Friday, July 18, 2008

Where have all the sparrows disappeared?

Sparrows are small passerine birds. The differences between species can be subtle; in general, sparrows tend to be small plump brownish birds with short tails and stubby powerful beaks.

Sparrows are primarily seed-eaters, though they also consume small insects. Sparrows are found indigenously in Europe, Africa and Asia.

What's Killing Our Sparrows?
- Lack of insects to feed their young due to pesticides and planting of exotic species of grass and trees.
- Shortage of nesting sites thanks to modern architecture.
- Electromagnetic waves from cellphone towers.
- Paved gardens with no mud to bathe in.
- Hedges being replaced by wrought iron fences.
- Competition for food and shelter from pigeons and mynahs.
- Shortage of shrubs to roost in.

The question one would ask is, "Why should we save the sparrow?”
Sparrows are to urban ecosystems what the canary was to mines. If saving a tiger can save a forest, saving the sparrows can save our cities. When changes happen in our urban environment, it's too slow to tell. But in the long run they'll take their toll. It's not just sparrows that are disappearing from our cities but other forms of urban wildlife like butterflies and frogs as well. Above all, we must remember what happened to the vultures, the vultures have already become extinct.

I am an R.J. with MUST Radio and it makes me feel nice to say that the entire team of MUST Radio have taken the “Save the Sparrow” initiative very seriously.

MUST Radio has joined hands with Mr. Mane who has a charitable organisation called Sparrow’s Shelter under the guidance of Mohammed Dilawar, an ornithologist with Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS). Mr. Mane says, “The dwindling population of sparrows swung him and his team into action to take this initiative to save the sparrows.”

Don’t be surprised if you see strange wooden boxes attached to nearby trees. Already 1,000 such boxes have come up in Mumbai city and its number is expected to increase. These are Wooden Nesting Boxes for the sparrows.

MUST Radio has adopted 3 of these wooden shelter boxes and installed all 3 of these boxes on trees.

I am planning to buy a wooden nesting box and install this just outside my home.

So, what are you going to do to Save the Sparrow?

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Until my next article, as I always say…Take very good care of yourself and God Bless!


Anonymous said...

You're a passionate gal Mearl :-) In a world where everyone thinks and talks money, it is good to know that someone actually cares, and finds that even a sparrow has great value.

Have a nice day, take care, and keep on writing!
Fredrik :-)

Yogesh Gawde said...

ur doing good job my friend! Pls tell to ur neighbor also to purchase this. And u forgot to gv his contact no in ur article. But nice work! keep it up! God Bless you!

VJ said...

Gr88 Job Mearl !!

I am following your footprints now....

itz commendable job !!

Keep up the Gud work ..! Make others learn at the same time ..!!

Have a nice day!!

God Bless you !!