Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Anita is jealous . . .

Wokkay….you must be wondering, who on earth is Anita? Let me explain and give Anita a little coverage ;-) Anita is the girl who comes to my home daily to help us in the household chores and I must mention that she does a real good job.

Now, you know who Spotty is, don't you? Spotty is the white fury creature, who lives with me and who loves eating and sleeping and whose only objective in life is to simply disobey (look at my previous blog articles to read about this pain in my......you know what!).

Right, so coming to the point, every morning when Anita walks inside my home, she notices Spotty sleeping in comfortable poses and she cracks that daily morning anthem. "Spotty kitni lucky hain na, woh din raat basket mein soti hain, na koi tension, na koi kaam", translating this is English – Spotty is so lucky, she sleeps all days and nights in the basket, she has no tensions in life and no work to do ;-)

I actually didn't know that people envy my fury pet. I always wonder why some people find this fatso so adorable and so sweet and so gentle. Believe me, she is the most painful thing I have ever come across.

Now, Am I getting jealous of Spotty? . . . Naaaah! I just feel that she is overfed and given too much of footage. She is the reason behind my holed harems, pants and T-shirts, since she loves scratching, chewing and biting textile.

Spotty loves eating junk food, like her latest love is for chicken lollipops. Believe me, you can make Spotty dance the Samba for lollipops. So if it is my turn to feed her, then I make sure, I keep her busy dancing on her toes for 30 mins atleast. My objective is to make Spotty look slimmer. This would help her look good and also it is little work entrusted upon her digestive system, leading to less clean-up to do;-)

You might find this a little amusing but you will not understand my plight until you are a daily visitor to my home. Spotty just needs to get used to you and then her job begins of making your life hell . . . Ha Ha

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Before I sign out, , as I always say, take very good care of yourself and God Bless!

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