "I want to nominate a man who’s cool on the outside, but who burns for America on the inside.” Obama also made a cool remark at the Democratic National Convention saying, "They spent a lot of time talking about me, but they didn’t spend a lot of time talking about you."

I sometimes wonder who writes these billion dollar speeches for the Presidential candidates. So much of emotions are packed in these speeches that it even manages to bring people to tears. You just don’t need plain wit to write them for sure, you need to be real mean too. Besides those power-packed speeches, presidential campaigns were filled with theatrical acts, like the recent one when Barack Obama gets a gravity lift by a pizza shop owner in Florida during his campaign trail.

Soon after the conventions and road trails, presidential candidates will prepare to face each other in debates, and this is something that is going to be damn exciting. Official debates may not have started yet, but many slip-of-the-tongue moments during the campaign trails will be remembered, especially when Mr. Romney goofed up saying, 47% of Americans do not pay income tax because they are dependent on government handouts. He surely axed his own feet by making such a weak statement. In fact people need a hand up and not a handout says Obama rebuking Mr. Romney’s flip-flop.

Jobs, jobs and jobs is what people of the U.S. want right now, and the Presidential candidate who can give them what they want is sure to win the 2012 Presidential elections. From Mr. Romney's target to make North America energy independent by 2020, to Obama's ‘Pay As You Earn’ education loan for students, the presidential elections are heating up as we get along. In order to be sure that the best man wins, Americans should come out and cast their vote in large numbers. More importantly, rather than blindly following how media is portraying the presidential candidates, people should do some self-research/study before they vote. In Year 2008 the voter turnout was about 57% of the population. Just hope that the 2012 election shows 100% turnout. God Bless America!

Post script
I must admit that it’s very easy to refer to Obama without adding the courtesy ‘Mr.’ in front of his name. But it feels so disrespectful to make the same reference to Mr. Mitt Romney. That’s what Obama comes out as, a friendly chilled out person to people across different age, gender, and geographies. Well, so Americans need to decide, whether they want a chilled out Mr. Cool or a more Mr. Sophisticated as their President.

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