Saturday, March 15, 2008

KONVICTED – Akon’s brand new album

I always enjoyed traditional and conventional music that most people enjoy, like the songs by Meat Loaf (love songs), Bryan Adams (love songs), Britney Spears (Pop), Backstreet Boys (Love songs), Dire Straits (Country music), Elton John (love songs), Lionel Richie (Love songs), Lobo (a blast from the past), Santana (for his string work) name a few and I will continue to enjoy this kind of music for the excellent lyrics and rhythm/beats.

I never really liked Hip-hop and rock music, until I listened to Akon's Konvicted album, an R&B album with a lot of urban Hip-Hop appeal. His album goes all over the place (sad to happy and every emotion in between) and seems 'real', not a formula type album. There are 11 songs in this album which are written, arranged and produced by Akon himself. I must say, a superb album and a must listen to!!

Once in a while, we come across a true artist in this business that can excel in more than one field. Some performers may have the ability to rap, but not sing; or they might be able to sing, but not necessarily make you dance. That's a special talent that so few possesss and yes Akon is gifted with this talent.

For the lyrics of his Album, click
Lyrics. Remember, you need to be an adult to listen to this album!

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