Saturday, November 6, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town...

♫♫♫Oh! You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I'm telling you why:
Santa Claus is coming to town! ♫♫♫

Okay, let me quickly clarify, this is no music class lessons that I’m taking you through, neither have I lost my marbles to believe that Santa Claus has preponed his visit to India during the current festival season of Diwali. This is the song that India is singing along, as they welcome the most powerful (gentle)man of the world, Mr. Barack Obama during the auspicious season of Diwali. Well indeed, India is celebrating the festival of lights, “Diwali”, and people all over the world especially people in India are making the most of this festival season by sharing and spreading happiness all around, savouring home-made delicacies, burning oil lamps, and lighting up the sky with fireworks during Diwali.

Ho ho ho...says Mr. President
Coming to celebrate Diwali with the people of India is the supposed apostle of change, Mr. Barack Obama, who gets air-dropped in Mumbai today in his mean machine, the Air Force One, promising India a bag of goodies in the form of a permanent seat at the UNSC, and a string of high-pitched strategic and business relations resulting in creating jobs and increased sale of goods for both India and America.

However, the President of the most powerful country of the world that India had invited is no longer as powerful as he used to be before the recent mid-term elections in the USA. No doubt, he still is the President of the United States of America and that he occupies the White House...but, after being betrayed by his ardent disciples, Obama no longer enjoys the supremacy over the legislative. Justifiably, Obama’s followers-of-change have lost their faith in their shepherd and no longer believe in his change mantra of “Yes We Can”, which promised to change the lives of Americans.

In the bargain, Mumbai gets a Botox
The people of America have gone rogue and by voting the Republicans over the Democrats, Obama can feel the force of the Hurricane hit him so hard that his motivation of visiting India and the who’s-who of the business and the political world undoubtedly will lose its fizz. Coming to think of it, Mr. President will have to obtain permissions for every decision – small or big – that he makes, before he goes ahead implementing it. So, isn’t Obama’s trip to India more of a jolly good adventurous holiday rather than a serious strategic tie-up engagement?

Well, looking at the glass that is half-full, Mumbai has benefited in a big way with Obama’s visit. Civilians in this part of the country have been screaming and complaining for years about potholes on the road, unhygienic conditions, uncut trees, bad traffic management, corruption, etc., but these complains were never actioned upon. However, the upcoming arrival of Obama has kept the city administration (who never worked all their lives) so busy that they are leaving no stone unturned to welcome a foreigner to this city. Only if they had the same concern for the people of this city, life would be different!

But Mumbai has no complains and the people in fact would like to welcome Obama every year...because in the bargain, our streets & walls get polished and sanitized, our traffic gets managed better, the security beefs up, our trees get pruned, all in all the city gets a facelift. All thanks to Obama, we now believe that if given a chance our city administration, The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), can actually work and can be effective if need be. Obama has brought a change in the perception of the people of Mumbai, emphasizing that BMC can make a difference...Yes we Can!

Should we blame him for all?
“Change” is what the Democrats promised the American people since they came in power on Jan 2009. However, since there was no positive change seen, the very same people who elected Obama badmouthed him calling him names, eventually throwing him out of total control in the recent mid-term elections. This showcases that America has a strong democracy and if need be...the civilians of the nation can make a powerful man powerless.

But the question to ask ourselves is that, “Is Obama and his administration responsible for all the rot in America”. Obama took charge of America when the global recession had already hit this planet. He took charge when the Iraq war was already in the sixth year since American invasion in Iraq in 2003. He took charge when unemployment and the growth rates were already dipping. Very clearly indicating that, Obama has inherited most of the problems from his predecessors.

Nevertheless, the man who once was hit by the mighty shoe, Mr. George Bush, admits in his new book called “Decision Point”, that as the President of the USA, he had made errors involving the Iraq war. He admits that he felt like a captain of a sinking ship towards the end of his presidency when dealing with recession. So, do we blame and point fingers at Obama or do we need to give his administration some more time to turnaround a sticky situation. Because eventually, America and the world, do not have an option of doing business with any other planet other than the recession-hit-planet Earth which is currently weathering a stormy weather.

The people of India are waiting to unwrap the gifts that Obama has brought for India and are hoping that this partnership together, will benefit both India’s and America’s economic condition.

Today, in the next hour from now, Obama would make his first speech at the Taj in memory of the 26/11 victims. And when Obama speaks, the world listens. Undoubtedly, if Obama is not one of the best Presidents that America has...he is one of the best orators that the world has ever seen and heard. And I personally am keen to know, whether he has inherited this talent as a genetic gift or has he studied the art of powerfully communicating in simple words and creating that much-needed impact on his listeners.

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Before I sign out, as I always say take very good care of yourself and God Bless!


Uma said...

Hi Mearl,

Well penned article. I agree with u abt the hype generated by Obama’s visit, looks like all our Govt resources were on toes to welcome our guest. I am glad at least we are free of pot holes roads in South Mumbai. I wish the Govt shows the same enthusiasm when it comes to tackling the chronic civic n social challenges which our own citizens face on day to day basis. Do v need a visit of a Head of State to clean up our mess????

Right fm the time he arrived in Mumbai till his departure, it was only Ohhh Obama.
Michelle n Obama did steal our hearts with the children, Koli dance/Students interaction and last but not the least the historic speech by President in the Parliament. It was just mesmerizing. The warmth n honesty was quite visible on the President’s body language indicating that it was not an act, he was genuinely interested to take the Indo-US ties to a new height. The 1st Lady did play her role very well supporting her husband.

Now coming to the crux of the visit
The Obama Administration is in crisis and they hv come with their own agenda 2 salvage. a)Recession. b)Job Creating back home c)Fighting Terror d)Outsourcing etc etc were some of the pointers.

With US n the West reeling under severe recession, It looked as if a CEO not a President was coming… his 1st stop being Mumbai to meet the Business Heads rather than his Indian counterpart. I am glad, India is pumping 10bn USD to revive the sagging US economy which in turn will create 50 K jobs in US. While I have mixed bag of feeling, wonder with unemployment equally high in India, couldn’t hv our business Inc tot of investing at least half of the 10BN in India to create more jobs in India thus decreasing the crime rate n further giving impetus to our economy.
India seems to have been obsessed with the P word than anything else, Though there was did a mention of it in the Parliament address, I do not expect much out of it.
UNSC is another bombshell on which India seems to be harpening on US. With US a dominant power in UN and India being one of the key contributors to UN …..V do deserve a berth of Permanent seat. Not sure if v can make it in the number game and will all the c/n 5 permanent members endorse.

Obama’s administration is inheriting Bush’s misadventure; Obama’s is paying the heavy price for it which cost him the mid-term polls.

Only time will tell if Obama’s visit has yield +ve result and fruits or was it just a showcase/vacation for the President to shy away fm the defeat of the mid-term poll.

TC n Keep blogging.

VJ said...

Nice article mearl. Impressive.
how do yu compile so much information?. You are good writer.
I appreciate and impressed auntyji ;P