Thursday, June 3, 2010

And still counting the dead....

6 Apr 2010, Naxalites in a cold blooded ambush killed 76 and wounded 50 Indian soldiers who unknowingly were making their last trips travelling in a security convoy towards Dantewade district, a Naxal stronghold area of Chattisgarh. Later, on 17 May 2010, a landmine blast triggered yet again by Naxalites destroyed a bus killing up to 44 civilians including a few police officers. Subsequently in another recent unpleasant and gory incident on 28 May 2010, a train from Kolkata to Mumbai was sabotaged by Naxalites killing at least 150 innocent civilians.

The agony and emotion expressed in all the above incidents which happened in quick successions of less than a month typifies the brutal and ruthless hearts and minds of the so-called radicals who mercilessly killed innocent people.....people, who neither directly nor indirectly are responsible for the distressful and pitiful conditions of the Naxalites today. I can see eye to eye and can put myself in the place of the painful and deficient lives that this marginalised section of society faces today. But no one on this free land has the right to use their freedom of expression against the threatening the security of the nation and making civilians scapegoats to their anguish.

Numbers create panic
Number of dead bodies being flashed on banner headlines in newspapers & internet sites and those sensationalised as breaking news on TV, creates panic amongst the people of this nation and also in government circles. Quickly, our officials in governing circles appear for interviews on national TV expressing their anguish over these incidents and also in a fit of pressure and intimidation articulate their plan of action and divulge internal official secrets of the Union and State governments. And all this done on national TV...eventually giving the assailants a full view summary of what is in store for them. Subsequently based on these facts assailants plan their course of actions to mitigate the risks scheduled to be implemented upon them by the government.

Cabinet decisions and plans are official secrets and in no way should be exposed for public scrutiny and comments. If our ministers in their capacities do not understand law and order of this nation, then something needs to be seriously done to get their focus right. Tendering resignations on “moral grounds” is a good way to gain sympathy and empathy from the people and also your seniors, but it also shows cowardice...which is something that is not expected from intellectuals who the world looks up to.

Exposing popular defects in the systems
"Naxalism” is a bad word in the Indian dictionary today and sections of noteworthy media proactively and very precisely are exposing this popular defect in the system which only worsens as the days goes by. This expose significantly acts as a media trail reinforcing authorities to make a serious note of this national issue and persuades them to take immediate action on the deficiencies in the system.

Conversely playing up news to gain good readership/ viewership..... commercialises the very purpose of news makers. Such sections of media start behaving like hyperactive watchdogs that can’t wait entering the bedrooms of people to fetch exciting gossip or even plagiarizing news for all they care. Some of them even spin out paid news masquerading as fair and accurate news in media.

Good civilian turned bad
For how long will we keep counting bodies of the dead in all these incidents which happen almost every fortnight? Are we waiting to wipe our valuable resources from this land which commands a population of over 1 billion people, who in some way or the other have contributed to society and have given this country a progressive GDP growth which does not show signs of turning back to the old ‘not-so-good’ times?

Whether it is Naxalite in India or the Taliban in Pakistan...the purpose and mission of these groups are alike. Talibans started off just like Naxals are today, and hence we cannot wait for these enemies of the soil to become as big as the Taliban in Pakistan. We need to devise an action plan to contain these people who once were the common man like you and me.

At the same time, we need to distribute the wealth to the marginalised population of India who never could have the benefit of education and health because of their backward upbringing. 70% of India’s population lives in villages and majority of them do not have the basic privileges of medicine, food and education. A partial socialist approach of addressing this section of society is needed. If we fail to cater to them, we’ll have many of the “good civilians” turning to become “bad civilians”...and then our netas will label them as “Naxalites”.

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Uma said...

Hi Mearl,

A well analyzed extensively covered contemporary topic, which is making headlines, and raging debates across the nation. While u have mentioned the recent ghastly incidences 2 the aftermath, and what could be done. I wish to add a bit of history behind this and the Domino effect 4which we r already paying a heavy price.

“We reap what we Sow” Decades of Neglect/Nepotism/Corruption/Alienation clubbed with the nexus bn the Mining mafia and the Political bigwig has turned this once quite n tranquil place into a killing field. This self inflicted problem has now snowballed into a full bloody conflict affecting the development of the region and threatening to spread it tentacles across other states. The Naxals r fighting oppression and exploitation, to create a classless society which has been growing since India’s Independence.
Over a period of time their Ideology seems to have be diluted.

