Sunday, February 8, 2009

The centre has finally realized … that they too need to abide by traffic rules

Yes, we know that you are the government and you are the countries almighty who oversees the countries smooth running but hey . . . you also need to know that you are entitled to follow the rules and regulations that are applicable and enforced by law, upon the citizens and people of this country.
Mumbai and various metros in India, have been distressed and battling traffic jams, bad roads since decades now. The government off course does its part of getting the roads concretized and fixing up those potholes and yes we have no complains on that, infact we appreciate it! But we are filled with anxiety and anger when we hear that you have a visit scheduled in the city.
It scares us, when we see these huge welcome hoardings, invitation pamphlets and news/ radio stations making announcements that the Prime Minister, The President or top officials at the centre would be visiting the city.
The first thing that comes to our mind is a day when we would see, a white ambassador pass by & a huge convoy of cars (around 50 of them) follow it and the entire traffic of the city (the common man) being forced to be at a standstill. We were furious and didn’t just know what to do. We are citiizens who pay our taxes and who funds the entire running of the government…so please spare us!
It’s like buying an item from a store, but instead of the buyer taking the benefit of the item, the store keeper himself enjoys its benefit.
Thank goodness for the new Chief Minister of Mahasrashtra (and his creative thoughtfulness) that henceforth all top officials in the governments office visiting Mumbai would be airlifted using helicopters to their destinations, hence permitting the already burdened Mumbai roads to move uninterrupted. Just hope that our birds do not have any complains (thank god they don’t speak or blog like we do;-)
We need to thank the government for what it has done for this country until today. It is because of your market laws and restrictions that we are not so badly hit by the economic downturn and we wish it doesn’t hit us real bad in the next few months to come.
But we are sure you can do better and we are there with you always.
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Before I sign out, as I always say, take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

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