Thursday, September 2, 2010

Does Rahul really choose Tribal India over everything else?

If given an opportunity today to interview the heir of the Gandhi family and Congress General Secretary, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, my first question to him would be about his seriousness to assist the Tribal’s in Orissa and those isolated in different parts of the nation. Additionally, to ask him whether he honestly strives to give Tribal’s and the under privileged their right to freedom of living with dignity and equality…or is it some kind of empty promises that politicians have been making since India’s independence.

When we talk about Tribal’s in India or anywhere else in the world, we visualize poor, hungry, ancestral and primitive people who do work that slaves would do. We categorise them as people who wash our cars, who live in shanty homes, who are illiterates, who wash our vessels, clean our homes, and people who officialdom label as “grass-eaters”. These are people who we exploit because they have nobody to glorify them and have no one to empower them to fulfill their basic needs and necessities of life.

If for real, here’s saluting Mr. Gandhi’s move
The very move spurred by Rahul to protect the rights of the tribal population in Orissa over the ambitious projects of corporate big wigs of India Inc. is commendable and from the face of this socialist step by Rahul Gandhi, it depicts a revelation is to beckon us soon. But again, emphasizing the phrase - “from the face of it” - because we the common people who have no legacy in politics and who become victims of political warfare don’t know the real intention behind this step initiated by someone who carries a political legacy from the time of his great grandfather and someone who is born with a diamond studded golden spoon in his mouth.

The benefit of doubts will evidently persists in our minds, because we have and are still being duped by false and short-lived promises made by our politicians who are suppose to be our official caretakers. Although Rahul’s actions touched the common man’s heart, we still doubt whether he protected the Tribal’s to gain political mileage or is it honestly going to be his fight until he guarantees every life equal value…even if it demands going against his own party ideologies and actions.

The rich exult, the poor lament
There was this great and well-known boxer who was making a journey in a plane. Even after being persuaded by the air hostess, he resisted to zip up his seat belt exclaiming that he was “superman” and didn’t really need it. To which the air-hostess pleasantly told him that, if he indeed was “superman”, he didn’t even need the plane to reach his destination. This is a real illustration made to portray the nature of most of our politicians who have zero humility and are 100% egocentric. Our politicians are like this boxer who believe they are some kind of superman possessing super natural powers and the rest of the world are at their mercy.

This attitude of our politician will definitely not help us reach our vision of “India shining”, in spite of the economic optimism that we showcase today. When 70% of us live in rural India, how can we be optimistic of fulfilling our vision? In that case, we will have to edit our vision to now say, “30% of India shining”. Nevertheless, if we start becoming conscious about tribal and rural India, by empowering them with proper education, proper health benefits, and fulfilling their basic psychological and physical needs, we will implicitly and tactfully empower them to become independent…which in turn will increase their purchasing power.

Eventually, with the spur in increased purchasing power of the otherwise dormant 70% of the population, the GDP of this country gets bigger, which ultimately will help us realize our dream. This will open up ways to become a developed country listed among other biggies.

Who said we need to be socialistic always…but in the same breath, we cannot ignore the urgent need of a developing country like India to uplift the lives and spirits of the poor, so as to achieve the nation’s capitalistic and competitive aspiration and desperation for success.

Tough to be a good politician
Nevertheless, all said and done, in the real world it indeed is tough to be a good politician. For every good move made by a minister, there are thousand detractors from the political circles who trample the strides made by this good politician. In India, we have ageing ministers who call the shots at an age when they need to relay the authority baton to the young, educated and forward thinking youth of young India. Rahul Gandhi is one such young Indian who definitely is calling the shots, but again he alone cannot make the difference. India needs many more young and entrepreneurial young Indians to represent this nation…individuals like you and me who can boast a humble conscience and an ambition to take every state of this nation to scaling heights.

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Uma said...

Hi Mearl,

Well penned article wherein U have questioned n analyzed the political and the social angles of Rahul Gandhi who choose to take up for the tribals of Orissa.

Rahul Gandhi is the most eligible bachelor of India, the face of modern India, I agree that India needs young leaders who are dynamic and have Out of the Box thinking to meet the growing challenges of today’s Domestic and International issues.
I feel he is genuinely interested in the welfare of the ppl, he has nothing to lose, he is born with a golden spoon. Infact he is in a right position to make sweeping changes or at least set the ball rolling on various social economic challenges plugging the country.
With the media scrutinizing every action/campaign of his, he is indeed on the top luring the youth and influencing the masses with the Leadership qualities which he possesses. Only hope he is not embroiled in any kickback or corruption cases which wl tarnish his image.

Rahul should take up “Tackling Corruption” within the Govt on Top priority, this wl instill confidence in the ppl and also send in a message about his commitment to indeed clean up the system.

Let me at last add, that there are many Rahul’s and Priyanka’s in our country who are already silently contributing to the welfare of our society but they are the unsung hero, these unsung leaders hardly getting any recognition. Rahul by virtue of being the son of Gandhi family wl always stand out and steal the limelight. Never mind ultimately if India Shines V all Shine.


Mearl Colaco said...

Hi Uma,

Thanks for your inputs.

Well said that we need such honest faces to represent India in positive light. In fact the common man like you and me are ever ready to support our honest ministers in whatever actions they plan to take, for the benefit of the country and its people.

Just hope that Rahul Gandhi is always driven with a positive mindset like this. It is not a one-day or 1-year corruption battle that we have to fight. It's a long winding road before we achieve zero-tolerance towards corruption. We need more such people to be taken onboard, so that we don't get overpowered with the corrupt politicos, who can do anything to earn a quick buck….even can get away with murder!