Sunday, October 17, 2010

CWG 2010: From jeers to cheers

The Common Wealth Games (CWG) 2010 shockingly started off on a downbeat mood, not feeling like the largest international, multi-sport event that New Delhi, India was hosting, but rather it felt more like a sham that the Indian Crime Investigation Department (CID) was busy unearthing, to hang the culprits trapped in the string of frauds exposed during the preparations of the games.

Shut-up Mr. Suresh Kalmadi
Suresh Kalmadi, who supposedly is the face of all scandals exposed at the CWG, may be walking around with a sullen face today, weeping over his misdeeds and maybe even hoping to use his political clout to emerge out unscathed from the several shams that he instigated and was party to. But, we need to remind our government servants that the law is equal for all, and come what may no one will be spared.

I don’t seem to understand why this fraudster called Mr. Kalmadi, was even given the privilege to deliver a speech in the opening and closing ceremonies of the C’Wealth Games. That’s besides the fact that, the smart common man like you and me stylishly booed him all through his speech asking him to shoo, or else face the humiliation in front of the whole world. This Satan of CWG, Mr. Suresh Kalmadi needs to be grateful that his crime is exposed in a democratic country like India, where even a lone terrorists like Ajmal Kasab (of 26/11 Mumbai attacks) was put through rigorous judiciary proceedings, before declaring the capital punishment upon him. Had this been a communist / autocratic country...he would either be beheaded or stoned to death.

Now, did you know that Suresh Kalmadi served as a pilot in the Indian Air Force during the period 1965-1971....Shocking naah? I wonder who on earth recruited him as a pilot in the first place! I cannot imagine this wrench sitting in the aircraft cockpit, shooting down enemies whilst risking his life to safeguard the nation and its people. I can rather imagine him as a flight attendant, serving people some food & soft drinks while intermittently requesting them to tighten their seat belts.

Well, all’s well that ends well
After various reports about the scams, bad infrastructure, and cleanliness and hygiene issues exposed during the preparations of the CWG, the government wisely recruited the Indian army to take charge of the situation...and precisely, came out victorious. I pity our young boys and girls in the Indian Army, who although are functionally responsible to secure the nation from infiltration across the seem to also shoulder the responsibility to safeguard the pride of the nation and ward her off from disgrace and humiliation.

Well, with the spectacular success of the Common Wealth Games, India showed off her organisational skills by demonstrating that if given a chance, the nation can showcase not only its hospitability but also can boast its technical capability for spinning out a mega world class sports event.

The games became bigger for India when Indian athletes gave tough competition to sportsman/woman participating from 71 different nations, eventually winning the 2nd place with 38 gold, 27 silver and 30 bronze medals. Without doubt, Australian athletes played like superheroes fittingly winning the first place at the CWG 2010.

The question everybody is asking India is whether she is ready to host a larger international sports event like the Olympics? I earnestly think that India is ready to do so, provided she keeps corruption under check and she refuses to sacrifice her prestige over everything else. More importantly, the lofty money earned by hosting such big events should be used for the welfare of the underprivileged people of this country who in no way benefit whether India host or do not host events. Time to get people-centric...Isn’t it?

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