This clearly explains that since 1947, Central Govt have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to their voices. Subsequent Govt’s have miserably failed in every depts to get an insight of this under currents which was silently crying. We cannot grab land for mining without proper rehabilitation. Development has to be Holistic, not Holocaustic.
This belt which is rich for its mineral resources has been exploited by the Industry leaving the locals high and dry to fend fr themselves. While I am eveready fr Development, we need to remind ourselves at what cost?? Does this so called development integrate with the very social fabric of the locals??
There seems to be more questions asked than answers.
Have the local been taken into confidence? R they made stake holders in the development or if adequate compensation/rehabilitation has been taken care.
I am afraid none of this has been addressed, and even if it is, it is merely a cosmetic one.
These dormant social evil is now erupting into a volcano spewing violence.

One important question which rises is how far can we go in appease the Industry (be it Mining, or others) compromising the tillers.

I am sometimes perplexed on how far Capitalism can be successful with India’s huge population where Competition is buzz word and those out of it r left in lurch.
I do not intend to start another debate but just to highlight that we need to carefully plan our social/economic development to ensure that the poor n weaker sections of the society are indeed cared. Let us hope the new initiatives taken up by the govt yields +ve results with Peace returning.

U have rightly mentioned, wealth has to be distributed and not b with handful of them creating disparity.

Let me end the quote fm Martin Luther King Jr “Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek but a means by which we arrive at that goal"

Jai Hind....

Mearl Colaco said...

Nice thoughts Uma. Thanks for writing in.

In this age of globalisation, you'll be able to survive only if you are in the "Competition". The ones who are outside this competitive frame would have to quit and go in solitude to fetch for themselves.

Those days are not too far when this booming city we live in called "Mumbai" will only house the wealthy and the have-all's. While others will have to shift towards the outskirts of Mumbai to earn their bread-n-butter and live reasonably.

We need to first get corruption out of this bleeding system. As soon as we do that, we'll see ourselves reaping the benefits of what we sowed.

Mearl Colaco

Uma said...

Hi Mearl

Noted ur feedback/comments.
While I do agree “Corruption” is the BIGGEST threat to our growth, there is a bigger challenge on how to eradicate it.
U r compelling me to start another debate on Globalization.
Capitalist v/s Socialist.
I do not wish to hijack/deviate fm the core Naxals issue. But could like to clarify One simple Q? Why do people revolt??? Becoz they have bn LET DOWN, even basic amenities (Roti, Kapad n Makam) r deprived.

India professes that we r liberalized economy since early ’90. However we r nowhere near Capitalist/Free Market economy. India since Independence has adapted more of Socialist Economy approach with a Democratic setup. Govt still controls many Sectors/Industry/Finance which is why the recent Global recession did not have any major impact on India’s economy.
Ideally in a Socialist economy, there SHOULD NOT B any disparity in the society wherein wealth is equally distributed across the cross section of the society. Here though we have been practicing Socialist setup, u will still shockingly see a huge gap bn the Majority Poor and the Few Rich.

Now Imagine India has completely embraced a Free Market economy like the West. While there should be a Healthy Competition which is VERY GOOD for the Industry/Nation. Those who r out of competition or cannot sustain will be pushed to the brink of absolute poverty. With a nation of a Billion, can u just 1st imagine what will happen to those already BPL(below the poverty line) and how can u meet/tackle the
basic needs for the common man who will b corned due to competition.

Answer: Start a Social Security System/Dole for ALL CITIZEN incases we move to Capitalist economy. US and many countries have it as their population is low and they can sustain. For India it is not going to be easy with the sheer size of our population 2 fund. Well I have no clear answers, but it has to be the Industries who will be milking us n the Govt. At least this way the common man survives on Dole/Social security instead of being left high and dry to start a Revolt. This is how Civil wars/Revolution begins which changes history.

Mumbai is just a big financial hub in India. Here atleast ppl wl survive hook or crook.
What abt the rest of India???? Any Answers, I leave u to reason out with all ur thinktank n knowledge…….Remember : Is India’s Huge Population a BOOM or a DOOM???

Let me end with JAI HIND hoping to C India Prosper as each one of us r playing a part of this growth, no matter how significant of insignificant it can b.